Chapter 81


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Chapter 81 – Demon Warning

The end of summer, the beginning of fall.

This happened the next day after Shiggy let someone else hold it.

I went to my guard post as usual.

I turned and looked back at Mulg Village and thought,

「This village isn’t ready for a demon attack.」


Vi-Vi agreed with me.

Shiggy also seemed to agree…though it probably didn’t understand my words.

There was a very strong magical defence ring around my house.

Even with a strong shock, the house was prepared so that I’d have time to fight back.

「The problem is the rest of the village.」


Mulg village was a difficult-to-attack place. It was surrounded by a river and mountains.

If you tried to attack from the ground level, then whoever is attacking would have to go by my door.

So it’s not hard to plan something.


「Oh, so you’ll help me, Femm and Moofy?」

Moofy and Femm responded strongly. They wanted to help defend the village.

「Moofy’s strong, after all!」

「Mooo!」「rya ryaaa!」

Moofy was very strong. And so was Femm and the pack.

I had a lot of ground power to repel whoever came.

Shiggy also cried out confidently from atop Moofy.

If Shiggy got bigger, then it would only add to our power.

「So…can a demon fly?」

「I don’t know. But, it wouldn’t surprise me, Al.」


You couldn’t say that the demon would be on the ground.

If the demon shot fire at us from the sky, that would suck.

『The demon that came before flew.』

「It did?」

『Yeah, if it came on the ground, I would have sensed it.』

Femm did have a good nose. It could sense things easily.

That’s why I trusted what Femm said.

『Do you think so too, Moofy?』


Moofy agreed.

Moofy had a good nose, and was also very good with perception.

She was a herbivore before, so she had more caution than Femm, perhaps.

「I see. So the demon flew in.」

「You didn’t fight demons very much, Al?」

「I can’t say I fought a lot.」

「How many have you fought, would you say?」

「Hm…maybe 10, fighting solo. About the same with the party.」

「…that’s actually a lot.」

Vi-Vi looked at me, quite surprised.

However, I had killed hundreds of magical monsters like the earth dragon.

I think 20 demons solo and as a party was actually a low number.

「I think it’s more than a usual adventurer.」

「…well, it’s not about how many, Al. Did you see any of them fly?」


I wonder if the one that attacked was a special demon that was able to.

While I was thinking about that, Shiggy jumped on my shoulder.


Shiggy jumped up on by shoulder and started chewing on my hair.

I ignored Shiggy and asked Femm.

「Have you ever fought one, Femm?」


「I see.」

There weren’t many demons. I bet a lot of creatures had never encountered one.

『But I think I’d beat one if I did.』



Femm looked at me proudly. It was a powerful magical wolf king.

However, even as one, it was an opponent that you couldn’t fight without giving 100 percent.

You could lose or anything could happen.

「Al, even if the demon couldn’t fly in, it could tame a wyvern to carry him.」

「You’re right.」

The demon was trying to put the archduke dragon under his command. It would be easy for him to control and use a wyvern.

Maybe the demon used a beast to fly it into the village silently.

I need to consider that any attack could come from the sky as well.

「It would be horrible if one came from the sky shooting down fireballs.」

「Yeah. It would burn up the fields.」

I was just an adventure. I was a bit new to thinking about preparation tactics and strategy.

Even so, I knew it would be horrible for the village to take an attack from the sky.

「If one attacked from the sky, then it would be hard for Femm to sense it too.」

「Wuff」「Moo」「ryaa ryaa」

Femm and Moofy both seemed to respond a bit unconfidently.

On the other hand, Shiggy flapped its wings confidently on my shoulders.

「You think you could, Shiggy?」


It jumped down from my shoulder and onto my chest.

Even with all Shiggy’s confidence, there’s know way I could just put my trust in it. It WAS just a baby.

As I pondered it, Vi-Vi spoke.

「Al, I’ll draw a magic circle.」

「What kind? No matter what type you draw, it’s hard to defend the village.」

Just as magic couldn’t solve everything, neither could magic circles.

And if you made a big one, its power dispersed to almost nothing.

If you put a magic circle around the whole village, it wouldn’t be strong enough to defend against a demon.

「You don’t need a magic circle for defense. If you just knew that something was coming, that would be enough for you to attack back.」

「…yeah, but, how?」

「You could make one that made a sound if something the size of a man or bigger came from the sky.」

『But if something other than a demon flew in, and bigger, it would sound.』

「Anything bigger than a demon flying in is dangerous, I think.」

Something heavier than a human, flying.

The most popular choice would be a wyvern.

「True. Either way we should have a warning if one does.」



Everyone agreed, so Vi-Vi was happy.

「It’s really tedious to draw out a magic circle that has effect in the air as well. But for it just to make a noise isn’t a big deal.」


I was thinking it would be a super difficult circle to draw.

Vi-Vi stuck out her flat chest with pride.

「Listen, first we split it into 16 directions, then I make a magic circle for each direction.」

Vi-Vi described the magic circle she was imagining.

It was a quite complex one. But it sounded possible.

「I should make the sound go off in your house, right?」

「But there are times that I’m not there.」

「Well, then, if I prepare a ring for you to wear, then I could connect it to the magic circle and make the sound connected to it.」

「I see.」

Vi-Vi decided on doing that.

We both prepared the magic circle together.

The next day, we both rode Femm and Moofy and drew the circles around the town.

We both cooperated on drawing the circles.

After drawing them, Vi-Vi took out a ring.

It was a wide ring that was made of mithril.

「I’ll give this ring to you, Al.」


「Sure. It’s not expensive.」

「It sure looks expensive.」

Mithril was more expensive than white or yellow gold.

「No, it’s cheap. That’s why you can have it.」

「I see…」

She said it was cheap, but…

「It’s made so that if someone comes close from the sky, it will make a sound.」


「So make sure it stays on you. Even if you’re in the bath.」

Mithril never rusted, so you could take it anywhere, even in the bath.

Vi-Vi took out a similar ring and put it on.

「My ring is made the same. It will make a sound if something happens.」

「I see.」

「Al, put out your hand.」

I put out my left hand, and Vi-Vi put it on my index finger.

「There, it’s done!」

「Really? It just looks kind of expensive.」

「It’s fine! Just take it.」

Vi-Vi’s face was red.

I have to give her something in return. At least, that’s what I thought.



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