Chapter 88


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Chapter 88 – Cleaning up the Battlefield and the Adventure-Siblings

We cleaned up all the wyverns and Vi-Vi fixed my ring.

Moofy returned with Anton and Emmy on her back too.

「Moo MOoo!」

「Huff huff」「Wheeze wheeze」

Moofy looked fine.

The other two, however, were covered in sweat.

「Good work you two. Now take a rest.」

「Did something happen?」

Anton looked at the ground around him and asked.

We had taken all the valuable materials left behind, but the meat was left cut up around us.

「Yeah, some magical beasts raided us.」


Emmy jolted at the sight of all the wyvern meat and bones.

The wyverns might be weak, but they’re still dragons.

And dragons are the strongest of all magical beasts. Of course she would be surprised.

「Wyverns seem scary because they’re large and dragons, but it’s not a big deal.」

「A-rank beasts not being a big deal?!」

「And look at how many there were!!」

Anton and Emmy were genuinely shocked.

I guess a wyvern was an A-rank beast. Since it flies, that makes it very hard to suppress.

「You sometimes see them flying around here.」

「…is that so?」

Anton was still taken aback.

Emmy pulled at her brother’s gauntlet.

「Anton, this still was a really reckless mission…」

「But, B-rank adventurers should be able to at least gather herbs.」

「But look at all these WYVERNS!」

The two siblings started discussing everything so seriously.

Just then, Millet approached us.

「It’s still night. Please sleep.」

「Ah, but…」

Cruz looked over the dead wyverns.

She was probably thinking it would be best to get rid of all the wyverns before people got up.

Or maybe she just wanted to eat them.

「I’ll take care of all this. All of you, go to bed.」

「Okay, good night, Al.」


「I’m ready to hit the bed!」

Cruz and the others went back into my house.

Millet said to Anton and Emmy,

「You can stay in my little house tonight. I’ll show you the room your little sister is in.」

「…little house?」

「Ah, yes, please come with me.」

Anton looked quite confused. He looked up at the little house that looked more like a mansion.

Emmy quickly opened the door to go inside and rest.

「Liza’s consciousness returned, but now she’s sleeping.」

「Thank you so much…」

「We don’t know how to thank you.」

Anton and Emmy both bowed deeply to Millet.

And after seeing them walk inside, I went to burn the wyverns up.

Two of the wolves came out to watch.



As they watched, Shiggy happily flapped its wings.

Seems that they were all getting along.

「These are all zombies so NO EATING!」


They looked a bit sad.

Just in case, I took a piece of the meat and held it up to Shiggy’s nose and said,


「Look, Shiggy, this is zombie meat. If you eat it, it will hurt your stomach.」


I held it out and let Shiggy sniff it. It didn’t try to eat it.

Maybe this little guy (?) was learning something.


「Ruff ruff」

Femm barked at the wolves, and they all started smelling the meat too.

Femm probably wanted them to remember the smell of zombie meat.

「These wolves ate the zombie meat before too. Best to learn.」

『No, that hydra was just on the verge of zombification.』

「Or something like it.」

『It was totally different. The smell was completely different!!』

Femm angrily denied it for some reason.

Maybe it was because wolves have such good smell.

「Should I leave a bit behind so you have a sample to smell?」

『Please do.』

When I looked, Moofy was sniffing away heavily at the zombie meat too.

Moofy didn’t need to eat anyway, so I didn’t worry about her.

After burning up all the wyvern meat, Vi-Vi yawned.

「I’m going to bed, Al.」

「You should have already been in bed.」

「Hm? I guess so. Well, let’s go.」


Vi-Vi then started pulling at my arm. Femm and Moofy followed.

Shiggy happily flapped its wings.

I arrived at my bedroom.

「Good night.」

「Good night, Al.」

Vi-Vi said, and then went into my room.

She was trying to sleep in my bed again.

My bed was wide enough I guess. Wide enough for Femm and Moofy to sleep there.

「Well, I guess I’m glad it’s so big.」

「What is?!」

Vi-Vi jumped straight into my bed.


Then Femm and Moofy jumped into my bed.

「rya, ryaaa」

Shiggy got out of my pocket, and flew to the bed.

Shiggy then rubbed up happily against Moofy and Femm.

Femm and Moofy licked Shiggy gently.

「You’re cute, Shiggy.」


Vi-Vi petted Shiggy, and Shiggy seemed quite happy.

I was very tired so I just fell into bed.

Shiggy came over to me and I petted it. Then Shiggy opened its mouth wide.

「Are you hungry?」


After this thing was born, every two hours it would get hungry for something to eat.

Shiggy always was hungry during the night and would make noise.

「Let me get you something.」


I took some feed out of my bag. I still had earth dragon and unicorn meat in the magic bag left.

Of course, at first I had always left the bag in the kitchen, but after Shiggy made all this noise for food, I decided to leave it in my room.

「Here, eat all you want.」

「ryam ryam…. Rya ryaaa」

Shiggy ate and said.

I gave it some more, and kept talking to it as it ate.

「You didn’t make a lot of noise today…good job.」


「Did you think it was rough we had to bring those hurt people back?」

「ryaa ryaff」

Shiggy ate while flapping its wings.

It watched what was going around and didn’t make any noise. It must be pretty healthy.

I almost teared up about how much this dragon had grown.

「You’ve grown so fast, Shiggy.」

「Really, Al? I don’t think it grew at all.」

「Well, not the size, but it can walk around on its own.」

「Yeah, I guess so.」

「Today it kept quiet when it was hungry, and I think it can understand what we say.」

We were both petting Shiggy when her hand stopped.

「Shiggy’s still a baby…」

「But it knows what we say, I can tell by the reaction.」

「I think you’re just hoping that.」

「Maybe I am.」

『You’re just acting like a dumb parent.』

Vi-Vi giggled.

Femm and Vi-Vi were thinking the same thing.

「What do you think, Moofy?」

「Moo moo」「ryaaa」

Moofy pushed her snout into Shiggy.

Shiggy reached out its little arm and petted Moofy’s snout.

Maybe it knew how to from the way we all petted Moofy.

「Shiggy is really cute.」


「It is cute, Al.」

Everyone agreed about that.

As we all watched what Shiggy was doing, it seemed that we quickly fell asleep.



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