Chapter 97


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Chapter 97 – Wolf Life

We were all very tired, so we all just piled into bed.

Shiggy was already asleep. It had to sleep as it was still a baby.

Vi-Vi, Moofy, and Femm fell asleep quickly after that.

「Kfwaaahhwaaahhh, Kuuhh」

However, suddenly Femm started talking in some strange sleep-talk. Femm didn’t look uncomfortable, so I was relieved.

For some reason, I decided to scratch Femm’s head.

「Are you having some strange dream?」


After a while, Femm fell quiet again.

I slept, relieved.

The next day, I awoke and for some reason, Cruz was in bed too.


And Cruz was mumbling.


「Moouunnn Mooo」

Femm was lightly barking in its sleep on Cruz’ right side, and Moofy was mooing softly on the left.

And Shiggy was on top of Cruz’ head. Shiggy’s tail was actually in her mouth.

「Fu heheh」

On top of that, Vi-Vi was laying over Cruz’ stomach, face down.

Vi-Vi was laughing in her sleep. Must be a good dream.

「…and just like usual, Cruz is talking in her sleep too.」


Before, while I was awake, Moofy chewed on my hand.

It might be that she was biting Cruz’ hand as well.

I also wondered what led to Femm becoming a heavenly wolf.


「Werff wuff」

Moofy was just like a baby cow, sucking on Cruz’ hand in her sleep.

Maybe she was just a big baby after all.

On the other hand, Femm seemed to be play biting.

I simply took Shiggy’s tail out of Cruz’ mouth. Then I picked up Shiggy and pulled it off of her.

Cruz’ sleeptalking stopped…she looked relieved.

「…uheh heh heh.」

「Cruz is already laughing.」

Just as Femm and Moofy were chewing on both arms of her, Cruz was smiling in her sleep.

Vi-Vi then rolled over. Her hand flipped over and slapped Cruz right in the face.



Cruz didn’t seem to feel a thing.

Vi-Vi also seemed to be happily sleeping.

「I was thinking this before, that these girls and beasts sleep too soundly.」

I took Cruz’ hands out of Moofy’s mouth.

Then I took Vi-Vi’s hand off of Cruz’ face.

Finally, I put Shiggy between Vi-Vi and Cruz.

「Okay, done.」

Satisfied, I got up and went to the kitchen.

Luka, Yureena, and Millet were already there.

They had finished breakfast, and Collette was there too.

「Hm? Where’sth the bossth and Cruzth?」


「They’ve slept too long. Wake them up.」

Collette ran into the room.


I heard her jump on the bed and fall on them with a splat.

「Moo moo!」「Wuff!」

「ryaa ryaa」

All the beasts were making noises.

After a bit Cruz woke up.

Collette proudly returned to the kitchen. I rubbed her head.

Vi-Vi came in, holding Shiggy.

「You forgot your little baby.」


Shiggy flapped its wings. It seemed happy.

「Looks like Shiggy had a good sleep.」


I rubbed Shiggy’s head.

I was glad that Shiggy didn’t start crying once it woke up and didn’t see me there.

It was growing quickly, and I was very happy about it.


Femm had slept so well, it was still drowsy.

I bet the species evolution that had occurred had taken a lot out of it. It might be painful…a lot like puberty.

「Are you okay Femm? Are you hurt? Are you tired?」

『I’m okay.』

「You can sleep all you want today, okay?」


Femm seemed to think about it a bit.

Luka approached Femm.

「Let me take a look at you.」


Luka took out a memo and started her observations. She opened Femm’s eyes wide, opened its mouth, took its temperature, and several other things.

She was checking on the biology of this new heavenly wolf.

Femm just stood quietly.

「I’m just checking, so get ready.」


Luka suddenly stabbed Femm in the back with a syringe. Probably to take blood.

Femm howled at the sudden surprise.

「Sorry, sorry…see, it doesn’t hurt.」


Femm looked at Luka with some spite it its eyes.

I just petted Femm’s head.

「Luka’s just checking you because she’s worried, okay? Don’t get angry at her.」

『…I know already.』

Even so, Femm was obedient.

