Chapter 61


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Chapter 61 – A Completed House

After dinner with Millet, Luka looked at me worriedly.

「Al, are you okay? Aren’t you tired?」

「A little bit. I did use a lot of magic.」

I had used a lot in putting stone and wood up in the house, as well as stacking the bricks.

The real problem was the bricks.

You had to slather on mortar, then stack on the bricks. It was something you had to do smoothly and correctly.

Also, you had to do it over and over. It was just a meticulous process that used a lot of intensive gravity magic.

It was obvious that I’d be tired.

「Shouldn’t you get to bed early tonight?」

Luka said with a tone of worry.

I was still okay. It was a level of tired that as an adventurer didn’t limit my ability to keep working.

Before, it wasn’t rare to use up all my magic and then struggle to stitch spells together while my nose bled.

However, now I was quite at peace. There was no reason to push myself.

「I see…maybe I will take a nap.」


I went to the bedroom, with Moofy and Femm following me.

I fell asleep as soon as I slipped into bed.

It was late night. There was someone in bed with me.


I thought it was Cruz, but it was Millet.

「Millet, what is it?」

「Did I wake you up? I’m sorry.」

「It’s no big deal but…」

「I guess I just sleepwalked in here.」


Femm was more surprised than I was. Moofy also looked a bit confused.

But Moofy still happily rubbed her face against Millet’s.

Millet suddenly turned serious and said,

「Mister Al, you’re going to live on your own tomorrow.」


「I want you to take m…」

「Moo mooo!」

Moofy then rubbed up against Millet.

「Um, Moofy! I have something important to say…」


Moofy was just happy that Millet was there too.

It seemed that Millet wasn’t going to stop this sleepwalking either.

「Mister Al….I really lo…」

「Mooo Mooo!」

Millet was now being licked by Moofy like crazy.

Still, Millet kept a serious face.

「Millet, calm down」「MOO!」

「But I…」「MOOO!」

「I know how you feel but」「MOOO!」

Moofy just kept on innocently trying to be petted, and Millet couldn’t be serious anymore.

Finally, I looked at Millet and we laughed together.

「Heh heh heh」

「Hah hah hah」


Moofy was clearly confused.

「Anyway, let’s just go to sleep.」

「Okay, I guess so…」

I thought that Millet would go back to her room, so I said that I guess we should sleep…

But Millet stayed in my bed.

「I’ll be lonely with you going to live on your own.」

「You can come over any time.」


「Yeah, even live there if you want.」

For a second, Millet’s eyes glimmered.

I was very tired, so I simply went back to sleep.


The next morning, the carpenter again came to my house to help.

I had asked the village carpenter for help with the internal structures.

「Let’s get the walls and other furniture put together. We might be able to get it all up by afternoon.」


We had finished most of this process already.

I had helped him with magic to do this whenever I was free yesterday.

「We’re done with almost all the furniture. We just have to put it inside.」

「Do you need help with that?」

「Yeah, could you use your gravity magic?」


I moved all the materials around as the carpenter showed me.

It was easy for him to hammer up everything that I put in place with gravity magic.

「Well, magic sure is convenient, hm?」

「Thank you.」

「There’s no wizard like you that I’ve met that can just throw anything around like this. You really are top-notch…would you be interested in marrying my daughter?」

Just then, I heard Millet shout from outside the house.


「I…it was a joke. Geez…」

The carpenter was taken aback.

We had finished all the interior just about then.

「Okay. Now for the furniture to be put in.」

「I can lift and bring it in for you.」

「The furniture’s pretty big though.」

「I have magic, so I can use it for that too.」

「Really convenient…」

I had a magic bag that looked much smaller than the amount it could hold.

And it wasn’t heavy.

So I used it to lug in all the furniture that we had made. It was much easier work than yesterday.

After we were done, all the villagers surrounded us with applause.

「Good job with building that!」

「Another house in the village!」

They were happy having another house, even though they didn’t get any new residents.

They looked around the insides.

Millet happily showed them around.

The wolves also swarmed into the little wolf house outside.


I could hear their happy barking. I was glad they enjoyed it.

Cruz and the others joined us from the capital later, and we showed them around the insides.

Cruz grabbed my arm.

「Show me everything, starting with the bathroom!」

「Why from the bathroom?」

「Well…it’s important!」

It was a pretty big toilet. It was made so that Moofy could use it too.

「Moofy, you can use this toilet from now on.」


Moofy seemed to like it.

「Now let’s see the kitchen!」


Millet pulled me along with the rest of the group to the kitchen.

「This icebox has a magic circle so that food won’t rot.」


「It’s very cold. And here you can freeze things.」

Vi-Vi said with a proud look. It seemed that Vi-Vi did a lot of magical work to prepare this kitchen.

Not just an icebox. She had made magic circles to heat things too.

Even the castles of the nobles weren’t set up as well as this.

After looking at the kitchen, Yureena said,

「And the hot springs? Did you make that too?」

「It wasn’t left out.」

「I want to see it!」

Luka and the others went to the room with the bath.

「It’s HUGE!」

「And it’s quite deep too.」

「Moofy can get in!」


The toilet and bath were both made for Moofy too. So they were big.

It looked like you could really relax there. It was quite nice.

After getting bored with looking at the bath, Cruz said,

「I want to see your bedroom, Al!」

「Okay, let’s see it.」


I wanted them to see my bedroom too.

Femm and Moofy ran quickly to see it.

「My room’s quite large, now that I look at it.」

「A big bed, too.」

Again, for Moofy.

「Moo moo!」

Moofy happily climbed on the bed. She could fit her whole body.

Usually Moody had only put her front half on the bed and kept her back half on the floor.

She seemed very happy.

Femm rolled onto the bed happily as well, tumbling on its back.

Maybe because Femm wanted to put its smell on the bed.


Cruz then jumped on top of Moofy and Femm.

Luka and the others looked at the other rooms.

「Yeah, I can use this desk.」

「And this is Cruz and my bed.」

Everyone seemed satisfied.

Then, Millet came into the room.

「Let’s have a housewarming party!」

「Sure. Good idea.」

She had invited the other villagers to the party as well.

We spent the night until late having a great time with the villagers in my new house.



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