Chapter 53


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Chapter 53 – Buying Spuds Worth the Cash

The agricultural goods store that Luka recommended was in a shopping plaza.

As we entered the plaza, there were quite a few agricultural stores there.

「Wow, it’s huge!」

「Since you’re good with crops, Vi-Vi, you’re used to places like this, right?」

「No, the crops and so on in the Demon Lord’s region aren’t anything like these.」

It seems that the capital has much better goods then the Demon King did.

But on the other hand, the Demon King might have much better growing magic than anything here in the capital.

「What is this? Hm. I see…so that’s how this works.」

「So many things…」

Vi-Vi was deeply interested in all the tools, as she walked around and looked.

Cruz followed along behind Vi-Vi, and watched as Vi-Vi examined everything.

「Um, miss? Would you like help with something?」

A worker timidly approached us and asked.

I had forgotten that I was with a large wolf and a cow. Of course he was cautious.

「Sorry. I must have surprised you. This is my guard dog and cow.」

「Yes. No, it’s more about what you’re wearing…oh, never mind…」

He was more concerned with the masks we were wearing than our animals.

Even so, now, we couldn’t remove them.

I just smiled at him and continued as if nothing was wrong.

Well, it was too bad he couldn’t see my smile.

「We need potatoes to plant a field with. Do you have any in stock?」

「What type would you desire?」

「Um, baron’s cobbler and dragon’s eye.」

「Yes, we have those. How much do you need?」

Just like a place that Luka would recommend.

Kind and courteous, even to a masked old man.

After telling him how much we needed, he quickly brought us the amount.

「So this is seeding potatoes…no different from regular potatoes.」

「Yeah, so don’t mix these up with burdock, okay?」


This must be the first time Cruz has seen seeding potatoes like this.

I guess it makes since she mixed them up with burdock. She probably thought the seeding potatoes are completely different from those you eat.

「The outside looks the same, but they’re chosen because they’re different from those you eat, miss.」


The worker explained happily.

Even though you could use these for eating as well, there are some with diseases the might make them difficult to grow.

These were chosen and had magic placed on them so there were no diseases they had during planting.

「This store has several wizards working to insure the quality of our produce.」

The worker proudly said. It seems that he was quite sure about the quality of his products.

Cruz looked interested at the worker, while a younger worker there sidled up to her.

The young worker’s face was red.

「Um, you’re the hero Cruz, right?!」

「Yes, I am.」

「Could you give me your signature?」

「Don’t be a nuisance to the customer!」

The veteran worker immediately chided the young one.

The veteran probably knew that this was Cruz. However, he had acted like there was nothing out of the ordinary.

「It’s fine…I can give signatures anytime.」

「Thank you!」

The young employee was very happy.

She would probably get yelled at afterwards. Because of this, I decided to follow up.

I started talking with the veteran worker.

「Cruz loves to mingle with the citizens here. There’s no need to take offense.」

「Is that so? Well, I’m happy to hear it…」

「Please don’t chide your worker for it.」

「Certainly. If you have no problem with her asking.」

With that complete, there was no doubt she wouldn’t be yelled at.

Because it was confirmed that what she did wasn’t rude to Cruz.

Then 10 other workers lined up in front of Cruz.

「I’ll sign all of yours as well…」

Cruz smiled as she signed everyone’s paper.

I noticed that veteran was lined up as well. He wanted a signature as well.

「You’re popular.」

「Well, she IS the hero.」


Moofy was lined up with the workers too, for some reason.

Maybe she was jealous after seeing all the workers get a signature and shake Cruz’ hand.

After all the signatures were given, Moofy nuzzled Cruz’ face, as it was Moofy’s turn.

「Do you want a signature, Moofy?」


Moofy seemed happy with just Cruz rubbing her head.

After all the signatures, we also got a good discount on the potatoes.

We went to Cruz’ house, and then back to Mulg.

