The Summoner is Going Chapter 56

? Chapter Count: 3 out of 5 ?

Hey guys, here’s the next chapter for the Summoner novel. We’re onto the next volume, which means a new cover illustration (I admit I need to keep a close eye on the illustrations; as you can see from the novel illustrations index page, some of them skip ahead by a few chapters like rabbits)! Chapters 53 and 54 have been updated with Vol 3 illustrations as well, so feel free to backtrack and read along with the new illustrations. Enjoy!



  1. An illustration page would be nice. Just to see all the illustrations for each volume at once. Going back through each chapter and scrolling through the whole thing is a pain.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    • Illustrations page will be updated at the end of each volume starting from this one. You can find it on the top bar, but instead of clicking on the novel, wait for the popup for novel illustrations to appear, then click. We’ll update this volume once it’s finished, so be patient!

      • I was just looking through all the illustrations. Volume 2 Color Cover 3 is from Safe Day. Dunno where else to let you know. o7

  2. Thanks! I’ll fix it real quick.
    I’m pretty active on Discord, if you’re using it. (also hint to all readers: we have a Summoner group chat on Discord as well!)

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