Chapter 90


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Chapter 90 – Teaching Sighisoara

The next day. Anton and his sisters began returning home.

I think I’ll be okay as I asked them to tell no one that I was in this village.

They and all of my party members had promised to keep my existence here a secret.

So I went back to my guarding job, as usual.

Nearby, Millet and Collette were practicing their magic.

「Spirit of Fire. Flare into action from my magical power! For I am Millet!」

「Spirit of Wind. Blow into action from my magical power! For I am Collette!」

「ryaa rrrryaa rya」「Wuff」

Chantless spells were just for the experts, after all.

Millet and Collette were doing their best chanting their spells. They were beginning magicians, so their chanted spells were short.

Standing next to Millet and Collette was Sighisoara, chanting too.

Maybe it thought it was chanting too. There was no magic flowing though.

Femm was next to Shiggy, howling too.

「You’re improving quickly.」

「Do you think so? It has to be because you’re teaching us, Al.」

「Old man, am I doing good?」

「I think so!」



Millet and Collette looked happy.

On the other hand, Shiggy looked sad. Maybe because it couldn’t produce magic.

Femm went over and started licking Shiggy kindly.

I picked Shiggy up.

「You’re still a baby…it’s no big deal.」

Shiggy wasn’t really able to chant anyway.

Even though chanting wasn’t necessary, it was very hard for a novice make magic without chanting.

From old, ancient dragons had their own systems of magic. It’s a shame that I can’t teach it, though.

「If you want to learn magic, you need to learn how make the magic flow through you first.」


Hearing me, Millet looked at me confused.

「Does Shiggy understand words?」

「No…but it seems that it definitely could be.」「Rya?」

「But, it’s still a baby, right?」

「Yeah, I guess it doesn’t need to.」「ryaryaaa」

「Is that so?」

「Seems to be.」

Shiggy shook it wings and I petted it.

Before noon, Luka and Vi-Vi came back riding on Moofy.

From the morning they had gone out to check on the place where I killed the basilisks.

「Luka and Vi-Vi, thanks. Especially since today is off for you, Luka.」

「No problem. I was just wondering about those basilisks.」

「I was wondering too, so I didn’t mind.」

I wanted to go as well, but I stayed back just in case I had to defend Mulg.

I was the guard, so that was my job.

「There’s no doubt that someone or something turned them into zombies and had them gather and stay there.」

「I see…so a demon?」

「I don’t know that. Someone with a LOT of guts though.」


「Because, the only thing left there were the traces, no bodies.」

That pissed me off. Almost as if they were mocking me.

But, it was a good thing too.

「Well, if those are the traces remaining, then no one to chase.」

Luka shook her head sombrely.

「They only left traces behind at the place of battle. Where the basilisks came from or where they went has been erased very well.」

「It’s the same with the magical power too. Almost as if the basilisks appeared there from the sky to attack someone.」

「…this is going to suck.」


With no bodies remaining meant that someone had used high level gravity magic.

It had to be a demon.

「Was there anything special about the zombification or magical traces?」

「The zombification seemed much more refined than the magic that Curtis, the 12th disciple of the Demon Lord, used. The process was the same though. Of course, that was concluded from inspecting what little meat was left behind.」

「What do you mean it was by the same process.」

「Hmm, I guess if I had to say it, something like they were both advanced students of the same master?」

「You think maybe some demon taught the disciples the same zombification magic?」

「We can’t discount the possibility, but it’s not the only one.」

「Maybe we should question Curtis about it again.」

「Yes, but he’s still in prison. It’s going to take some time to get access.」

The prison was quite a ways from capital. It was on the other side of the capital from Mulg.

If it was someone strong enough to teach Curtis, that meant is was quite a master and very dangerous.

No more taking it easy. We had no idea where this thing would come from. It would very hard to attack it.

While we were talking this over, Moofy, Femm, and Shiggy all turned and looked in the distance.

They must have felt something, and now were looking together.

「Wuff!」「ryaa」「Mo mOo」

「Ruff wuff?」「ryaa」




Femm howled with a little bit of magical force in it.

Moofy and Shiggy did the same, but with no magic. Just a howl.

The magic wolves came out of the bushes to see what was going on.

And Vi-Vi jolted so hard she fell down.

「Don’t SCARE ME LIKE THAT! What’s the problem, all the sudden?」

「Y, yeah! Don’t scare me like that, DOG!」

Both Luka and Vi-Vi complained.

『I was thinking of teaching Shiggy how to make a threatening cry.』

「Oh, thanks…」


Femm wagged its tail after I thanked it.

But Vi-Vi was still angry.

「You can’t do that near the village! You’ll SCARE THE COWS!」


Moofy looked sorry.

Vi-Vi, on the other hand, meant the normal cows, not Moofy.

Moofy hadn’t done anything wrong, so she petted it.

Then the chief came running up to us.

Looks like everyone was getting angry at Femm.

「W…what was that?」

「Chief, sorry to surprise you. Um…Femm was just thinking of scaring away all the rats in the fields…」

「Ah…I see…okay, then.」

With the howl Femm made, I bet the mice across the mountain were sent scurrying.

The chief bowed to Femm.

「Thanks as usual, Femm.」


Femm was embarrassed as it didn’t expect to be complimented.

「Femm, please do so periodically from now on. I’m sure the crops will grow much better if we can keep the mice out of the fields.」

「Wuff wuff」

「I’ll explain this to the other villagers. Harvest time is almost here, so every year we need to do our best to keep the crops going.」

The chief said, and then left.

I rubbed Femm’s head. Femm listened to me with a look of relief.

「Even though you were trying to teach Shiggy, it’s true the mice are probably all gone by now.」


「Can you do that every day?」

Vi-Vi made a sour face.

Even so, she was getting used to the magic wolves. Even so, she really hated a magic howl.

「Just tell me before you howl, and make SURE to tell Vi-Vi.」

『Okay.』「rya rya」「Mooo」

「That’ll be fine with me then, Al.」

Femm and the others seemed to agree.

Even Vi-Vi understood.

It was evening. While I was sitting there guarding like usual, the storage shed flung open with a bang!

Cruz came out…and it was earlier than usual.

「What is it, Cruz? You’re here early.」

「Al! Trouble! Please help!」

Seems like there was some trouble afoot.



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