Chapter 87


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Chapter 87 – Raid

The ring on my finger was emanating a clear and beautiful tone.

That’s why it didn’t make the others worried.

「What is that sound?」

「It is beautiful.」

Yureena looked shaken up.

Anton and the rest all made confused-looking faces.

『Let’s hurry!』

「Moo Mooo」「Ryaa ryaa!」

On the other hand, Femm and Moofy were running at full speed. Shiggy seemed to be very anxious about something.

Maybe Moofy and the other animals knew something about the ring.

This ring, however, was connected to that air attack warning in Mulg Village that Vi-Vi had made.

In other words, someone or something was trying to invade Mulg.

「Something’s happening in Mulg. Hurry.」

「I don’t know what it is…but let’s go.」


Yureena agreed to this without much explanation.

I knew that I’d have to explain to her later.

Anton and the others nodded with serious looks.

「Anton, Emmy. Don’t push yourself. Moofy, make sure to keep them safe.」

「I’m fine.」「Me too!」

「Moo Moo!」

Anton and Emmy didn’t look “fine.” They actually looked quite desperate.

Moofy was fast, but because of that, she moved quite violently. It looked like a harder ride than on a horse.

Even though they had both been healed, they both had lost a lot of blood.

I couldn’t let them do too much.

「I’ll say it again, don’t fight. Just take it easy.」


「Moo MOoo!」

Moofy slowed down so the two wouldn’t be plunged into battle. Femm got a bit ahead of Moofy.

As we were running, I told Yureena.

「When this ring goes off, it means someone’s trying to attack Mulg.」

「Maybe the demon?」

「High possibility.」

『We have to hurry.』

「Let’s go!」

Femm sped up even more. Very fast.

Femm must have ran slower before because it was considering Anton and Emmy’s wounds.

Because of Femm, we were almost instantly in Mulg.

「Ah, Al!」

「That was fast.」

Cruz and Luka came out to meet us. There was no out outside other than them. The villagers must be hiding in their houses.

There were five wyverns fallen around the two girls.

There were another 10 flying still flying in the sky.

「It’s hard to fight these flying enemieeeees!」

「Al, the sky is your domain. Please!」

Cruz and Luka both said to me.

Luka and Cruz were swordswomen. They had a hard time fighting flying enemies, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Just then, one wyvern came down, attacking Luka with its sharp claws.

Luka slashed through it and it fell.

「This really sucks. They won’t fly down all at once!」


Cruz picked up a bunch of rocks near her and,


She starting chucking rocks up at the group of wyverns.

The wyverns just dodged away quickly. Not an easy target to hit.

However, the final throw hit one wyvern in the head. It fell and crashed into the earth.

「Al…these rocks just don’t hit!」

「Seems so.」

Knocking a wyvern out of the sky with a rock was a rare sight. Even so, it was no big surprise with Cruz.

I prepared my magic spear.

「You guys did well…now leave it to me.」


「Go ahead.」

I shot the spear up at them while still riding Femm.

Because there were many of them, I shot it with extreme force. It broke through the wyverns’ barriers and one by one knocked them down.

They fell to the ground one at a time, pierced by the spear.

「Good job, Al. That was fast!」

「Best to just leave any fliers to him.」

「ryaa ryaa」

Cruz and Luka happily jumped up and down.

Shiggy happily cried out from my chest pocket.

Yureena got off of Femm and walked over to the other girls.

「No injuries?」


「Thanks, nothing really.」

「That’s quite amazing.」

After catching our breaths, we looked around. There were 15 dead wyverns strewn around the ground.

There’s no way 15 wyverns just attack a place naturally.

「Are these zombified as well?」

「I’ll check.」


Luka looked over the wyverns and we began cutting them apart.

It was out job as adventurers, so no way out of it.

Luka finished looking at them quickly.

「Yup, they’re zombies.」

「Zombies again? The basilisks we fought were zombies too.」

「Must be in style.」

「One hell of a crappy style.」

Vi-Vi crept out of my house towards us.

She wasn’t the fighting type. Because she stayed in my house, it was easier for Cruz to fight the wyverns.

「Where’s my Moofy?!」

「She’s bringing Anton and Emmy back.」


I showed Vi-Vi the ring she had given me on my left hand.

「Vi-Vi, thanks for this. This thing became useful quickly.」

「Doesn’t seem like it was a demon though.」

「However, you can’t say this wasn’t something done by a demon.」


Maybe the demon was prodding to see how powerful we were.

The demon might have put those basilisks out there to attack Anton and the sisters.

「It’s eerie that we haven’t seen the demon though.」

「Yeah, that’s why I expect we might be attacked again.」

「We should expect that from now.」

Vi-Vi said to herself, looking downwards.

「We also need to think about how to attack air beasts, Al.」

「Well, that magic circle you made helped, so we don’t really need to think of another strategy.」

「But we still need to think of a way!!」

「Rya ryaa!!」

Vi-Vi was being stubborn about it.

Shiggy was getting excited too, flapping its wings away.

It was still a baby so it probably didn’t understand words, but it was responding like it did understand.

Maybe I was just imagining things.

Vi-Vi petted Shiggy and said,

「So you knew to come back from the ring?」

「Yeah, the only problem is if we’re on a stealth mission and this thing goes off.」

「Hm, you’re right.」

Vi-Vi thought it over seriously.

However, the noise the ring made wasn’t huge deal.

「We don’t get raided often, and stealth missions are even rarer. I don’t think the two will happen at once.」

「No, I can’t allow something like that to happen. Let me have the ring back.」

I gave the ring over to Vi-Vi.

She started fooling around with the ring.

「It’s not that hard to fix.」


「Yeah. Compared to putting all those magic circles into place, this is child’s play.」

Vi-Vi looked proud about all the work she did.

She had put all those circles into place and it was quite difficult work.

「I think this will do it.」

「What did you change?」

I took the ring from her and put it on.

It didn’t look different at all.

「Now it doesn’t make a noise, but vibrates.」

「Oh, wow!」

「Heh heh, RIGHT?!」

Vi-Vi the professional.

Now there’s no way anyone but me will know the village is raided, even when we need to be silent.

「I just engineered it to shake instead of make noise.」



Vi-Vi laughed with a slight blush.



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