Chapter 78


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Chapter 78 – Rebuilding my Wall

Because I was attacked before dawn, I was totally awake.

I wanted to go back to sleep, However, if I did, then it would be hard to wake up for guard duty.

Even so, there was no reason to go back to bed with my wall blown out.

So I ate breakfast, hurried to the guardpost, and sat.

Shiggy was with me. It was going ryaa ryaa like usual, cute.

As I zoned out just sitting next to the gate, Femm came up to me.

The other wolves were following him.

『I was thinking of introducing Sighisoara to the pack.』

「Thanks Femm, please, go ahead.」


All of the wolves came over one by one to smell Shiggy.

Shiggy happily flapped its wings.

I wonder if sniffing someone’s scent is that important of a thing for the wolves.

I would be really happy if the pack accepted Shiggy as one of their own.

After a while, the chief came over.

「Al, what happened this morning?」

「Thanks for coming out this way to see me.」

Lately, the chief has always come out to see me.

I should have been the one to go and tell him what happened. I need to be more careful.

「Don’t worry about it, Al…my what a cute thing you have there.」


The chief squinted at Shiggy.

「This one is the reason for all the noise this morning…」

I explained that Shiggy was an ancient dragog who had lost its parent.

「An-chent? Dragon? What’s that?」

「I guess you could say it’s just a really rare dragon.」

「I see.」

The chief seemed to understand my story.

The ancient dragons are extremely rare. That’s why normal people have never heard of them.

I told him the reason for all the noise was that someone had come to steal this very important dragon.

「I see. That is a problem. I bet the little thing was scared.」


The chief rubbed Shiggy’s head.

「Luka took the culprit to the capital, so everything’s okay.」

「I see…well, no worries if Luka did it.」

I guess the chief thought that if someone from the guilds was taking care of it, it would be okay.

Well, the chief knew that Luka was connected to the guild.

He didn’t know that she was one of the leaders.

「It seems your wall is broken. Do you need someone to fix it?」

「No, I think I’ll be fine. I want to fix it this afternoon, so if I could take off from guarding…」

「Absolutely no problem!」

Since I had the chief’s okay, I was ready to take the whole afternoon to fix it.

After the chief left, almost as if by prompt, Vi-Vi and Moofy came to visit.

She had finished caring for the cows.

「Al. I have something I want to ask.」


「About magic circles.」

Vi-Vi scratched a magic circle in the ground.

It was one that strengthened buildings.

「This was the magic circle used to strengthen your house, right?」

「Yeah, it’s nice.」

「But, the wall was totally broken.」

She must be upset that the wall was broken by the demon.

However, that demon was very strong.

「It was a demon. Nothing you could do to stop it.」

「I just don’t want to lose to something like a demon!」

Vi-Vi was really upset. I wanted to help her.

I racked my brain about all the magic circle knowledge I had.

Then Vi-Vi and I tried making a stronger circle.

While we were thinking the whole thing over, the morning passed.

While this was going on, I also occasionally fed Shiggy.

「It’s done Al!」

「Yeah, this magic circle is better.」

「I think this one would stop that demon!」

This completed magic circle was quite stronger than the previous one.

I think this one might not have been broken last night.

After noon, I started repairing my house.

「We still have a lot of bricks left over.」

「I think we dropped them all in the town commons, Al.」

I had created way more bricks than necessary to build the house.

I also had quite a bit of mortar left over.

「Let’s fix that house!」



I fixed the wall up quickly with magic.

30 minutes later.

「That was finished quickly.」

「Well, it’s because we were really into it.」

One reason was because we were just fixing up the house.

It’s not too much work to replace just one wall of a house.

「Okay, now I’m going to replace the magic circle.」


Vi-Vi focused and started writing the magic circle on the ground. I did too.

Since we had already figured out the circle together, I was able to help.

「This circle is done!」

「I’m kind of tired.」

The magic circle had taken three house. More work than fixing the wall.

But it was good work we did. It was going to strengthen the wall.

I think it could probably handle an attack from a demon.

Vi-Vi and I looked at it with the feeling of completing something important, and Collette ran up to us.

「Old man! Old man!」

「What is it, Collette?」

「The potatoesth sthprouted!」

「Oh did they?」

I mounted Femm with Shiggy in hand and we ran out to the field.

Vi-Vi and Collette did too, riding on Moofy.

「That’s pretty fast.」

「It’s because it’s warm. It will take more time in spring.」

「Is that so?」

We arrived at the field, where there were small sprouts.


I was quite pleased.

Cultivation that was unfamiliar to me. Hard work together plowing.

Cruz getting scammed for potatoes.

It seems that all the hard work paid off.


Maybe feeling my happiness, Shiggy flapped its wing gleefully.

「Why are you two so happy! You can’t slack off until harvest, Al!」


「Yeah! But I know how you feel…」

Vi-Vi looked at me tenderly.

「Moo Moo」

Moofy chewed away at some of the weeds in the field.

『Leave the mice to me.』

「Thanks Femm.」

『A wolf like me can catch the crows that come too.』


Femm looked at me proudly.

That would be some feat to catch birds that landed on the field.

After looking at the field, I happily went back to my house.

Luka was waiting for me. It was strange as it was still early.

「Luka, what’s up? It’s early for you.」

「I have something I have to tell you.」


「That demon may not have been the egg thief.」

Luka said with serious worry on her face.



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