After getting to Mulg, it was already afternoon.


「Wow, sthat’s cool!」

Millet and Collette were outside as we exited the storage shack.

Millet jumped after seeing our masks. But Collette’s eyes shimmered in awe.

「Heh heh heh, Fighter for Justice, Cow-men Rider! But the real identity is me!」

「Wow, sthub bossth!」

Vi-Vi posed and then took off her cow mask.

It was embarrassing for me, so I took it off and gave it to Cruz.

「Cruz. Thanks for the mask.」

「I’ll let you borrow it, Al. You never know when you may need it.」

I guess she’s right, now that she said it. A beard might be enough to only fool Cruz.

It’s probably convenient to have a wolf mask just in case I need to keep my identity secret.

「Can I?」

「Sure. I won’t use it.」

I guess not. She doesn’t need to use something like this.

「Okay, then it’s a deal.」

「Cruz, can I keep this cow mask?」


Vi-Vi smiled at Cruz letting her have the cow mask.

And after that, Cruz seemed deep in thought.

「I guess I should buy one more mask then.」

「Aren’t these a bit expensive?」

「Not really. Al, what do you think would look good on me?」


I wondered what kind of mask would suit her. However, if I didn’t answer quickly, she might start to sulk about it.

「…maybe a cat, or…」

「…a lion!」

She quickly distorted my comment into a lion. However, they are both cats.

We got back together Luka and the others after their bath, and we all ate lunch.

I thought it would be better if we admitted everything that Cruz got mixed up in.

「Luka…sorry to bother you about this, but…」

They finally have a day off and I have to bother them with this troublesome stuff, but, oh well.

It would be more trouble not to.

Luka listened to the whole story silently.

Cruz just say to the side with a sorry face.

「…well, I DO have a lot I’d like to say…」

「I apologize…」

「I’ll take care of cleaning some of it up.」

「Sorry, and thanks.」

Cruz and I bowed out head.

Luka sighed.

「Cruz, you realize you’re a lot of trouble to deal with, right?」


Cruz was sad after being scolded so.

Luka kept on lecturing her. Cruz almost looked like she was ready to cry.

Seeing Cruz like that made me feel really bad for her.

But it was to help Cruz.

What happened to day with the fraudsters in the slum ended up pretty good. I guess you could say we were lucky.

When Cruz finally started crying, Yureena interrupted.

「I’ll talk to Cruz after this, okay?」

「You’re just saying that so that you can save her from what she needs to hear, Yureena.」

Lunch was getting to be depressing.

Vi-Vi tried to change the mood by turning the conversation to Luka.

「I’d like to try taking a bath in the morning sometime.」

「It’s nice. I don’t want to lift a finger after doing it.」

「Then we’ll just take today easy.」

Luka and Yureena looked ready to relax.

With lunch over, Vi-Vi got the potatoes prepared for planting.

「I’ll get the magic circle for quick sprouting ready.」

「Do you need help?」

「No. You can take Moofy for a walk though.」

She said, even though when she got the ground-improvement-magical-jewel-refinement magic circle done, she wanted me to watch. I felt a bit forlorn.

Though there’s no doubt that the quick sprout magic circle is going to be far easier to write than the one on the field.

I looked over to Cruz, and Yureena was stroking her hair.

Seeing all this, I said to Luka in a soft voice,

「Sorry about all of this…」

「Don’t worry about it.」

「I guess I should have chewed her out…」

「If you don’t get used to it now, you’ll never be a good father, right?」

「I’ll do my best.」

After that, Luka smiled happily.

Just then, Moofy bit my sleeve, pulling me.

「Moofy, you want to go on a walk?」


「Yeah. Moofy, Femm, let’s go.」


After hearing that, Cruz ran up to us.

Cruz had stopped crying. Yureena had settled her down.

「I’ll go too, Al.」

I took Cruz with me on my walk with Moofy and Femm.



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