Chapter 51


Translator: RANZAN

Chapter 51 – The Wizard Goes to the Capital

Even though I decided to go to the capital, I couldn’t go right away. We had to prepare.

「Ah, you snuck away from the capital to here, right?」

「Yeah, Vi-Vi. I have to put on a disguise.」

I put on the beard that I got from Millet.

Cruz looked at me and nodded.

「No one will figure out who you are, Al.」

「I wonder…」

Cruz was fooled by my disguise. To be honest, Luka was fooled too.

Even so, there were a lot people that could probably see through my disguise.

「I should probably do something since I’m a devil and all.」

「You don’t need to though, right, Vi-Vi?」

「I guess.」

There were a few devils in the capital, so it wasn’t too strange.

There were quite a few, especially in the slums of the eighth sector.

「Just put this on Vi-Vi.」

「How am I supposed to wear THIS?」

Cruz gave Vi-Vi a cow-head mask.

It was very realistic and almost looked stuffed.

Why the hell did Cruz have something like that in her magic bag?

「What is this, Cruz?」

「I got it from a special goods store. I thought it was cool, so I bought it for you.」

「I see…」

I asked what it was, not where Cruz had bought it.

And there was nothing cool about it either.

「Is that thing stuffed?」

「It’s structure is made from hard wood, and the hair is woven from some fruit from some tree in the south.」

It sounded much more expensive than it looked. Way too expensive to buy.

I thought that it was a bad idea for Cruz to have so much money.

As a baron, hero, and an S class adventurer, Cruz had quite a bit of money.

「It’s pretty nice. What do you think, Al?」

「…it looks good on you.」


Vi-Vi proudly stood, wearing the cow head.

I was wondering what would happen with Vi-Vi’s own horns, but the head seemed to fit them quite well.


「Hee hee hee, Look at us!」

Vi-Vi ran up next to Moofy and posed.

Then Femm ran up to Cruz and started to circle her.

Femm was wagging its tail and looking up at Cruz.


「What is it, Femm?」

「Femm wants to be petted.」


Cruz rubbed Femm’s head.

It might have been that Femm expected Cruz to put on a wolf head like Vi-Vi did.

Cruz was rubbing Femm all over as it looked at me.

Femm looked like it wanted help.

「Cruz, do you have a wolf mask?」

「I do! Do you want to wear it, Al?」


Femm wagged its tail happily.

It looked at me with eyes full of expectation.

「Okay, I guess I’ll put it on.」

「Here you go, Al.」

It was quite well made. So well made, it was almost scary.

When I wore it, I could tell that the maker had done an excellent job in constructing it.

I could see very well. The mask didn’t have any blind spot.


「Calm down!」

Femm jumped up on me happily.

Even Cruz joined in, trying to jump on me.


「Stop that!」

「Sorry…I just lost it.」

What does she mean by「lost it」?

Anyway, it would be a lot harder to figure out who I was than with that beard.

With this on my head, there’s no way anyone could figure out who I was.

「Okay, time to give that rip-off artist the scare of his life!」



「Wait, do you want to go too, Femm and Moofy?」


They both looked confused.

Both of them were registered by the guild. I could take them into the capital with no problems.

But they were too noticeable.

「Okay, let’s go.」


Vi-Vi and Cruz rode Moofy.

We were all ready to go together.

Femm grew to its bigger size and looked over at me. It wanted me to ride it.

「Oh well…Okay, let’s go together.」


That rip off artist would scare quickly after seeing Femm and Moofy.

I decided to bring them along.

I told the chief that I was leaving the village entrance, and we headed to the capital.

We went into the magic circle in the back of the storage shack, and transported to Cruz’ mansion.

「This place is huge!」

「Do you think so?」

Even for a baron…it was a massive mansion.

「The maid’s going to complain if she sees us, so we have to sneak through here.」


Of course there was a maid in a baron’s mansion.

It would be a pain if she saw us. She would probably fall over in fright.

Cruz showed us through the mansion, and we were able to get outside.



Passersby yelled in surprise.

Moofy was scary and Femm was scarier. Femm was a huge wolf.

Cruz called out to the passersby with a smile.

「It’s okay, guys…」

「Oh, that must be Cruz’ friends.」

「Don’t surprise me like that!」


It seems that they were Cruz’ neighbors. They must have been used to seeing surprising things happen around Cruz.

「Let’s go to the eighth sector slums.」


「So THIS is the capital.」

Vi-Vi looked around like a tourist.

She had a very realistic cow head on and it was a bit scary.

I must be pretty frightening with this wolf head on as well.

「Let’s hurry so we don’t stand out!」

「It’s over here.」

Cruz jumped off Moofy and started running, but not full speed.

Well, if you thought about it generally, it was fast, but not too fast for Cruz.

「Cruz, you know these back alleys well.」

「Lately, I’ve had to escape a lot.」

Cruz’ conversation turned to another topic.

If she tried to take a day off, people would chase her down with requests. Because of that, she knew the back streets so she could get away from all the requests.

This must be where she did so.

Since it was a place where people didn’t want to be seen, there weren’t a lot of people around.

We quickly made it to sector eight.

「Let’s take a rest now that we’re here.」


Even though it was a safe capital, this district was quite dangerous. You usually were worried as you walked about.

You knew that none of the thugs here could bully someone like Cruz around.

That’s why she got fooled here.

「Okay, let’s go!」


Vi-Vi, Femm, and Moofy were all ready to go.



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