Chapter 79


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Chapter 79 – The Mystery of the Demon

Luka looked worried as we walked into my house and to the dining room.


Shiggy looked at Luka and happily flapped its wings.

She petted Shiggy gently. Her serious countenance softened a bit.

「So this guy wasn’t the thief…well, not a guy since he was a devil, but what happened?」

「The guild and ministry of justice both investigated him…」

You could believe an investigation by the ministry.

They had magical tools that could tell if you were lying about something.

Not only that, it would shock you with pain if you did.

There were also specialists that could use those tools to the greatest effect.

They could get to the bottom of anything by making you answer yes or no to questions.

「The immortal-killer arrow and zombie curse. He knew nothing about them.」

「That’s weird.」

Shiggy’s parent, the ancient dragon Jilnidra, was hit by that arrow and cursed with zombie status.

So it was strange that the demon knew nothing about it.

That would mean that the demon from last night had nothing to do with the stealing of the egg.

「But the demon said himself that he wanted to steal the dragon.」

「They put the truth telling tools on him right?」

「Of course. And the tools said that the demon wasn’t lying.」

That is strange…those tools don’t lie.

「So why did he say he wanted to steal the dragon?」

「Same as yesterday. To dominate humans and eat them.」

I thought it over and then said,

「I see…so possibly someone rewrote his memories.」

「Yes. He obviously wasn’t lying, but he knew nothing about the arrow or curse. If that’s so, then it might be that his memory was rewritten.」

If his memory was rewritten, then the new memory would be truth to him.

Then the truth telling tools couldn’t sense a lie.

Rewriting a memory isn’t just hiding it.

Hiding or trying to fake a memory is something that the tools would detect.

In order to fool them, you would have to completely change the memory with magic. Doing that is a very high level magic.

「The demon could only really remember things that happened in the past week. I think the magic was done to him.」

「Well, the problem is which one is fake.」

Luka nodded.

Was he made to forget about the magic or was he told to steal the dragon?

「It might be that stealing the dragon was implanted.」


「I can’t think of why he would be made to forget.」

If the memory of stealing the dragon was implanted then I could understand.

Someone had set him up as a false culprit.

「Maybe the counterattack from the dragon caused his memory to change?」

「…that too is possible.」

Luka pondered it all with a serious face.

「Maybe we just don’t know enough about the ancient dragon’s abilities…kind of like their ecology?」

「…I can’t refute that.」

「There may be a magic that clears memories.」

「That would be an easy explanation.」

It wouldn’t be useless for a dragon to have magic that could clear memories.

In that case, the demon last night had to be the egg thief. That would make things easier.

But it seemed too easy an explanation…so it might be that the demon was set up.

I rubbed Shiggy’s head.

「I think we need to expect the worse. That way we’ll be cautious.」



Shiggy said, happily.

Just then, Cruz and Yureena arrived.

Cruz took some meat of of her bag and tried to feed it to Shiggy.

「Shiggy! I got you some meat!」


Shiggy turned its face away.

It just wouldn’t eat from anyone but me.


「Don’t worry about it.」

Cruz looked ready to cry as Yureena comforted her.

I grabbed Cruz’ hand.

「Here. We might be able to feed Shiggy together.」

「Oh, you’re right.」

Cruz happily smiled.

We both held the meat, and put it up to Shiggy’s beak.

「Shiggy, Cruz bought this meat for you.」


It started pecking away at the meat. It must have been good.

Then it flapped its wings.

「Oh, it’s happy! What kind of meat is this?」



The unicorn was a powerful, harmful beast.

It was said that it only would be friendly with virgins. On the other hand, if you weren’t a virgin girl, it would kill you mercilessly.

If it was seen in the streets, all traffic stopped.

If you weren’t a virgin girl, it would attack both men and women without hesitation. Young and old. Horse or Cow.

Very strong and very dangerous.

「I had to go and get rid of a group of them that had wandered to close to the capital.」

「Whoa, sounds like a tough job.」

There was no more dangerous thing then encountering a group of them. It might be their rutting season.

「I got a lot of unicorn meat for you, Shiggy!」

Cruz proudly said while Femm stood, staring at the meat.

「Cruz, maybe you should give some to Femm.」

「Of course, I got some for you too, Femm!」


Femm’s tail wagged like crazy.

「I’m going to give your pack the meat from a whole unicorn.」


Femm and Cruz ran out of my house.

They were off to feed the wolves, I guess.

Shiggy watched all this while flapping its wings.

Moofy walked over and sniffed Shiggy.

「ryaaa」「Moo MOoo」

They made sounds almost as if they were talking.

I put Shiggy on Moofy’s back.

「Ryaa Ryaa!」

It jumped back on me, and looked scared.

「I guess it will take a little more time until it plays on its own.」

「No need to rush it. It will happen sooner or later. Don’t try too hard.」

「I wonder?」

「I don’t know much about ancient dragons, but maybe that’s the way it is.」

Luka said, and she her monsters. A lot of other magical beasts must be like that.


Moofy licked the dragon that was still clutching on to me.

Shiggy called back with a happy ryaaaa.

It seemed that Shiggy was getting used to its surroundings.

But it still was afraid and clung to me.

It seemed like it would be running around on its own soon.

I was hoping for that day to come soon, but I also would feel a bit lonesome.



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