Chapter 65


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Chapter 65 – And A DRAGON?!

I looked at Vi-Vi, Femm, and Moofy.

They were ready to fight, not tired at all.

There was still no sign that whatever was out there was going to come at us either.

I gave Femm the order.

「Let’s go at the strongest one you sense.」


Femm turned a bit and took off running while I was riding.

Moofy followed with Vi-Vi on top.

「Vi-Vi, I plan on protecting you from whatever’s coming, but be careful.」

「I know that already.」

「If you think it’s dangerous, just run. Moofy, take care of Vi-Vi.」


Moofy responded, loudly.

Because Moofy’s a cow, you’d think she would be weak, but she’s not.

『The smell is getting stronger. Like a dragon’s』

「Got it. Stop here.」


A distance away, I could see an earth dragon.

This was a size bigger than the one I fought previously.

「Is this thing thinned out?」

「It is.」

Vi-Vi said with a determined voice.

The dragon had thick scales on top of thick skin.

It was hard to tell if it was thin or not.

「You can see that really well, Vi-Vi.」

「I can kind of tell if I look.」

「I see.」

While we were talking, the dragon roared.


It was trying to intimidate us.

But there was little forcefulness in its voice. There was little magical force in it.

When I first met Femm, it howled at me in a threatening way.

Femm had far more magical force in its howl than this dragon.

「It’s best if we can just chase it away.」

「It’s not going to move that easily, Al.」

「You’re right.」

We watched the earth dragon carefully.

This wasn’t a place that the earth dragon came from…it had to have moved here.

I wish the damn thing would just go back to where it came from.


It roared again.

Femm’s ears pricked up.

『It’s calling the others.』


『That’s how the magic it’s using feels.』


It seems that Femm’s words were correct. More magical beasts gathered.

I could see wyverns flying through the sky.

I could also hear the sound of earth lesser dragons crashing through the woods.

I got down from Femm.

「Femm, go ahead and fight, don’t worry about me.」

『But, Al, your knee is hurt.』

「I won’t have to move much with enemies like these.」

『Are you sure?』


『Okay then.』

Next I looked at Vi-Vi, riding on Moofy.

「Vi-Vi, can you fight on top of Moofy? Or would you like to fight behind me?」

「I’ll fight behind you. Moofy is much stronger with me not on her.」

「I see.」

Vi-Vi dismounted and Moofy looked at her sadly.


「If I’m going to fight, I’d rather do it here.」


「If you get scared, just run, okay?」

『No run.』

Moofy said with a strong tone.

「Moofy, Femm, and Vi-Vi…fight however you want. I’ll follow you.」


「And don’t get separated from me, Vi-Vi. It’s hard for me to project a shield far away.」

「I know that ALREADY!」

While we were talking, the other beasts surrounded the earth dragon.

One earth dragon, five wyverns, and seven lesser earth dragons.

「A lot of enemies.」

「You trying to run away, Al?」

「Yeah, sure.」

The earth dragon roared again.



This time it growled with a lot of magic. The dragon was attempting to scare away our fighting spirit.

Vi-Vi’s body froze up, and I could see her shake. But she was usually like that.

That’s why getting rid of dragons was hard, even for an army.

You would freeze up if you couldn’t resist its voice. You’d shake with fear.

Then, if you were overrun, you could lose hundreds of soldiers.


In response to the earth dragon, all the other monsters cried out. They all put magic into their shrieks.

They were beginning their attack.

They came at us, all at once.


Femm attacked.

Moofy grew to her massive size. Almost the size of a small hill.


I hadn’t seen Moofy huge for a while, and I was surprised.

Was she this big before?

I had seen her huge before, and even so I thought that.

The monsters were even more surprised.


As the monsters reared back in surprise, Femm attacked.

Femm grabbed a lesser dragon’s neck and pulled it to the ground.

I shot the wyverns with magic as they plunged to attack Femm.

These dragon types had high magical resistance. I shot three magical arrows at each.



Moofy charged right at the earth dragon.

The earth dragon attacked by spitting fire but it had no effect.

Moofy slammed head-first into the dragon. The dragon was blown backwards.

The slowly rising dragon got up and bit Moofy, but the teeth and then claws couldn’t hurt Moofy.

「Moofy really IS strong…」

Femm was chewing on another lesser dragon, and ripped up what was left of the wyverns. Femm was quite strong too.

However, Moofy was even stronger.

She blew away a dragon by ramming it, then stomped it fatally…even though it was a dragon.

「I guess I have no part in this.」

But that wasn’t a bad thing.

I was expecting to beat all these things myself.

However, Moofy and Femm were way stronger than expected. I was done after just lightly attacking a few beasts.

After they were all dead, Femm and Moofy returned. Moofy shrunk back to her small size.

「Good job, Femm and Moofy.」


Moofy ran over to Vi-Vi.

Moofy licked her, looking a bit worried.


「Yeah, I’m okay.」

Vi-Vi shook off her fear and said, acting tough.

But Moofy still got closer as she was worried about Vi-Vi.

Vi-Vi clung to Moofy for a while.

As I watched, I petted Femm.


I looked at Femm and we nodded to each other.

Vi-Vi’s lower half was wet. After she heard the roars of the monsters…she seemed to have wet herself.

Femm and I just acted like nothing had happened.



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