Chapter 58


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Chapter 58 – Wizard, Think about What Happens Next

I hurried to take Moofy out of the bath house.

I couldn’t do so completely naked, so I wiped my body off and put on my underwear.

I took Moofy over to a bunch of grass.


「Oh, let me get a sample.」

Pwusssssh, Moofy peed with a lot of power.

But I had to get the sample Luka wanted.

I used the bottle to get some urine.



I got the bottle, and looked at the sample. It looked like normal urine.

I smelled it too. Smelled like normal urine.

「Seems really normal.」

Maybe it tasted different. But there was no way in hell I was going to taste it.

If I gave to Luka, she’d take it to the capital and check it out.

Luka was a warrior and an academic. She had her own lab with testing materials as well.

「Moo Moo.」

After Moofy was done peeing, she pushed me again with her head towards the hot springs.

「You want to get in again?」


Moofy had come outside without drying off.

Even though it was summer, you couldn’t let her get sick.

「Okay, I guess we’ll warm you up again.」

「Moo moo」

Moofy mooed happily.

「Huh? Mr. Al? Kyaaa!」

「Oh, sorry.」

Millet clamped her eyes shut after seeing me in my underwear.

Since I was in my underwear, I really wondered why she was saying 「Kyaa!」

「I was in the hot springs, and Moofy had to pee outside.」

「Okay, so you came out here.」


Millet rubbed Moofy.

「Oh, really…but Moofy’s still all wet.」

「I was going to take her back in so she doesn’t get cold.」

「Oh, well have fun.」

Millet, smiling, saw me back to the hot springs.

Inside the bath, Vi-Vi, Cruz, and Femm were waiting.

As soon as Moofy got back in, Vi-Vi welcomed her with some scratching.

「Did she do it?」


「A lot?」


Vi-Vi and Cruz asked, and I guess Moofy answered both of them.

「Tell me if you have to pee, Femm?」


「You can’t pee in a bath, you know.」

『I know that ALREADY!』

Femm said while barking, and play-biting at my hand.

After Moofy saw that, it mooed while licking my face.

「Hey, stop doing that!」

「Ruff ruff」「Moo moo」

They both continued doing that to me for a while.

After all that commotion, I was ready to get out of the bath.

「I’m getting out…I’m done taking a bath.」

「Okay then.」

「I’ll get out too.」

Femm and Moofy got out of the bath with me. Once they got off, they both shook the water off them with full force.

Femm bit a towel and wiped off the floor, and the lied down on the towel and rolled over the towel. Smart wolf.

Moofy then watched and did the same thing. Moofy didn’t do as well though.

「I’ll dry you off, so come here.」

「Ruff ruff」「Mooo.」

I made sure to dry them well so they didn’t catch a cold.


It was night, and Vi-Vi said to me,

「I can’t wait to see the potatoes sprout.」

「It takes about three days right?」

「Yeah, about three days and we can be sure.」

「I guess we can rest from farming for a while.」

We had spent every day up until now clearing a field, so now we suddenly could rest.

But my main job was as a guard. Just guarding though made me feel lonely.

「Millet, while this is going on, do you have any other thing for me to do other than guarding?」

「Well, let me think.」

「Maybe go and sell some more meat?」

「We’re still okay with that.」

There was no more work in the village.

It wasn’t time for harvesting crops or shipping meat anywhere.

「If you have nothing to do, you can spend the time constructing a house for yourself again.」

「You know, you’re right.」

Vi-Vi and Luka had burned my previous house down.

I had decided to talk about telling the chief of my plan to build a new one later.

「Maybe I should talk to the chief.」

「Old man, are you moving from our housth? We’ll be lonely.」

Collette, Millet’s sister said.

I rubbed Collette’s hair.

「It’s fine…even after I move to the house, I’ll still come by to see you.」

「Come see me everyday!」

「Sure, and you can come to my house….even live there.」


「Let me come to see you too, Mr. Al.」

「You can come any time, Millet.」


Millet said happily.

Femm stuck its nose into the conversation.

『Make the new house big.』

「Sure, you can put any hurt or sick wolves in it.」

『You can make a wolf house too.』


『The winter’s cold.』

「You’re right about that.」

The horses and cows have their own house. Maybe the wolves should too.

「Can you make a room for Moofy?」



Moofy licked my hand.

I guess I would have to live with them all.

「You don’t want your own room, Moofy?」

『Sleep together.』

「I see.」

『Can I be in the same room too?』

Moofy and Femm wanted to be in the same room as me.

I wouldn’t have a problem living with those two. It would make the winters warmer.

「For my room in your house, I don’t need one as big as the one I have now.」


「What? Al, what is it?」

I was surprised that Cruz thought she was getting a room in my house too.

「Well, you do come here often, Cruz.」

「I can have the same room as her.」

「And for me, I don’t care how big it is…I just need a desk.」

Yureena and Luka also wanted in on the room.

「I guess I should just make the house as big as I can.」

And with that, the conversation was over.



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