Chapter 55


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Chapter 55 – Wizard Beast Mount

After the beasts were defeated, it was time to dissect and get the battle spoils.

You couldn’t miss that. It was something an adventurer did every time.

While we were doing it, Femm watched the area around us for more monsters.

「Hey, Femm. Was the bear the strongest one?」


Femm looked confused. Almost like it was being fooled.

It seemed like Femm had no idea why those wyverns and other monsters appeared all the sudden.

「Well, whatever. If you have anymore feelings of danger let us know, okay?」

『I know that already.』

Cruz then said while she was ripping a monster apart,

「What was that fellow’s name again? The five guys? Or something like that?」

「…not the five guys…the 12 disciples of the Demon Lord.」

「Oh yeah…I guess I was a little off.」

I was wondering who the hell the five guys were.

The one guy from the 12 disciples used magic to grow and zombify magical monsters.

These magical monsters didn’t have any traces of that though. They were just natural monsters.


「Wait a second, Moofy.」

Maybe because she was bored, she nuzzled my back with her snout.

I waved her away and went back to cutting up a monster.


She started nibbling on my hair.

「It doesn’t taste good, Moofy.」

「Munch munch」

Moofy just kept munching on my hair.

I pulled away from Moofy.

Femm was staring at what was going on.


「Femm…you’re not thinking about eating my hair too?」

『…of course I’m not.』

Femm seemed to be a bit shifty eyed though. I wish Femm would cut that out.

After we finished slicing up the monsters, someone touched my hair.

「Moofy, don’t eat…Cruz?」

「I’m not going to eat it, geez.」

Cruz was touching my hair.

Maybe because she was finished with slicing up the monsters before me.

She looked at me seriously, and ran her hand through my hair.

「Is something there?」

「Yeah, Moofy’s spit.」

「I guessed that ALREADY.」


Cruz stroked it again.

「Um, Cruz?」


「What are you doing with my hair?」

「I guess I just wanted to touch it.」


Sometimes I had no idea what Cruz was thinking.

After touching my hair a bit, and I guess giving up, she went over and petted Femm.

After that we were done dissecting the bodies. We stuffed everything valuable into a magical bag.

「I’m going to burn the rest.」

「Sure. Go ahead.」


Femm wanted me to wait.

It was normal for adventurers to burn away anything left behind.

The rotten meat stunk, and it could become a vector for disease.

「What is it, Femm?」

『We want to eat them.』

「I see. Then go ahead.」

Femm nodded, and then howled loudly into the sky.



For some reason, Moofy mooed along.

We left the bodies to the magical wolves and went back to the village.

「Moo Moo」

「What is it?」

Moofy came nearer to me.



Moofy wanted me to ride her.

Femm looked a bit put out.

「Femm, can I?」

『Hmph, suit yourself.』

「Okay, then please, Moofy.」


Now Femm was upset.

「What’s wrong Femm?」


Femm ran on ahead. It might have been jealous.

I’d pet Femm a lot later as an apology.

「Wahahah! Wait!」

Cruz had fun chasing after Femm, running away from her.

Once I got on Moofy, Moofy ran along happily as well.

Moofy was pretty fast. As fast as a normal horse.

「Moo moo moo!」

「Moofy, you look like you’re having a blast!」


Moofy was really enjoying it. I was glad she was having fun.

Vi-Vi came up to us when we got back to the village.

Vi-Vi had all the potatoes cut up in a shallow wooden box, ready to plant. It was set near the storage shack.

There was a magic circle inscribed at the bottom of the box.

「Good job, Vi-Vi.」

「Yeah. With this and a lot of sun, they all should sprout within a two or three days.」

Usually a potato plant took two or three weeks to sprout something, but this way meant far less time.

「Can it rain while we’re waiting for it to sprout?」

「It’s not good for it.」

「Well, that’s not good.」

Lately it was always sunny. I think it would last another two to three days.

But, there was no way to say it wasn’t going to rain.

While Vi-Vi and I were worrying over it, Millet pulled on my sleeve.

「You can just put a lid on the box, right?」

「Oh yeah, we can…」

Millet brought out a lid that just fit it.

「Yes, so when the rain falls, but put a lid over this.」

「No problem then. Thanks, Millet.」

Vi-Vi said as she checked out the lid.

「However, if it starts raining when we’re not paying attention, we’re in trouble.」

「Just tell the magic wolves…Femm!」


Femm sat in front of the tray of potatoes.

Femm wouldn’t face me or answer.

Vi-Vi whispered in Femm’s ear.

「…What’s wrong with Femm?」

「I think Femm’s upset because I rode Moofy.」

「I see.」

I went over to Femm.

「Femm, are you angry?」

『Not at all.』

「But you don’t say anything to me.」

『There’s no reason for me to be angry.』

「But after I rode Moofy…」

『You’re being too sensitive. It was nice having you off my back for once.』

「Whaaa? You always help me by letting me ride.」

『You can ask Moofy from now on.』

「I guess you really did want me to ride you.」

Femm turned away from me, but its tail still wagged.


「So no more riding?」

『…I guess I’ll let you.』


Femm was friends with me again.

Femm told the other wolves to put the lid on the box if the rain fell.

Now there was nothing to worry about.

After all this, Moofy got close to Femm.




『I’m not angry.』


『Was it fun letting Al ride you?』

『Was happy.』

『Then you can now and then.』


It seems that Femm and Moofy talked the whole issue out.

Now they would both let me ride without a fight.

「You’re pretty popular with the animals.」

「And the same amount of popular with humans too.」

Yureena and Luka said and laughed about me together.



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