Chapter 139 Part 2

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Well, what should I do about this guy?

It is clear at a glance that he is a Power Fighter and that the gap between him and Deva King will be quite big.

It’s nothing like Mezu. He’s rather closer to Gozu than anything else.


Even so, I think Senki is still a little bigger than him.


That goes without saying, but strengthening ourselves with spells will be essential. The same goes for support. And we’ll have to be especially mindful of the terrain or else it will all be for naught.

Jericho should go too.

If we are to fight this thing then I want to rely on him the most.


All right, my vanguard looks like its good to go, but is there anything else I can do to prepare myself? Maybe I should add something to my equipment.


If possible, I’d like Helix to support us from the air. He doesn’t have to be mindful of the terrain if he can fly.

We have room for one more in our current formation.

Should I take Ninetails or Heather as a support here? Or maybe pick Volff if we manage to secure enough safe ground for ourselves to fight on?


Those were the things I racked my brains on while I munched on my dinner: fresh pasta with mushrooms and beef sauce.

I feel surprisingly well.

It might not look like it, but strategizing about such things is quite a lot of fun.


Before we head out, it’s time for the last adjustments.

Obsidian and Creep stay as they were.

Bunraku, Helix and Heather are called back.

Instead, I summon Mumyo, Jean and Tigris.


I also saw some Kobolds emerging, so we need to take that into our calculations.

When faced with Kobold Assassins and the like, the ability to detect enemies is the most important.

Not to mention that we have to be mindful of Blitzes and Snow Leopards.

Our mission here is simple: defeat the enemies and reach The Shrine of the Earth Spirit before the end of the day!


I would like to avoid unnecessary battles if possible of course.

Not every one of my Monster Summons is capable of fighting in the dark, therefore those who are equipped with the Night Eye skill will be essential here.

Without it we will easily fall prey to any traps that might wait for us ahead.

And we cannot stop here and do nothing.


But I am certain.

I’ve spent enough time here to understand it clearly.

With my current party, we can definitely best every monster waiting for us here without breaking a sweat.


There are 2 Snow Leopards ahead.

One of them holds its head up and twists its neck.

It was a sign that it has noticed us, so Obsidian and Jean attacked it in advance while I strengthened them with my spells.

Therefore the battle was easy.

After it finished, I’ve gained another level, but my stats didn’t change all that much.

We won the next few battles with practically no effort whatsoever.

I wonder if it’s because of my strengthening spells.

The answer would most likely be yes.


How about that other one?

Oh, he’s being slapped around by my Monster Summons.

Creep is the one who takes him to poundtown especially hard.

He wrapped himself around the Leopard’s waist and legs and bites into him with his venomous fangs.

That’s why it is unable to retaliate in any way, because it’s mobility has been practically reduced to 0.

Not that being able to move would change much, since Tigris bit into its neck and had absolutely no intentions of letting go.

It’s too late for him.


Right after I thought that, his neck snapped loudly and that was it.

Laughably easy.


Maybe those 2 Blitzes will prove to be more of a challenge?

It did, but only in the sense that taking them down took us a little bit more time than usual.

Damage-wise we were mostly untouched.

The only spell I had to use was Resist Thunder.

I just grabbed them by the necks and smashed them against one another.


The other monsters in the area soon caught wind of us, but thanks to Jean’s and Obsidian’s skills we knew they were coming and were able to prepare for another attack.

Tigris, Creep and Mumyo took every last one of them head on.

The damage they have sustained was minor.

If they did lose any HP, Mumyo recovered it with his passive skill and Jean did the same by sucking the monster’s blood.

So there was no problem at all.


As for their drops, Leopards got me some skins and claws while Blitzes dropped their horns and some meat.

The haul was surprisingly big this time.


【Material】 Blitz Tendon Quality B Rarity 5 Weight 0 +

Blitz’s tendon. Once dried, it becomes a prized cooking ingredient. Quite tasteless otherwise.


Looks like I found myself an ingredient for tomorrow’s breakfast.


The most common enemy here were Kobolds.

Right now I could take those guys on with my eyes closed without using any spells whatsoever.

I leave dealing with Kobold Assassins to Jean and Creep.

They are dealing with them without any casualties to themselves at all.

That’s good to know.


Aside from the Assassins there are also Kobold Fighters and Kobold Shamans, and Shamans summon lesser Spirits to aid them in battle.


Undine Lv. 3

Elemental Target Subjugation Active Status: Waiting

Battle Position: Aerial, Underwater Water Attribute


Oh I know these bastards. They are like more persistent, annoying, watery versions of Mud Golems.

I was able to hit it with my Staff of Torture. As expected, the damage done through such an attack was not very high.

Thanks to it being a water creature it could absorb most of physical attacks like they were nothing.

Not to mention dealing with it without Resist Aqua skill will be a major pain in the backside.

I think I now understand how Gozu felt every time it had to fight with Jericho, just a little bit anyway.


It took a while, but we managed to get rid of all of them, but I don’t think I want to have an encounter like that again anytime soon.

Resist Aqua was effective when it came to protection, but surprisingly many of my spells did less damage to those Undines than I initially anticipated.

All in all, Elementals are much tougher to deal with than your common Kobolds, that’s for sure.


《【Summon Magic】skill Level Up!》

《【Speedcasting】skill Level Up!》

《Character Level Up! Please add 1 Bonus Point to increase the value of any 2 statistics of your choosing!》


All right, 2 points to add. What stat of mine should I increase?

Hmm… I think STR and VIT will be the best possible option here, so let’s go with that.


Player Status:

DEX 17

AGI 17

INT 24

STR 17 (↑ 1)

VIT 17 (↑ 1)

SPI 24


Aaand done. Bonus points added, and all my stats are looking nicely!

I wonder how my stats are going to change when I obtain my next Class Change?

It’s such a bummer that none of those truly important things are ever explained to the player by the game.

No matter how you look at it, it’s just not noob friendly, as all MMORPG’s should be.


《2 Bonus Points obtained. The total number of your Bonus Points is now 26.》


Isn’t there a better way to use those Bonus Points? As it stands now, all I do is to accumulate them without spending them on anything.

Spending them on skills? Bah, if only there was a skill that was truly worth the points required to unlock it.

I mean, weapons made of metal have a penalty for using magic, but currently it’s not a problem for me.

Maybe they could be used to increase the capacity if the 《Item Box》? Nah, why waste points on something like that when all you have to do is to carefully manage your items and not flood your precious containers with a sea of useless junk?


Ehh, it’s no use worrying about it now. As it is, I’ll just continue to hoard those points up and see if there’ll be something I’d like to invest them into in the future.


Okay, I can see the Shrine of the Earth Spirit in the distance already.

The rest of the road there should be nice and easy now.


Oh, it’s only 10:30 PM?

We got here much faster than I initially predicted.

Well, since my MP bar is still quite full, might as well do some hunting before I call it a day.


I use Call Monster.

Who will be our victim today?

Surrounding area is comprised of nothing but Kobolds.

There are no Blitzes or Snow Leopards in sight.

So I guess I have to pick something from the leftovers, huh?


I decided to hunt Kobolds.

As a result I managed to obtain a crapload of plum fruits.

There are too many of them to plant, so maybe I should just use all of them to make some umeboshi?


I also obtained some other fruits.

Even though their number was truly enormous I could just take them all without worrying about the weight since they weighed nothing.

But I’ve slain so many Kobolds that I am literally sick of them.

I want to fight some real enemy, the one that might give me a run for my money.



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