Chapter 56


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Chapter 56 – Wizard, Think about the Magic Beasts

After the walk, Femm and Moofy seem to become better friends.

I think it was good we had the walk.

Cruz saw Luka and Yureena and showed them the battle treasure she had put in the bag.

「Look at the battle loot I got inside.」

「You’re some hard worker to kill off some magic beasts on a day off.」

「I had to…I was just killing them after they ambushed us.」

「Yeah, either way, good job.」

Yureena smiled and rubbed Cruz’ head.

Cruz and Yureena were the same age, but Yureena treated Cruz like a little sister.

Cruz seemed more like a kid, even at her age, so Yureena was worried sometimes.

Luka looked very interested at the treasure that Cruz took out.

Luka was an expert at magical monsters and so she knew the treasure that magic beasts left behind.

「Hm? Isn’t this a lot for what you killed?」

「You think? Al has some in his bag leftover too.」

「There’s more? How many of them did you kill?」


I took mine out so that Luka could get a better look.

Luka looked very closely at it all.

「Three basilisks, gargoyl…no, maybe a wyvern? Two of those. And…is this an earth dragon?」

「Exactly…good job, Luka.」

「Wow, Luka…」

Luka had distinguished the beasts we defeated just from the spoils.

Excellent job.

「It’s no big deal. Even so, I was wondering what you fought.」


I agreed with Luka.

Cruz was still confused.

「What were you wondering about?」

「Cruz, look, there’s no wyverns or earth dragons around this area normally.」


Yureena kindly told Cruz.

Cruz couldn’t remember the living areas of beasts that was a necessary part of an adventurer’s knowledge base.

The reason why is because she had the ability to beat any beast, no matter where we encountered it.

If humans don’t feel danger, then they really don’t have to remember much about where it comes from.

「Around here are basilisks, hydras, wolves, and bears?」

「I don’t think that hydras are normal around here either.」

Cruz just named off the things she encountered here.

Even though she didn’t remember the areas where monsters are normally encountered, she remembered everything that she had seen and fought.

「Magic boars and wolves are main around here. You might see a basilisk here and there.」

『You also see magic bears sometimes.』

Femm added.

The magic wolves and bears were also fighting for territory.

It seems the reason you don’t see bears around much is because the wolves were winning the fight.

「Tell me about exactly how you encountered those beasts.」


Cruz explained exactly what happened.

After hearing that, Luka looked a bit sour.

「They all came at you at once…」

「Yeah. Makes you wonder, right?」

Yureena and Luka both nodded at my comment.

「And for three basilisks to be living in a place like this…」

「Three is a lot at once.」

「Is that so?」

Cruz asked. Again, Cruz didn’t really know where creatures usually lived.

「Also, basilisks never hang together in groups.」

「They always fight if there’s more than one in an area.」


After Luka explained all of this, Cruz nodded intently.

「It seems someone might be messing around near here again.」

「Yeah, we need to be careful.」

「Femm. If you notice something, tell me as soon as you can, okay?」\


I could tell that Femm was serious in its answer. You could tell by the way Femm held its tail.


On the other hand, Moofy was still rubbing up against me.

She had been doing so after we were done looking at the battle spoils.

I spoke while I rubbed her head.

She licked the hand I was rubbing her with.

「She’s really taken to you…」

「She likes people.」

「It’s cute.」

Luka and Yureena rubbed Moofy.


Moofy seemed quite happy.

While we were rubbing her, Luka suddenly jerked in the realization of something.

「Moofy’s pee…」

「What is it?」

「Well, I was thinking the reason all the beasts came at you at once was because of Moofy peeing.」

「Maybe they were angry that their territory was being invaded?」

「Not that…」

Luka thought it over carefully again.

「There’s the possibility that Moofy’s pee is highly concentrated with magic, since she’s a sacred beast.」

「It lures the monsters out?」


「Does that happen?」

「The latest research has found that magical beasts use magical power as nourishment.」

I had no idea about that. Luka really was an expert in these things.

A sacred beast is a magical creature. It wouldn’t be strange that magic was concentrated in her urine.

「Huh? So do you think that Femm has pee like Moofy does?」

『I don’t drink.』

「I see. So you eat or take in magical force?」

『I don’t eat.』

After that, Moofy began licking Femm. Femm wagged his tail.

Then Luka petted Femm’s head.

「I think Femm absorbs magic when there’s no food or when it was starving.」

『Now that you mention it, I did when the magic boar cleared out all the food. And I drank the water over at the hot springs.』

「The village one?」

『No. Over there is a hot springs bubbling out of the earth.』

A natural hot springs. There was a lot of magical stones imbuing magic into the hot springs.

That must have helped when there was little food.

It also must have been why Femm was so eager to get in the hot springs before.

Luka took out a bottle from her bag. She walked up to Moofy.

「Can you pee in this bottle for me?」


Moofy was scared and hid behind me.

Just then Vi-Vi came out and said,

「Don’t force Moofy to do bad things!」

「We’re not forcing Moofy to do anything.」

「Moofy just peed a while ago. Maybe she can’t again for a while?」

「You think?」

「It is a sacred beast.」

「Yeah, you’re right…」

She didn’t need food or drink because she was a sacred beast. That’s why she really didn’t drink that much.

So she didn’t pee that much either.

「Moofy. Whenever you have to is fine, but could you give us some urine?」


「Luka said she wants to examine your urine. Can she?」


Moofy seemed to agree with the idea.

So I took the bottle for the urine sample from Luka.



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