Chapter 96


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Chapter 96 – Femm’s Sudden Change

While Cruz and I petted Femm, Femm’s body increased in shimmering.

In addition to this increased shimmering, Femm’s twitching also increased.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy also petted Femm…it must be worried.

「What happened?!」

「What is it?」

「Moo mooo!」

Moofy brought Luka and Yureena running.

「Something’s wrong with Femm!」

「Femm’s shaking and shining with light!」


After hearing our works, Luka and Yureena began examining Femm.

As they did, the shimmering began to fade and the twitching stopped.

Then, the light faded completely and Femm lie still.


「Femm, don’t die!」


We all tried shaking Femm. Shiggy was doing its best to wake Femm too.

Luka then reached out to stop us.

「Calm down, everyone. Femm’s breathing.」


I checked if Femm really was breathing.


I could hear a pleasant, soft breath pass from Femm’s snout.

Just in case, I checked Femm’s heartbeat as well. It was beating.

「Is Femm okay?」

「There’s no disease or injury, and it seems healthy.」

Yureena said after examining Femm magically.

A healer like Yureena was also a specialist at examination magic.

Healing and examination magic are almost inseparable.

But if someone specialized like Yureena said Femm was healthy, I’m not worried.

「I see. Glad to hear that. But what happened to Femm all the sudden.」

「Kwoon…mynah mynah.」

Femm suddenly yawned and murmured happily, unaware of all of us worrying around it.

It probably was dreaming about something it ate, since its mouth was moving.

Shiggy jumped on and held Femm’s body, and began petting it again. It must have been worried.

Luka checked over Femm again.

She opened its eyes, mouth, pulled on its ears, and lifted its legs.

Even with all of this, Femm didn’t wake up. I wonder if it lost its wildness.

After checking over it again, Luka folded her arms and looked at Femm seriously.


「Did something happen to Femm?」

「Hey, just in case, turn on a light.」


I realized this all happened in the dark.

I lit a magic candle. The room in my house was suddenly lit in a dim light.

With the light shining, Luka made a satisfied face and nodded.

「I knew it.」

I, on the other hand, was surprised.


「Femm did!」

Femm’s fur was now a silverish color. It was a deep silver that was closer to black than white.

Now it was more of a silverish-white. Or a white-silver.

「Femm’s fur turned all white…」

「It must have seen a scary dream…Femm! Femm!」

Cruz tried to gently wake up Femm and get it up from the bed.

Femm wouldn’t wake up easily though. After a little more, Femm’s eyes finally opened.


「You’re up. Are you okay?」


Though we were worried, Femm just yawned a huge yawn. It looked tired.

Moofy sniffed away at Femm like crazy.

Moofy must have been very worried.

「Did you see a scary dream?」


「You’re okay now! Just relax!」

「You’ve still got me!」


I held Femm…I was just trying to help.

Cruz hugged onto Femm too…then Shiggy.


Femm looked around at us, wondering what was happening.

Luka looked at Femm, and made a sour face.

「No, no, no…there’s no way that a bad dream would turn someone’s hair white!」

『White hair?!』

Femm seemed to utter in a still sleepy voice.

Cruz squeezed Femm harder and then said,

「Yeah, not white…more like silver. It looks cool though. Femm, you must have been so scared of that dream that you lit up in light! You were all in white!」

Femm hear what she said, looked at its fur, and then made a surprised face.

Out of nowhere, Vi-Vi came in the room and said,

「It wasn’t a scary dream. Think about it. If you see a scary dream, you pee the bed! Did Femm pee the bed?!」

「Yeah, I guess Femm didn’t.」

「So that means that Femm didn’t see a scary dream!」

「I see.」

After hearing Vi-Vi’s explanation, Femm jumped up and dropped its tail with a thud.

『A bad dream’s not going to make me pee THE BED!』

「Well, did you see one, then?」


「Well, I guess I’m wrong then.」

Vi-Vi said a bit proudly.

Femm snorted a bit unhappily.

「So, Luka, what happened? Femm started twitching and shining all the sudden!」

『…I didn’t know. I was just sleeping peacefully.』

Femm said sleepily.

Femm didn’t sound like it was in pain, so I was relieved.

「I don’t know why Femm was twitching, but don’t you remember shimmering from before?」

「Um…you mean when Moofy turned into a sacred animal?」


「Moo mooo!」

Moofy started licking Femm.

I checked Femm, as did Vi-Vi and Cruz.

「No…it doesn’t feel like a sacred animal…」

「Doesn’t seem like one to me.」

「I don’t think it changed to one either.」

They all looked at Femm with doubtful eyes.

「I didn’t say Femm changed to a sacred beast. Listen until I’m FINISHED!」


「Just listen. So, what I was saying is that I think it might be a magical heavenly wolf now.」

「Heavenly wolf?」

「The top race of the wolf species.」


Femm looked confused.

Even looking at Femm now, I could tell that is was quite stronger.

Almost as if the magic inside it had increased.

「Did its species change?」

「Just its magic status.」

「Why do these magic beasts change like this? Because Cruz touches them?」

I asked, and Luke looked confused, but continued to ponder.

「That maybe be it…I wonder if that’s all it takes.」

「Well, Moofy became a sacred animal after Cruz petted her.」

「Well, that’s true.」

Though it seems that Luka was unable to explain it.

「Well, yesterday, Femm also drank up all that water around Cruz, so maybe that.」

「I think you’re right, Yureena.」

Luka quickly agreed with Yureena’s diagnosis.

A disciple of God like Cruz and the special water that existed around her in the hot springs might have been all Femm needed.

「Add to that all the dragon meat that Femm’s been eating lately. That too.」

「I see.」

All the food the wolves have been eating lately were earth dragon and wyverns.

Dragons were very strong. And their meat has magic in it, much more than normal monsters.

「Maybe the cause is all of those things together.」



Luka was talking through her hypothesis, and Shiggy yawned.

It must be tired…it’s still a baby and there’s nothing you can do.

Millet almost sleepwalked into the room.

「Whyyy are you still up?! You’re partying too late.」

「I guess you’re right.」

『I’m sleepy.』

「Yeah, we’ll deal with this tomorrow.」

With that, Cruz climbed back into my bed.

Yureena grabbed her arm.

「This way, CRUZ.」

「But, I…」

「No buts!」

Yureena dragged Cruz out of the room.

Luka also went back, looking tired.

Vi-Vi crawled in my bed, almost as in consolation.

「Gotta wake up early tomorrow, Al.」


「ryaaa」「Moo moo」

Vi-Vi looked happy to see the other animals lie down too.

I was tired as well, and fell right asleep.



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