Chapter 140 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

The red marker above Wendigo’s head signaled that he has become afflicted with an abnormal status effect.
At the same time he has woken up and slowly began to move.
My God what a scary mug of a face he has!

While I prepared my next spell, I order Senki to stand in front of me and act as my shield.
Unfazed by this, the monster continues to charge straight towards us.

Meanwhile, Helix and Obsidian were preparing to launch a surprise attack on him.
In other words, we are acting as bait now.

Out of nowhere, Wendigo tried to look back.
Hey, look here you idiot!
On my order, Heather created a rocky mass in her hands and launched it towards Wendigo’s face.
And scored a direct hit, making him look back towards us!
But before he could actually do anything, Senki closed the distance between them and drove his fist right into his face!
It I was hit by something like that it would probably mean instant death for me.
Nevertheless, the monster survived.
Damage-wise, his HP has been depleted for about 10%.
How do you like that?! The power and the weight from Senki’s blow carry from the place of the punch through the target’s neck to its entire body! That’s the power of his current Class!

Wendigo staggers a little and then quickly counterattacks, punching Senki in the stomach.
That would have most likely been a direct Critical Hit, but Rig was already there to stop it.
I run from behind Senki and approach Wendigo directly.
His right arm is shot towards me.
A model example of a right hook. However…!

「Dimension Mirror!」

I deploy a wall spell just in time.
The blow does not reach me.
Instead, the impact was received in its entirety by Wendigo himself!
How was it?
His HP bar dropped by almost 50%!


Senki then moved in once again to continue his assault, making the slope of the mountain tremble with the beast’s cries.


When Senki grabbed its arm and twisted it, a strange cry left Wendigo’s mouth.
Senki then grabbed that twisted arm and used a throw to slam the monster into the ground with a loud bang. So he was capable of performing such techniques even though he didn’t have the throw skill, huh?
I expected him to follow that throw with a joint lock, but unfortunately nothing of that sort happened.
Well. If he’s not going to do it, I’ll do it.
But before I was able to deliver the smackdown onto him, he got up and grabbed Senki’s arms again, locking them in a standstill.
They were both unable to move, but also to attack each other either.
And that’s when something began to drip from Senki’s body onto the Wendigo
It’s Rig.
It slowly makes its way up the Wendigo and covers half of his face with its slimy mucus in an attempt to drown him.
His body jolted several times. He was clearly unable to breathe.
In addition to that, Rig began to channel electric shocks throughout its body, shocking our enemy in the process.

I wanted to go help it, but considering what’s happening right now, keeping my distance is a smart thing to do.
All I could do was to watch as Wendigo’s HP dropped to 0 in a matter of seconds.
It was a strange way to achieve victory, but it’s our victory nonetheless.

Good job, Rig.

However, even if it was our victory, I still feel dissatisfied.
Because I took practically no part in dispatching that enemy, who was fairly powerful, seeing how he was able to go toe to toe with Senki.
It’s fine, I’m good.
No, really, I’m fine.
I’m not salty that I had no chance to go wild against him, not at all.

《Monster Summons『Obsidian』Level Up!》

《Please allocate 1 Bonus Point to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》

Level Up after all, huh?
I guess going to that cave really paid off.
I think he even gained a level faster than Helix and Zangetsu.
If possible, I’d like to find a level grinding spot that is more convenient than that cave. One where the mobs have balanced difficulty but it’s not as hard to get items to drop when they are defeated.
During the Level Up process Obsidian’s STR got increased, so I guess I’ll add that 1 point into his SPI.

Monster Summons Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv2 → Lv3 (↑ 1)
DEX 13
AGI 21
INT 21
STR 14 (↑ 1)
VIT 13
SPI 21 (↑ 1)

Assault Silent Flight Farsight Night Eye Surprise Attack Detect Danger Divine Hearing Water Attribute
Now then, on to the ore important business: what can I get from looting Wendigo’s corpse?

【Material】 Snow Beast Bone Quality C + Rarity 4 Weight 1
Wendigo’s bones. Light and durable for their large size.

Oh, I recognize that pattern. It’s the same as the bones of the Snow Ape.

All right, now that that’s done, let us proceed to the next stage.
I want to see how dangerous of an enemy Wendigo can really be, but for that we’d have to fight much more of them.

Using Call Monster again I detected the presence of a single Sasquatch, just like before, but there were many more Wendigos this time. Let’s call them here!
Huh? I… can’t?
Why can’t I call even the ones with the lowest levels here?!

Wendigo Lv1
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Ice Attribute Status: Sleeping

Oi mate, you for real?
They are sleeping again!
I tried looking at the ones with higher levels.
Nope, it’s the same for them, just as I expected.

Wendigo Lv5
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Ice Attribute Status: Sleeping

I see now. Each and every one of them is asleep. Because of that they are immune to the effects of my Call Monster.

Well, nothing we can really do about it, so let’s go ahead.
In the meantime, I had a feeling I’ll get to fight with one of them again on the ridge ahead, and that feeling didn’t go away until we really happened upon another Wendigo curled up into a ball on the road ahead.

Wendigo Lv2
Monster Target Subjugation Active
Battle Position: Ground Ice Attribute Status: Sleeping

This one’s level is lower than the one we encountered before.
There is also enough of a footing here and we have enough space to fight.
This is very convenient, so let’s go ahead and do this thing!

I used Power Water to strengthen myself and Senki again.
I won’t use Physical Enchant: Fire unless it’ll be really necessary.
Even though relying on Power Water’s effects alone might be inconvenient.
If possible, I’d also like to refrain from using magic and fight it with physical attacks alone.
I know that such a method in incredibly risky, but I also feel that without getting hit at least one I won’t be able to fully understand my enemy.

First blow was Senki’s surprise attack and my kick to the still-sleeping enemy’s body.
As I thought, it won’t be easy to fully wake him up, but I think I saw his eyes opening for just a bit.
Such a big-shot attitude from an ordinary mob.
Senki’s next attack was a straight punch to Wendigo’s face. It seems like that was what finally woke him up.
Took you long enough, you goddamn sleepyhead!

Senki backsteps to avoid Wendigo’s angry swipes.
From behind Helix and Obsidian attacked him on the head.
When he was preoccupied with my Monster Summons, I closed the distance between us as I drew my Staff of Torture from my back.
My strike connected, but it felt as if I was hitting a lump of rubber.
I tried kicking him in the back of the foot, but it was not very effective.
As expected, going at him that way is tough. Amazing.

How about speed?
He tries swinging his arms at me, but even with his strength and momentum my small size allowed me to avoid his blows without suffering from any major damage.
His breath is getting white.
Not naturally transparent like mine, but strangely white.
Could it be that the temperature of our surroundings has been dropping rapidly?

But it’s not caused by him.
It’s the cold.
A sense of biting cold which makes me tremble from the very core of my body.
We might be getting into serious trouble here.
Also, something strange was happening to Rig throughout the course of the battle.
Its movement became noticeably slower.
Another marker has appeared next to its green health marker.
It says AGI & DEX Down.
And it’s not just for Rig. Everyone seemed to be affected by it.
Whatever was causing this, it has somehow bypassed our Resist Ice Status.


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