Chapter 9


Translator: RANZAN

Chapter 09 – Magical Bore

「Ruff Ruff…」

Femm barked twice and licked my face strongly to wake me up.

「Okay, okay! I’m up!」

Fem had just woken me up, and,

「Al, are you up?!」

Millet barged into my house.


「Glad to hear. I brought you some breakfast.」

「Thanks! That helps a lot.」

Millet suddenly jumped at Femm.

「Whoa, it’s so cuuuuute!」

「It’s name is Femm.」

「Really?! Were you abandoned? I would love to show you to Collette, she’d be so happy!」

Millet stuck her face in Femm’s fur.

「Even though Femm looks like that, it’s a magical wolf king.」


Femm grew to its normal shape and sat majestically.

『I am the Wolf King Femm.』

「W, what! It can talk!」

Millet’s eyes sparkled.


She was ecstatic. I thought she would run out of the house in terror, but it seems that was a pointless worry.

After eating up all the breakfast, I went to the village chief and told him about Femm’s request to scare away the magical boars.

「Alfred, bring back some boar meat! I can’t wait to have some.」

The villagers cheered and I left the village.

「Which way?」

『Over here.』

After a little ways from the village, Femm returned to its formerly huge form.

「You really are huge.」

Femm proudly wagged its tail.

And after a bit more walking,

『Your leg. Doesn’t it hurt?』

「Yeah, some Magic Lord I was fighting messed it up.」

『I see.』




『Would you like to ride me?』


『…well, I mean…even though it’s not that easy to ride on my back. And I didn’t really want to be the one to ask…』

For some reason, Femm was reluctantly fidgeting…

「Sure, that would help a lot! Thanks!」

I jumped on the Femm’s back.


Femm squeaked both verbally and in spirit speech.

「What is it?」


Femm was very fast. Even so, it wasn’t much of a distance.

『We’re here.』

「That was quick.」

We were there before I knew it.

There was a small swamp on a hill before us. There were no boars.

Around the swamp, there was desolate land with no trees or shrubs around it. There must have been trees here once. I could see old cut logs scattered here and there.

「Is this it?」


「There’s no boars.」

『Are you ready?』

「Yeah, I guess.」

Femm breathed in a a huge breath, and,


Its huge roar echoed over the swamp.

「Shut up!」

『Just wait!』

The body of one wild boar king suddenly emerged from the swamp.

No, more like the swamp itself simply raised out of the ground.

The swamp itself was very small, but the boar that emerged was massive. It rose up like a small hill. If you were to compare sizes, the boar was twenty times bigger than Femm.

「…that’s way too big.」

『I told you!』

Femm seemed a bit happy saying that.

『Don’t you think it’s no mystery why they’re beating us?』

Femm said with anxious breath.



Femm was in good spirits as, in contrast, the magical boar rose up and looked extremely angry.


We had woken it all while it had been sleeping. I knew how it felt.

I usually have a policy about not killing unnecessarily, but this beast was too big.

The lack of real vegetation around was because of these monsters. If we left this king alone, they would destroy the whole forest.


「Damn! What’s that smell!?」

『This boar has been completely corrupted by magic…its breath alone is poison.

「Tell me that ahead of time!」

I’m being poisoned just by this thing breathing!

「It stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinks!」

It wasn’t just the smell. If I breathed this long enough, it would kill me.

『See?! I told you! See?!』

「Why the hell are you so happy all the sudden?!」

No way I could let this thing live.

「Okay, time to clean up.」

The area was already desolate, so I could unleash my full force if necessary.

I initialized all of my magical force.



Explosion magic.

There was a massive explosion. The body parts of the boar flew here and there.


Femm said happily behind me.

The pieces of the boar king fell to the ground.

『Is it over?』

「Knock on wood. Oh wait, there is none around here.」


I had knocked it dead in one shot. I calmed down after sensing there was no reason to remain alert.

「The villagers were expecting boar meat, but we can’t eat this, right?」

It was a boar with poison. It was possible the meat was filled with it.

『Yes. We can eat it.』


『…maybe. Even a poisonous snake’s meat can be eaten.』

「Now that you mention it…」

I suddenly looked behind me and heard Femm’s pack of wolves panting…they silently had surrounded us.

They were ready to eat.

Femm was skinny as well, as were all of the pack of wolves.

Huge boar meat probably wasn’t all that tasty. But it was still essential nutrition.

I picked up a piece the size of a normal sized boar and got ready to bring it back as a souvenir for the village.

「You can eat all the rest, Femm.」

『Really?! Are you sure?!』



Femm excitedly wagged its tail.

Then, following the rules of the wolves, the pack began dividing up the meat.

The amount of meat there was so much that there was no way the whole pack could eat it at once.



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