Chapter 59


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Chapter 59 – Conference about the New House

It was time to sleep.

Femm and Moofy both came to my bed.


Vi-Vi was watching me from the shadows of the next room.

She was probably angry that Moofy was sleeping with me.

「Do you want to sleep with Moody, Vi-Vi?」

「Not really…Moofy can do whatever she likes.」


Moofy walked over to Vi-Vi.

Then Moofy bit Vi-Vi’s sleeve.


「Okay then. I guess because Moofy and I are friends…」

Vi-Vi said happily, and smiled.

She excitedly jumped in my bed and quickly made it VERY cramped.

I thought that she should just take Moofy to her own bed.

Moofy put her upper half on top of the deb.

Her back half was half standing on the floor.

「Maybe I should make this bed bigger.」


『I’m okay with it being this big.』

Femm said, curled up by my pillow.

When I finally got in, Moofy put her head on top of my chest.


『Rub me.』

Moofy said plainly. Or, bluntly.

So I rubbed Moofy on the head.

「Moo mooo.」

「Moofy really likes humans.」


She pressed her head even harder toward my body.

Then Moofy moved over to Vi-Vi.


「I guess I can’t avoid you Moofy.」


Even though Moofy could stay that little, Vi-Vi was still very happy.

She smiled while rubbing Moofy.

While I watched that going on, Femm’s tail started hitting me in the face. Femm probably wanted some attention too.

I rubbed Femm’s fur too.

The next day. When I woke up, Cruz was in bed too. She was sleeping while holding on to Moofy.

On the other hand, Moofy had one of my fingers in her mouth. Chewing on it softly.

And, Vi-Vi had Femm’s tail in her mouth too…




Also, Femm had its stomach over my head, resting on my forehead.

「This sleeping arrangement sucks…」

Moofy stopped chewing on my finger.

Vi-Vi swatted Femm’s tail away from her mouth.

「Even though you’re getting in the bath with Femm, that’s going to make you sick…」

I threw the blanket over all of them and got out of bed.


After breakfast, Cruz and the others went back to the capital like usual.

And I went back to guarding like usual.

After a while, the chief and Millet came over to me.

「Thanks for coming by even though you’re busy, chief.」

「Well, it’s about rebuilding that house.」

「Yes, I wanted to talk to you about that.」

We needed to talk about its location.

Of course, I wanted it to be outside the village, next to the storage shack.

The chief pointed to the lumber that was placed in the commons.

「We do have a lot of extra lumber, thanks to you. You can take all you need to build it.」

There was a lot left over from clearing the field.

Vi-Vi brought over a sheet of paper with a proud face. She shoved it at the chief so that he’d look at it.

「I made you a blueprint so you can start building right away.」

「Oh, I guess we’re ready then.」

The chief took a smiling look at the blueprint and then froze.


「What is it, chief?」

「…um, Vi-Vi, well, it’s more of a mansion than a house…a little TOO big.」

「You think so? I don’t.」

I looked at the blueprint.

The blueprint had a building that took up more space than a castle.

「This is big.」

「I don’t think it is.」

「No, even one-tenth of this is too big.」

I bet Vi-Vi was raised in some huge castle somewhere.

She had weird standards. Just like the fifth sub-boss of the Demon Lord’s Four Sub Bosses.

Then Millet looked at this massive blueprint, which I had said was 10 times bigger than we needed.

「Vi-Vi, there’s no kitchen.」

「Oh…yeah, I forgot it.」

「Put a kitchen here, then we can get hot water from the hot springs through here.」

「I SEE!」

They started blabbing on about the plans, and the additions started getting really diverse.

I didn’t have time to interrupt.

Then they started talking about the sleeping arrangements.

「We should put Moofy and Femm and Mr. Al in the same room.」

「Then he can go in the room next to mine. Since Moofy’s my friend too.」

While Moofy heard this, she began rubbing up against me.


「Yeah, we need to make the bed bigger too.」


After seeing us talk, Millet smiled.

「Well, Mr. Al needs a bed for everyone to be able to sleep on, then.」

「Thanks, Millet.」

All the while, Femm ran around the area while wagging its tail like crazy.

「We’ll build a doggie house for Femm. Then Femm can live outside where it belongs!」



Vi-Vi said angrily, while Femm growled angrily back at her.

As a result, I’d let Moofy and Femm live in my room, and each of the others would get a room of their own.

It was pretty big. Definitely bigger than the bungalow.

After seeing that, the chief had a troubled face.

「Um, Al…」

「Is there a problem?」

「Yes, it’s a bit TOO big.」

「Is there not enough space?」

「No, not enough materials.」

From now, autumn was coming, then winter. There wasn’t enough wood to burn.

And there wasn’t enough wood to make a big house.

Vi-Vi puffed out her cheeks in discontent.

「You said Al could build it as he wanted.」

「And I’m very sorry to go against that, but…」

「No, there’s no problem.」

Still, the chief bowed deeply.

The bungalow we were thinking of building was not the one he had expected. It was way more than the one he had thought of.

It was bad for us to expect more than what was seen as a common sense bungalow for one guy.

「Then you can buy wood in the capital.」

「That’s one way, but Vi-Vi…」

「What else then? Oh yeah, you can just cut more trees down!」

『It’s not good to cut down many trees.』

Femm now was rejecting the idea, and this was as the king of a large territory of woods.

Not good to ignore.

That’s why I didn’t expect to cut down any more trees.

「I won’t buy or cut down any more.」


「We don’t really need to use a lot of trees, right?」

「Well, I guess now. Trees might actually be valuable.」

Vi-Vi and Femm had both forgotten something important.

「Vi-Vi, do you remember who I am?」

「A guard.」

「You are a guard.」

Vi-Vi looked at me as if I was asking a stupid question.

Millet looked a bit confused.

「No…well. Yeah, but I’m also a wizard.」

「Yeah, I KNOW THAT.」

「I can build something easily just by using magic!」


Vi-Vi, even though she was a magician too, didn’t get it.

She’s a bit dumb sometimes.

「Ok, well, let me give you an example!」

「Oh, yes, please!」


「Do your best, Mr. Al!」

So I decided to build a house from that afternoon.



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