Chapter 95


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Chapter 95 – Bath-lovin’ Beasts

While I was returning home from the chief’s house, Cruz and the others were eating.

As they joined us, Shiggy beat its wings happily.


「Welcome back! What did the chief say?」

「That I should stay here.」

「Is that so?」

「Well, and I have something to tell you.」

I told them that the chief knew about us being the great hero’s party.

And also what he told me about the town.

Upon hearing this, Luka said,

「Well, that’s fine. But next time, don’t tell anyone until it’s blatantly obvious.」

「Okay, sorry about that.」

「If Al’s okay with it, then I’m okay with it.」

Then Cruz leaned forward to ask,

「But, how was the dungeon? No one told me anything.」

「You didn’t ask Luka?」

「Yeah, I was thinking of asking you directly, Al.」

「I see.」

I explained what happened.

Cruz seemed more interested in the rubble removal and entrance repair than the stone naga.

「Great job, Al! You did great too, ViVi!」


Cruz could have beaten the naga herself. She couldn’t have repaired the rubble or the wall though.

Maybe that’s why she was so interested in the process.

Just then, Millet came out of the kitchen.

「It’ll be a little bit longer until dinner, so feel free to get into the bath ahead of time.」

「Oh yeah, might as well take one.」

Lately the days have been quite cool. The warm bath would be the perfect thing right now.

I got into the bath with Femm, Moofy, and Shiggy.

Shiggy flapped its wings once it got in.

「ryaa ryaaa」

「You must really like the bath.」


Shiggy dove and swum around the bath.

Maybe Shiggy learned it from seeing the other animals swimming.

I held Shiggy briefly.

Shiggy was so warm. Actually, it was warm regardless of whether it was in the bath or not.

「Shiggy, even though you seemed like a reptile since you were born, but you’re quite warm.」


『Maybe it’s closer to a bird than a reptile?』

「I don’t know, but it definitely seems warm-blooded.」


Femm and Moofy approached and began sniffing Shiggy.

After getting out, Cruz came in and was preparing to get in the bath.

Yureena was with her and holding her hand.

「Ah! You’re getting out?」

「Yeah, I am.」

「I wanted to take a bath with you!」

「What are you saying, Cruz? You haven’t even married!」


Cruz puffed out her cheeks, but Yureena was correct.

Cruz then put her hand out to pet Shiggy.

「If I can’t get in with you, then let me get in with Shiggy.」


「Shiggy just took a bath, though.」



Shiggy jumped onto Cruz’ chest in one bound.

Cruz’ eyes shimmered.

「You want to get in with me?」


「Shiggy, you want to get in again?」


Shiggy must really love baths.

Cruz and Yureena took Shiggy in with them.

Femm and Moofy both got back in too.

I seriously think that those monsters like the bath too much.

I was a bit lost in thought, and looking at them go in, Luka said,

「You feel lonely without them?」

「No…not really.」

Shiggy was growing, even thought at first it never would leave me.

I guess I was happier more than lonely.

It was now okay at being alone without me. I guess it really did trust Cruz.

That was something to be happy about.

「Well, then that’s good to hear.」

And upon saying that, Luka also went into the bath.


It was after dinner. We were all relaxing in the kitchen when Cruz said,

「Femm and the other beasts really love that bath.」

「Because the hot springs have magic power in them.」

They did drink the water quite a bit when they got in with me.

Since the magic beasts could absorb the magic power, Mulg’s hot spring were really good for them.

「Femm, Shiggy, and Moofy all drank a lot of the water.」


Well, usually they never drank that much around me.

I looked over at them.


Femm looked away. Moofy looked confused.

Shiggy innocently flapped its wings.

I guess the beasts like taking baths with a bunch of cute girls than with an old man.

Bunch of perverts.

「It seems the water around Cruz is really good or something.」


『It is.』「ryaa ryaa ryaaa」

It had been a while since I heard Moofy speak in spirit speech. I guess it was good water.

Shiggy seemed to agree.

「And you Femm?」

『….I don’t know.』

I guess for Femm, the fact that the water around Cruz was good was a bit embarrassing.

I have no idea what Femm’s standards are for being embarrassed.

Luka was holding Shiggy, who I usually held.

Shiggy dug it’s head into Luka’s cleavage.


「Shiggy really is cute. Any of us can hold it now.」

「It really is growing quickly.」

I asked Luka about something I was wondering about,

「So, Luka, do you think Shiggy is warm-blooded?」

「It definitely seems so. It’s new information about the ancient dragons. But as to whether it is as only a chick or during adulthood too, who knows…」


「I was thinking of presenting a paper on it, but with someone coming after Shiggy, it may not be a good idea.」

「Well, I’m sure we can trust you’ll do it someday.」


Luka said to Yureena while rubbing Shiggy.

「We can’t ignore what happened today though…stuff’s happening near the capital now too.」


「We need you to help find out what’s happening too, Yureena.」

「Got it, I will.」


「No problem. I won’t be the only one.」

Yureena was a holy maiden. She had quite some power over the church.

The churches had their own network of information.

Since there were many believers and its reach stretched over many countries and cities, the info she could find out was comparable to the guild’s.

With both the guild and the church’s info helping us, we’d probably discover something soon.

We’d just have to wait until the information finally showed up.


That night.

I slept very well. Shiggy, Femm, and Moofy were with me.

For some reason, Cruz was in bed with me too. If Yureena knew, she’d be angry.

Late that night.

Cruz was clinging onto Femm when Femm suddenly began to twitch.



Femm was twitching all over. But it seemed that Femm was still asleep.

No…Femm might be unconscious. I was worried.

Since Femm was moving so much, the rest of us woke up.

「Femm, are you okay?」


Cruz, Moofy, and Shiggy all looked worried now.

Moofy tried to likc Femm awake.

I was worried as a rubbed Femm’s head.

Cruz and Shiggy joined in, trying to wake Femm up.

「Moofy. Go get Yureena and Luka!」


Moofy ran out of the room.

「Are you okay? Femm! Wake up!」

Femm didn’t wake. It just laid there, twitching.

Cruz and I both petted Femm, lost at what to do but trying to help.

Then, Femm began to shimmer, full of light.



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