Chapter 91


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91 – Dungeon Rescue

Cruz was flustered and flummoxed.

I tried to calm her down, and I asked her what was wrong.

「The dungeon near the capital collapsed!」



Cruz explained it all to me.

Two hours walk away from the capital was a dungeon.

It was a relatively easy dungeon for amateur adventurers. Knights also would use it for practice.

The entrance of that dungeon collapsed.

New dragon knights were doing exercises inside and were left there.

And Yureena was there healing those that were injured.

「Wow, that’s quite a problem.」

「Yeah, please come and help, Al!」

I had been to that dungeon before too. A long time ago.

It was a very strong dungeon, constructed out of pure rock.

What collapsed into the entrance was a large crag that had jutted above it.

「Time for some gravity magic.」

「Yes. It would take several days for men to move it, maybe even weeks!」

Upon hearing that, Cruz decided to come to Mulg to ask for help.

After days or weeks, I’m sure the people inside would be dead.

「Okay, just give me a second.」

「Thank you! You’re great Al!」

Cruz was very happy.

Just then Vi-Vi came up behind me.

「Al. Don’t forget your face cover.」

「Oh yeah, the masks that Cruz gave us.」

If I was going to the capital, I had to hide myself.

I took out the excellently crafted wolf mask from my magic bag.

Vi-Vi already had her realistic cow mask on.

「You’re coming too, Vi-Vi?」

「Of course! After you remove the rock, you’ll need help getting all those guys out of there.」

The dungeon is expected to be used after this. If there’s another collapse, it would be a tragedy.

It would be a relief if Vi-Vi was there to make a magic circle to stop things from collapsing again.

「Sure, Vi-Vi, come along.」

「Sure, just leave it to me, Al. 」「Mooo.」

Vi-Vi stuck her chest out in pride with the cow mask still on.

Moofy huffed loudly beside her. What a funny situation.

『You can ride me.』

Femm got large again.

It took two hours to walk from the capital to the mouth of the dungeon.

It was a distance pretty hard to walk with a knee like mine.

「No, get bigger once we’re out of town. You’re going to stand out.」


「Moo Mooo!」

Femm seemed sad about the whole affair, and shrunk back again.

On the other hand, Moofy huffed away, asking us to ride her.

I guess since there are other cows in the capital as well, she wouldn’t stand out.

「Okay, I guess we’ll ride Moofy until we’re out of the capital.」

「MOo MOoo!」「ryaa ryaa」

Moofy mooed happily.

Sighisoara flew onto the back of Moofy.

「I need to go back to the capital too.」

「Yeah, I think you should go back too, Luka.」

Luka was the guild master of the capital area. Though it was basically an honorary position, it would still be good for her to go back.

But if we all did, then Mulg would be left defenseless.

We were all thinking the same thing. Vi-Vi folded her arms on top of Moofy.

「That means Mulg is left defenseless!」

「Yeah, I’m not happy about it, but I’ll stay here.」

Cruz said. She did look disappointed.

Seeing this, Luka asked,

「Are you sure?」

「I’m unhappy that I don’t get to see Al’s work, but you’d be more useful going, Luka.」

「She’s right.」

The purpose of us going would be to remove the debris and to strengthen the mouth of the dungeon.

If we didn’t have to beat any enemies, then Cruz really served no purpose.

We could leave Cruz to defend the town, but I wondered what to do with Shiggy.

If Cruz was staying here, then I could leave Shiggy in the town without having to worry.

「ryaa ryaaa」

Shiggy was riding on top of Moofy while flapping its wings, cutely.

I guess Shiggy was intent on going with us.

Maybe it would help it if I showed it some gravity magic.

I put it inside my chest pocket.

「Shiggy, behave yourself.」


「Take care of everyone!」

Cruz saw us off, and I left for the capital.


We left Cruz’ mansion in the city and headed towards the capital gates.

Vi-Vi and I were wearing our masks, just another noticeable masked couple with a big dog and cow in tow…oh, and Luka was with us too.

While the passers-by jumped, stopped, and stared at us, Luka spoke.

「These are servants of Cruz the hero.」

「Oh, that makes sense.」「Ah, got it.」

「Makes sense if you’re talking about Cruz.」

If Luka only mentioned Cruz, it seems everyone accepted that with little other explanation needed.

