Chapter 77


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Chapter 77 – Wizard Versus Demon

Just before the wall exploded, I knew that some hostile magic was coming my way.

It was an unconscious feeling, but while still lying down, I threw up a magic barrier in reaction.

Just after that, my wall exploded with a loud sound.

The explosion’s wind and the pieces of the wall bounced off the magic barrier.

If I hadn’t put up the barrier, someone would definitely have been injured.

Moofy and Femm jumped up quickly.

「Eeek! What the?! The hell?!」

Vi-Vi was still groggy, but running around.

I held fast to Shiggy, and jumped up.

「ryaa, ryaaa!」

Shiggy was scared, but held on to me.

One man now stepped through the destroyed wall.

「Gooood moooooorning!」

I shot a magic bolt at the man without responding.

He put up a magic barrier and the bolt’s strength blew him out of the room.


He was still trying to talk.

What a load of crap. If you want to talk, show up at my door after the sun rises.

I quickly shot another magic bolt.

He tried to put up another barrier to stop it.


He screamed.

My bolt broke through his barrier. It had knocked him to the ground.

I stopped attacking for just a second.

「Want something?」

「…if you hand over the dragon, I may spare your life.」

You’ve got some balls to say that after I’ve knocked you to the ground already.

There was no way I was going to hand Sighisoara over.

「No thanks.」

「Then I won’t hold back against you.」

I heard a cracking sound, as two horns sprung from the top of his head. Sharp fingernails grew out like claws.

Not only that, but all of his injuries from the my attacks healed.

「A demon…」

「You’re too late to stop me now.」

The demon said as if he was about to win.

Even after taking my magic bolts, he thought he was absolutely going to win.

「You can regret it after you’re burned to a crisp!!」

The demon shot a fireball at me.

It was a dangerous magic since the village surrounded us. If I simply put up a magic barrier, it could burn down the village.

That’s why I shot it down with water magic.

「ryaa, ryaaaaaa, rya」

Shiggy clung to my chest, and seemed to be watching my attacks happily.

It may have looked at it like a fireworks show.

It was quite beautiful.

I shot magic bolts with water magic at him over and over. His magical barrier was broken after a few of them.

The demon looked a bit scared.

「Even if you are a demon, you have some guts taking me on in a magic battle.」

「Damn you!!!」

The demon must have figured out that he wasn’t going to win.

He pulled a sword out and charged at me.

He had a simple, yet very trained style.

A very quick approach in the blink of an eye. You could tell his attack was aided by magic.

He seemed very skilled, far more than a normal demon.

A sharp slash at me. One that would even be hard for a top swordsman to parry.

And he was about to attack me over and over.

I moved my magic barrier around, and dodged his slashes.

I saw a break in his attack and shot him with a magic bolt.

After he was blown back, he came at me again with his sword.

As soon as he sprung at me, I used gravity magic. Not to make him heavier, but to make him lighter.

I used the spring in his step to catapult him into the air.


「See if you can dodge this in the sky, demon!」

I shot several fireballs at him with one arm, and then switching the dragon over, made a special magical bolt to shoot at him with the other.

Fire magic worked well against enemies, as even a high temperature fireball could damage you by glancing by.

And if I made them explode near my target, it would damage him even more.

And since I was shooting it in the sky, there was no chance of the fire damaging the village.


The demon screamed, surrounded by fire.

He tried making magical barriers over and over, as he tried to prevent the fire attacks from all direction.

「Now try this.」

I shot the magic bolt that I had condensed and pressurized over and over.

His magic barrier was blow away.

At the same time, around him, the fireballs began to burn away at him.

Simultaneously I changed the gravity magic. This time to make him heavier.

The burning demon now quickly crashed into the earth.

Even so, he was still breathing.

No way I was going to let my guard down. I wrapped him up in a magic net.

As I was finishing that up, Cruz and Luka ran out to me.

「Is it over already?」

「It’s over. It would be NICE to get some help though.」

「No way. You never like being bothered by us, right?」

Cruz said, while chuckling to herself.

「ryaa ryaaa」

Shiggy was excitedly beating its wings.

Luka petted Shiggy while saying,

「You should be thankful that he was so cautious during the fight!」

「Thanks, Al!」

Luka and the rest all thanked me.

The demon had thought I was easy enough to defeat.

Also, it seemed that the demon was using me as a diversion.

I had a lot of girls I could have depended on.

「Old man, you okay?」

「Are you injured?」

Collette and Millet ran up to me.

They both looked worried.

「I’m okay, no injuries.」

「Is that so?」

「I beat the bad guy, don’t worry.」


Millet and Collette looked relieved.

Luka was checking out the demon.

「This is the egg thief?」

「I think so.」

I extinguished the fire still burning him.

He was burned black, but still breathing.

「Why were you trying to steal the egg?」

「…it has nothing to do with you.」

「Just so you could force the ancient dragon to be zombified so you could control it?」

「…if you know the reason, why ask?」

The blackened demon had lost all his bodily and mental strength.

He didn’t try to break the silence again.

It was almost impossible to make an ancient dragon change to a zombie.

So he had used its own egg to do it.

「The archduke dragon is dead. Do you still need the egg?」

「I could change that to zombie easily.」


Shiggy seemed to angrily say as it still clung to my chest.

「What would you do after it was changed to a zombie?」

「I would take over the humans! Human flesh is delicious.」

Not a very strange reason for a demon.

But I thought it was too simple.

I interrogate the demon afterwards.

However, other than finding out that no other demon was after Shiggy, no other useful questions were answered.

After hearing that, Luka said with a questioning look.

「Al, could you leave the rest to me? I want to see if it has any relation to the demon we captured.」

「No problem. You think he’s related?」

「We don’t know until we ask. It seems that the one Cruz captured was looking to gather magical monsters.」


Demons usually worked alone. There was no reason that they’d start working together.

But there was a chance that someone or something was controlling these demons together.

It was still a stretch though.

「I’ll leave him to you, Luka.」

「Thanks. He killed Shiggy’s parent and destroyed your wall, and also might have burned down the village. He’s going to need a lot of punishing.」

Saying that, Luka took the captured demon back to the capital.

After that, we saw the worried villagers come out to us, told them it was all okay, and that we’d explain everything in a few hours after a little rest.



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