The Summoner is Going Chapter 213 Part 3

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  1. It used to 3 chapters a week, and now it only 1 chapter per week. Why the change?

    • Decrease in number of translators involved, including the chap who had been doing the posting of chapters; he needs to focus on college, which I consider a wise decision given that I didn’t make college a proper priority first time around and flunked out; second time around I did better on prioritization…

      Anyway, we’re down to one or two translators, one of whom has a number of titles being worked on.

      The upside is that I’ll be taking over posting this title, and I seem to be incapable of posting chapters without giving them a final look over…which means that I’ll really and truly be doing pre-pub editing on this one again, as well as doing my best to see that the spacing of sections in the posted text matches the groupings in the raws; this novel is a right royal pain in that regard.

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