Luka put Femm’s collected blood in a bag, and rubbed Femm’s head.

「Sorry if it hurt. I looked at Femm again, and it definitely is a heavenly wolf.」

「How is that different from a magical wolf though? 」「Wuff?」

「The explanation is difficult. It is a type of magical wolf. I guess it’s a magical wolf with holy power as well?」


No idea what she meant, but I guess a stronger type of wolf.

So after a more detailed explanation, apparently different from a holy beast, but a beast with holiness…so a holy beast.

「Hm? Didn’t you say it was still a magic beast yesterday?」

「Al, I meant it was a magical beast with magic powers…but a holy beast is also one type of magical beast.」


「Moofy is a sacred beast as a holy beast. Femm is a magical beast as a holy beast.」


A sacred animal is not flesh, but a sacred body. That’s why it won’t die if it doesn’t eat.

Femm is a magical animal that is made of flesh, and would die if it didn’t eat. That’s the big difference, it seems.

Moofy didn’t need food. Femm did.

I guess that’s all you need to understand the difference.

Now that I understood that, Luka continued explaining.

「The last sighted heavenly wolf occurred 300 years ago, it seems.」

「300 year ago was when that founding hero came here and befriended the magic wolf king, right?」

「Yeah, and the term heavenly wolf is less of a species name than a word explaining a condition, and the magic wolf 300 years ago was the same status. There’s no real research published by the academy about it.」

Femm was a grandchild of the magic wolf king of 300 years ago.

In addition to that, Femm also has met a hero, in much the same way as his ancestor 300 years ago. It seems like that’s the key to all this.

That was my theory, and Luka nodded deeply.

「It seems that way.」

「The best explanation is that the hero somehow consecrated the magic wolf into heavenly status.」

「I guess that explains it then.」

As soon as Luka issues a report on this to the academy, the established theory should change.

While we were discussing this phenomenon, Femm yawned loudly.

It seems Femm is bored.


「I guess we should just think that Femm got stronger. Let me research what change has gone on in Femm, Al.」

「Well, tell me if you find anything interesting, Luka.」


After eating breakfast, Cruz and the others returned to the capital.

I went out to guard like usual.

As I sat at the entrance of the village, Femm laid down and slept beside me.


I wonder if Femm felt anything different.

The other wolves gathered around Femm.


Femm barked back at them sleepily.

They all surrounded Femm and sniffed away.

Just as the wolves were finishing up sniffing, Vi-Vi approached, riding on Moofy.

「I just finished upgrading the magic circles so they could detect any land monsters as well, Al!」

「Oh, wow.」

「Right?!」「Moo moooo」

Vi-Vi stuck out her chest proudly.

Moofy looked happy too.

「Any air or ground attack will result in two different vibrations of the ring. That way we can be safe.」

「Thanks for the help.」

It seems that Mulg Village was becoming more and more secure.

Femm became stronger as well, and the sensitivity of the magic defense circles also increased.

「Should I put some attack circles in place around as well, Al?」

「Like a trap circle that you find in the dungeon? Well, it would be scary if the wrong person set it off…」

「Then maybe we can make them so they’re activated manually?」

「Oh? So someone other than the creator could use them?」


「But then, won’t the enemy be able to use them as well?」

「…I guess so…If so, then maybe so only I can use them?」

「So, magic circles that attack, but controlled only by you, Vi-Vi, from a distance?」

「Hm! It’s difficult, but possible.」

It seems that it would take more time to set up these offensive magic circles. We would have to take it step by step as well.

It had been several days since the demon had attacked us.

In that time, I had taught Collette and Millet magic, and Vi-Vi and I had experimented with these circles.

Then, one night…

Luka and Yureena had come back to the village.

As soon as Yureena saw my face, she suddenly said, seriously,

「Al, we found out some information about all those zombies…」

「From the church? Sounds trustworthy.」

「Not only the church, the guild also has information about it.」

Luka said, with a serious look on her face.

It was excellent to get both pieces of information at the same time like that.

「Well, I just finished my round of guarding for today, so let’s hear what you’ve learned in the house.」

So I went back to the house with Yureena and Luka.



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