Chapter 92


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Chapter 92 – Deep into the Dungeon

There was something that one had to check before exploring what was deep in a dungeon.

Watching Luka, we saw her approach a guild worker and ask,

「So, you said mysterious monster…what kind do you mean?」

「Yes, it’s whole body was blood-red and it was big as a mountain, fast as lightning, and it could spew fire, poison, and acid.」

「…wow, that’s quite terrifying.」

Luka sounded quite troubled by the information.

There’s no such monster. Even if there was, there’s no record of one like that.

The guild worker knew that too.

「Well, this is from the description of a terrified new adventurer. You might want to ignore half…or maybe 90 percent of what they say.」

「And that adventurer is?」

「Currently being calmed down with some tranquilizing magic.」

「Ah, I see.」

Sounds like we couldn’t get any valuable information from the adventurer.

What we did know is that whatever it was, it was something scary.

The newbie adventurer freaked out for a reason.

「We’ll go and see. You all wait here.」


The guild members obediently nodded to Luka’s command.

They knew that any additional adventurers would probably end up interfering with Luka and us.

「Ok, let’s go.」

Luka said, and I silently nodded.

After we entered the dungeon, Luka said,

「We should probably us that, I mean, why not, right?」


「Spirit speech.」

「Ah, you’re right.」

During stealth missions, parties would use spirit speech to coordinate a plan.

Spirit speech wasn’t too difficult of a magic.

「We’re not doing this secret though, just talk like usual unless we need it.」

「Yeah, and isn’t spirit speech tedious to do?」

「I guess we’ll do it if we need it.」


We talked about it as we walked along.

As we talked we paid very close attention to everything around us, looking carefully for evidence of traps.

There was no way we would take it easy. But you couldn’t worry like crazy either.

On the other hand, Vi-Vi was riding Moofy, scared stiff from being worried.

She was still wearing that cow mask too…it was funny.

「Hey, Al and Luka, aren’t you two a bit TOO relaxed?」

「You think?」

「You need to be prepared for any attack!」

「Sure. We know.」

「They said it was as big as a mountain and fast as lightning! And it spit fire and acid!」

That was a newbie adventurer though, probably too scared to tell.

However, I guessed it’d be better that I ask the monster expert Luka.

「Do you have any idea about a beast like that.」

「There’s a lot of beasts that are huge and fast. Not around here though.」

「Well, if you don’t count that, what then?」


Luka thought about it a bit.

I could tell that Vi-Vi was staring at us. She was way too anxious.

「Maybe a dragon?」

「That would be quite a conclusion, Luka.」

「Dragons are famous but we don’t have a lot of research on them.」


「They’re strong, but there aren’t many. The only real research is on earth dragons and wyverns.」

Outside of that was the sizes of lesser and greater dragons.

Adventurers did the job of figuring that out as they had to estimate each beast’s suppression score.

「It might be possible that monster researchers of old just stuck any strong beast into the dragon category.」

「Outside of dragons?」

「Maybe Chimeras?」


A chimera had two heads, one was a lion’s and one was a goat’s.

The tail was a poison snake’s, it had hooves, and it was a strong beast that breathed fire.

「Chimeras aren’t red though, right?」

「Maybe it was covered in blood? Or a subspecies?」

「Covered in blood WOULD be scary.」


Vi-Vi looked even more scared, and Moofy mooed in concern.

Vi-Vi patted Moofy.

「It’s okay, Moofy. We’ll protect you.」

「Moo Moo」

Moofy was probably stronger than Vi-Vi though.

However, Vi-Vi wanted to protect Moofy. Moofy was breathing heavily.

Maybe the feeling of protecting Moofy made Vi-Vi relax a bit.

Sighisoara just peered out from my chest pocket and looked around.

There was no monsters on our way down, just an easy path.

「Femm, do you smell a really strong monster?」

『I don’t know. I smell way too many monsters and adventurers, though.』

Femm sniffed around and said.

Even though the most of them were beginners, they were always coming in and out of this dungeon.

They smells would mix and were hard to discern, I bet. There was no way to really determine what it was unless you got close.

We continued further, and suddenly Moofy stopped with a jolt.

Femm also stopped suddenly.

『Something’s there.』


『I don’t know, but it smells like something bad.』

I could feel Femm’s apprehensiveness.

An enemy that would scare the king of magic wolves. We had to be careful.

「Be careful, everyone.」

「You don’t have to tell me.」

Luka said, already creeping quietly.

We saw the ending of the dungeon.

It seemed the ending of this dungeon was bigger than I remember.

And in the middle of it was a massive monster.


Vi-Vi cried out in fear.

「What is that?!」

「…a stone Naga.」

「So that’s what one looks like.」

I only knew the name and had never seen one before.

It was a basically a massive snake. All of its scales were stone.

And not just stone. It would eat stone, condense it, and then coat it with it’s own body’s magic.

A stone naga’s scales were harder than steel.

It was hard to defeat so it had a suppression score of A-rank.

「It’s that beast famous for eating rocks.」

「I see, that’s why this room is bigger now.」

The stone naga must have eaten out the whole inside of the room.

Around the naga was countless dead monsters, all bitten to death.

「I see, so it was covered in blood.」

「It doesn’t eat flesh so all the bodies are left here.」

「It probably ate out the stones near the opening, so that’s why the whole place collapsed, I guess.」

「Yeah, I’m going to attack it, so back me up.」


Whether I said no or not, Luka ran at the beast with full speed.

At the same time, the naga rattled it’s tail.

Luka slashed at the beast and her sword bounced of its scales.

「Ah, it’s too hard!」

「It looked hard!」

It continued striking over and over like lightning. Luka knocked its attacks away with her sword.

「Piece of SHIT!」

Luka stabbed at it hard and it’s tail showed a huge wound.

Even with scales stronger than steel, Luka’s sword would prevail.

「I can’t cut it off like this though!」

「You need help?」

「Give me some defense!」

Luka shouted at me loudly. I guess I was supposed to leave the offense to her.

She was fired up and in warrior mode.

The naga and she exchanged blows over and over.

While this was happening, the naga opened its mouth and spewed fire.

I already had magic barrier around her, protecting her.

After that, Luka ran away and out of the range of the fire breath.

「Luka, you don’t have to dodge it. I have you covered」


Luka smirked at me.

A stone naga could spit fire and poison, so I made sure she was totally defended.

She went back to slashing at its tail and head.

「Okay, I think I know now.」

Luka shouted in the middle of the fierce fight.

What she knew I had no idea. It must have been something she sensed as a fighter.

The next moment, she had finally cut through the body of the naga.

The tail segment flailed around, bouncing around her. The head part flew up and bit onto the wall near us.

「Ah, dammit!」

The naga ate stones. It also dug tunnels through the earth.

It was trying to run away.

Luka chased the head segement. I got ready to attack it with magic.

「You’re not getting away!」

Vi-Vi screamed.

The naga bit into the wall again, but bounced off the wall and fell still.

「Heh heh, I knew something like this would happen, so I wrote a strengthening circle for the whole wall over here.」


「Good job, Vi-Vi!」「Mooo!」

「You should compliment me some more!」

Vi-Vi could tell ahead of time what needed to be done.

I was honestly thankful.

「Vi-Vi, you really are a skilled magician.」

「heh heh.」

She blushed.

「Femm, are there any more beasts nearby?」

『Nothing strong. Just some magic mice and all.』

「I see, thanks.」

Magic mice always infested places like this.

It was something newbie adventurers could kill off without having to go on a hunt.

「Well, I guess we can go back now that we finished it off.」

「Sure, I have things I need to check though.」

Luka said with a serious face.



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