I wondered what the hell Cruz did in the capital to gain that status.

We left the capital and after a while Femm grew and we rode it.

「Let’s go!」

「Wuff」「Moo mooo!」

Femm took off running…quickly.

Vi-Vi rode Moofy and followed.

「Hey! You two are too fast!」

「If you can’t follow us, we’ll slow down a bit.」

「It’s not that we can’t follow you, but…」

She complained, but it seemed that Luka could keep up by running.

She had some fast legs.

We were able to get most of the two hours walk done in about 10 minutes.

「Wheeeeeze, wheeeeze…Femmm and Moofeeee are really fast…」

「The speed of your legs are even more surprising, Luka…」

The entrance to the dungeon was covered by several massive stones.

The stones were about three times the size of an adult human. The width was about the same.

If I wasn’t there with my magic, they’d have to break them up and haul them away.


There was a group of dragon knights and guild workers gathered around the entrance who suddenly ran up to us.

Vi-Vi and I were wearing a wolf and cow mask, riding a massive wolf and a cow…anyone would be shocked at the sight of us.

「Huff, pant…it’s okay…they’re not enemies.」

「A…are they with you…Viscount Rheingau?」

Rheingau was Luka’s family name. I never used it with her normally, so I had forgotten it.

She was bent over panting for air, then she said,

「Baron Conradine sent them, they’re followers of hers.」

「Ah…the hero? Makes sense then.」

Conradine was Cruz’ family name.

Just mentioning Cruz’ name to the dragon knights and guild workers was enough to get them to back off.

It made you realize how famous Cruz was.

「Where’s Yureena? I heard she was here with you.」

「Um…Ah…Viscount Linmia? She’s helping heal all the people over there.」

Linmia was Yureena’s family name.

With a huge collapse like this, it would be strange if no one was hurt.

If she hadn’t completed the healing yet, that meant that there were some very bad injuries.

I said a short prayer that there was no one crushed under these rocks.

「Okay, well let us move these stones.」

「Um, Viscount Rheingau, how shall we do that…?」

「The followers of Baron Conradine is skilled at construction with magic.」

「Ah…I see.」

It seems that the guild workers had no idea what Luka was talking about.

Luka paid that no mind and turned to me.

I nodded, and began preparing my magic silently.

As I amassed the magic in my body, I felt Shiggy stir in my pocket. It peeked out at the scene.

I quietly whispered to Femm,

「You smell any people under the rocks?」

『You’re fine. No one was crushed.』

「I see…thanks.」

Femm told me what it smelled.

It was a miracle no one was killed.

I looked at the way the stones had fallen.

When you move heavy rocks like this, you have to be certain you’ll cause no further landslide.

I placed gravity magic onto the rocks, and rock by rock, lightened and lifted them away.


「What in blazes?!」

The knights and workers all shouted in surprise.

After about 10 minutes, the rocks were all removed.

Inside there were about 20 knights and adventurers.

They all emerged relatively unscathed.

Approaching, they all started stammering their thanks to me.

Some probably thought they would die. Some were emotionally tearing up.

「Well, we need to strengthen the mouth of this dungeon.」

「What do you mean?」

「We brought a magician with the talent to do that.」

And upon saying that, Luka glanced over at Vi-Vi.

Vi-Vi quickly began to draw a magic circle.

It was the same type of circle as the protective circle around my house. Vi-Vi quickly draw it out without any confusion.

10 minutes passed and she had completed it.

After she was done, she whispered to me.

「With this, even an earthquake couldn’t collapse the entrance.」

「Thanks…great job.」

After I thanked Vi-Vi, Luka turned to the guild workers and said,

「Okay, we’re done here. I don’t think there will be any more collapse unless something severe happens. You take care of the rest.」

「Um…Viscount Rheingau. There’s someone we need you to rescue…」

Luka was stopped from returning by a guild worker.

「What’s wrong?」

「Deep in the dungeon, there’s a mysterious beast and an adventurer trapped by it…」

Luka looked over at us.

I nodded.

「Got it. We’ll take a look inside.」

We then ventured into the dungeon.



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