Chapter 62


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Chapter 62- Magic Mouse

The next day. I went back to my work as guard again.

Vi-Vi took care of the cows once more.

And, I found a pile of dead mice and moles in front of the village entrance.

「Are these…」


The wolves looked at me with eyes of expectation…

「Thanks again, all of you.」

And hearing that, all the wolves wagged their tails.

Femm was in front of all of them, standing proudly.

Femm was usually always with me, so I was wondering when it had time for hunting rodents.

「You helped them hunt too, Femm?」

『This one, here.』

In the middle of the pile, there was one very large mouse.

『I caught it this morning.』

「I see. Good job.」


I went and petted all the wolves, starting from Femm.

After they showed me their prey, they started eating what they had caught.

They had held off from eating them just so they could show me.

It was quite the honor.

After a bit, Vi-Vi came over to where I was.

She was done caring for the cows.

「Al, did you forget something?」



「Ah, you’re right…」

I had built my house because I was free from having to watch them sprout for a few days.

「They’re already sprouted!」

「Can we put them in the ground?」

「Of course, AL!」

So we spend the afternoon planting all the potato sprouts.

Millet, Collette, Moofy, and Femm came along.

「I’ll use magic to open up the earth for the sprouts, and Vi-Vi and the rest of you can just drop them in.」

「You got it, Al.」

「Okay, old man.」

Vi-Vi and Collette replied happily.

「Millet, Femm, and Moofy can cover the sprouts with dirt after they’re planted.」



We got the work done bit by bit. We were finished by sundown.

「Good work, you low-lives! Now we just have to cull the weeds and keep the sprouts covered , and we’re good!」

「Good work!」


Moofy and Femm responded gleefully.

The next day.

Again, the wolves left a pile of dead moles for me.

「Thanks again…wait, huh?」


In the midst of the mole/mouse-cide , I spotted something.

There was a mouse the size of a small dog.

「Isn’t that one a bit big?」

『I got it myself.』

Proud again. Femm wagged its tail proudly wanting to be praised.

I guess I had to pet Femm first.

So I petted Femm and all the other wolves.

After that, I asked Femm,

「Hey, Femm…that’s not a normal mouse, right?」


「Is this a magical mouse, or a ma-mouse?」

『A magic mouse is no match for Femm.』

Femm proudly snorted.

「You’re right.」

Femm proudly said, but that wasn’t what I was worried about.

「Do you see magic mice around here much?」

『They’re quite rare.』

Femm looked at me proudly again. Proud that they controlled the forest so much that a magic mouse would never rear its head to face Femm.

「Good job Femm, and if you ever saw one, you can take care of it right away.」

『Leave it to me.』

「And let me know if you see one.」

『No need to tell me.』

「Can I check these magic mouse bones too?」

『I guess, if you want.』

Femm seemed proud about it, as did the other wolves.

But I still felt a bit upset about this.

I mean…mice would carry disease and destroy crops.

But magical mice…they weren’t normal ones.

They were much older, and had more diseases.

And since they were older, they could destroy much more in the fields.

Just three of them could destroy a total field together.

That night, I asked Luka about it.

Someone like Luka could tell me all I needed about magical beasts.

「Magic mice?」

「Yeah, like this.」

I showed Luka the mouse the wolves had given me.

「It’s small, but it is magical.」


「Small for a magical one. I’ve seen them twice as big.」


A strange story.

「I don’t like this at all.」

「Yeah, even though Femm killed many of them, something like this could kill off the field quickly.」

「We have to be careful.」

「I know.」

If you find one mouse, that means there are 30 you didn’t…it’s how an adventurer thinks.

And with a big one like that, you have to be careful.

Mice grow…rapidly.

「Hey, so did you understand something from Moofy’s urine, Luka?」

「Yeah, it’s concentrated magic.」

「Anything else?」

「Other than that, it’s just urine.」

「Hm. Well, I wonder if the earth dragon attack was just a coincidence then.」

If so, then I wondered why the earth dragon and the others attacked us.

I thought it was definitely because of Moofy’s urine.

「Was the earth dragon injured somehow?」

「No, it seemed normal to me.」

「Was it starving?」

「I wonder…it did seem thin.」

I didn’t look at it close enough to determine whether or not it was thin.

「Well, I guess a dragon scares you so much, you don’t really look closely to see how thin it is, right?」

A dragon’s flesh is very tough, and it had thick scales all over. That’s why you can’t see.

「I guess I should check again.」

「I was outside of the magic wolf territory, right?」

「Yeah. And it was strange to see one there.」

「I want to see where it came from.」

「No…I know you’re too busy, Luka.」

「You’re too busy, Al.」

「Yeah, I know.」

I guess I decided to check it out again as soon as I had the chance.



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