Chapter 57


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Chapter 57 – The Wizard Bathes from Noon

After that, I put all the battle spoils into the storage shack, and noticed that Femm’s ears were standing straight up.

The magical wolves were bringing the pieces of the earth dragon and others back to the shack as well.

They had pieces of meat bigger than me. The little pups tried their hardest to help.

「Do you need help?」

『These wolves didn’t kill the dragon on their own. If they don’t do the work, they’ll get soft.』

「I see.」

If the king says so, then so be it.

I sat and watched as the earth dragon and wyvern’s meat was stacked up.

『We would like a place to store it.』

「Sure. What are you going to eat today?」


It seems that the earth dragon was for dinner today.

There was still space in the storage shack, so they put the rest in.

Since there were several magical circles in the shack, the meat wouldn’t go bad quickly.

「Ruff ruff!」

The wolves all paced around the meat of the earth dragon.

It was pretty amazing that not one wolf tried to eat the meat until it was time.

As I was thinking about that, I noticed a few of the wolves were now surrounding me.


The wolves were looking at me in expectation.

「Wait, do you want me to roast it?」

「Bark! Ruff!」

They all wagged their tails.

I remember having done something like this for them before. I guess they started liking the taste of cooked meat.

「Femm, can I roast it for them?」


Since Femm gave me permission, I used fire magic to cook it.

Femm then gave out the cooked meat. I guess this was what a king did when the meat was done.

Cruz was watching this go on, almost like she was hiding.

「Do you want some, Cruz?」


「Eat something more like a human does, Cruz!」

「I told you, I don’t want to eat that!」

Cruz puffed out her cheeks in a pout.

「Come over here!」



Cruz pulled me away. What did she want?

Moofy came along with me.

「Cruz, what is it?」

「Yureena and Luka took a bath this morning.」

「Seems they did.」

Millet had invited Yureena and Luka to the hot spring in the morning.

Cruz must have been a little jealous that the other girls had a chance to dio that.

「I want to get in too!」

「Then go ahead! You still have a lot of time on this day off.」

「I want to take on WITH YOU!」


Cruz probably wanted to get in the hot springs with everyone.

Since Luka and the others were done, she wanted to take one with us.

But that would be a mixed bath…too many problems.

「Luka’s going to get angry at you again!」

「It’s fine. Yureena told me to invite you to take one.」

「What the?!」

Vi-Vi had crept up behind us to listen and now shouted out.

I also had noticed that Vi-Vi was following us. Cruz probably had too.

Vi-Vi broke into our conversation.

「I’m getting in too!」


「Okay, Vi-Vi, you can come too.」

Vi-Vi and Cruz were ready to get in with me.

This was getting to be too much.

「I’m telling you, getting in with a guy causes too many problems.」

「Al, you said you’d do me a favor, right?!」

「I did…but…」

I had said it since I had asked her to do me a favor on a day that she had off.

「Pleaaaaaaaase. Let’s go to the hot springs.」




Cruz and Moofy were ecstatic.

「Lately Moofy’s been taking baths with you all the time.」

Vi-Vi said while rubbing Moofy.

Maybe Vi-Vi wanted to get in the hot springs with Moofy.

When we got to the hot springs, for some reason Femm was waiting for us.

Femm was seated but wagging its tail quickly.



「You don’t want to eat with the other wolves?」

『I already ate.』

「I see.」

Femm looked at me with expectant eyes.

It may be that Femm heard Yureena and Cruz talking.

So Femm knew that we were about to go to the hot springs.

「Femm, you want to get in?」

『I’m getting in!』

Femm was really wagging its tail now.

It was the most embarrassing to change your clothes. Because of that, I used the room before the girls.

I got in fist to watch Moofy, and then afterwards Vi-Vi and Cruz came in.

「Moo Moo」

「Ruff Ruff」

I washed Femm and Moofy, and they got in the hot springs quickly.

Moofy and Femm were happy.

Femm just relaxed in the hot water.

I washed my own body, and asked Femm.

「Do you drink the water, Femm?」

『It’s good.』

Luka said that magical beasts can eat magical power. This water, filled with magical power, must taste very good to them.

Humans tend to think that’s dirty, but it must be fine for a wolf.

Moofy opened her mouth and relaxed with a sigh.

「Is that water good Moofy?」


「I see.」

I guess the water was good for her too.

Just then, Cruz and Vi-Vi came in. Both had a big towel around them.

Before, since Cruz came in naked and all, it was nice to know she got some common sense.

「Al, let me clean your back.」

「No, I’ll do yours.」


I didn’t want her trying to do everything for me on her day off. It was better if I washed my .

「It’s embarrassing.」

「Now all the sudden?」

「You can wash off my back!」

「Okay then.」

I washed off Vi-Vi’s back.

「Yeah, feels good.」

「Hey…I want to try that.」

Even though she acted embarrassed, she also seemed a bit envious of Vi-Vi.

「Well, then let me wash your back.」

「Eheh heh.」

Why was Cruz blushing all the sudden?

After I washed off Vi-Vi, I washed off Cruz.

「Eheh heh, thank you.」

Cruz seemed pretty happy.

After that, she got into the bath.


「Moofy seems to like this bath.」


「She’s a cow with culture.」

Vi-Vi happily scratched Moofy.

Moofy licked Vi-Vi’s face back.

Femm and Cruz were swimming around the water…with their mouths open.

The water must be all getting in their mouths.

「You’re so cute, Femm.」

「Ruff ruff!」

Cruz rubbed Femm’s head. I could see that Femm was drinking the water.

「Femm, are you drinking the water around Cruz.」

『I guess I am.』

Maybe the water around Cruz had some special quality to it.

Cruz came closer to me while she was rubbing Femm. And of course Femm came closer as well.

「Al, show me your knee.」

「Ah, okay.」

I put my knees up so that she could see it. I made sure not to show her anything of mine that was private.

「Hmmm…does it hurt?」

「It does. But not so much I can’t take it. I can still feel the Demon Lord’s power.」

「Yeah, nothing’s changed.」

I had thought the power of the Demon Lord would get weaker with time, too.

She rubbed my left knee…the one that was hurting. Just that made it hurt less.

「Thanks. Why does it hurt less when you touch it?」

「Does it?」


「Eheh heh heh. Well, then I’ll rub it more.」

Cruz gently rubbed my knee.

Just then, Moofy started moving. And it spoke in spirit speech.


「W…wait a second. Hold on to it until I can get you outside.」

『I wait.』

Smart cow.

I hurried and took Moofy outside.



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