Chapter 141 – Part 1

Translation: Kazuya
Editor: Weasalopes

I recall Heather.
And summon Bunraku.
And pass vegetables, sirloin and Rock Salt (Holy) to it.
I want to take it easy for now.

But even so, it’s cold.
The cold air doesn’t seem to be able to enter the instant portal.
So it helps a lot.

Just when I was thinking of excavating some ancient stones and gems.
You can see a monster in the place that the Wendigo was sleeping.
There’s not just one.

A slightly gray haired Wendigo.
And a white coat Sasquatch.
It seems 【Identify】 doesn’t work when in an instant portal.
But there are also things you can understand just by looking.

Which is higher in rank?

Obviously Sasquatch is higher in rank.
It’s nice to be able to compare them side by side.
Sasquatch is bigger.
And is also slimmer than Wendigo.
It’s closer to a human figure.
Wendigo clearly contrasts to a gorilla.
It is also interesting that this Sasquatch figure is different from the one seen before.

And you can see that the Wendigo is accompanying it.
Wendigo curled up near the place that I sat.
Did it go to sleep?

Looking at it, the Sasquatch left.
Its direction was the opposite side of the cliff where we came down.
There should be a crater like pit beyond.
It’s also the same direction that we will be going.
Is it already decided that we will be going to fight it?

Even so, the Sasquatch is amazing.
It’s climbing the cliff very quickly.
I have been watching it climb for quite some time.
It may be useful when we are climbing.

I looked at the sleeping Wendigo while eating the food Bunraku made.
Should I fight it?
I can leave it since it’s sleeping.
If I defeat it, will the Sasquatch come down?

Since I will fight it eventually.
I should make use of the terrain here.

I recall Bunraku.
Who should I summon?
I thought and summoned Ninetails.
It’s better if there is a support.

Wendigo was right in sight when I leave the instant portal.
Let’s go with a swift attack.

Wendigo Lv.2
Monster Enemy Target Passive
Details: Ground Attribute Ice Asleep

How should I say, it’s funny to see that it’s sleeping.
I was thinking to do it seriously in my head.
But it is certainly nice to take the first attack



The combination of Senki and Wendigo is like looking at two monsters fight.
It doesn’t feel like it when fighting phantom like Gozu and Mezu since they don’t make any noise.
But it also made me fear because of it.

Will the Sasquatch come in the middle of fighting this Wendigo?
The reason for a swift attack is because of the cold air.
Wendigo’s breath is white.
It’s a shame Rig has not yet been able to stick to Wendigo.
Rig has touched it several times but it has not yet been paralyzed.
I cast some spells in addition.


For a moment, when its movement stopped, Senki pulled the monster’s right arm.
It’s a coincidence, but you did an armlock.
At the same time Rig starts moving to cover its face.
The movement is sluggish, probably because of the cold.
I cast Resist Ice.

I continued.
The neck of Windigo is thick.
My arms won’t be able to go around it.
I can just barely lock its neck using my legs, but the point will be off.
Let’s concentrate on support.
I’ll aim for the left arm.

Its arm is also thick.
It looks like a leg.
No, more like a woman’s waist?
Either way it’s troublesome.

Usually, I will aim for the arms or legs to perform a technique.
I’ll aim for the elbow.

But, the technique was not complete in the end.
But that’s enough.
Rig has covered its face.
Even if it wants to prevent it by hand, it can’t.
It is good that I am able to make this situation.

In front of me I can see Ninetails biting the Wendigo’s finger.
You don’t really have to do that though?
You just have to do support!
Helix and Obsidian attack the back of the head like always.

The Wendigo HP soon faded away.
It went smoothly.

《Job Level Up!》
《【Cold Resistance】 Level Up!》
《Monster Summons 『Senki』 Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

The vanguard Senki has level up.
It’s harder to compare it to Higher Gozu and Higher Mezu, but it can’t be helped.
I should be happy since its strength increase.

STR have raised.
I add one point into VIT.

Senki Lesser Ogre Lv1→ Lv2 (↑1)
DEX 11
AGI 20
STR 28 (↑1)
VIT 28 (↑1)

Punch Kick Throw Object Block Evade Climb Throw Self Regeneration [Slight]

It’s getting better and better.
It’s a good thing.
The moment I collect the bone from the corpse and put it into the 《Item Box》.
Maybe I have let my guard down.

Ninetails jump over my shoulder and let out a cry.
Helix and Obsidian also did the same.
Tension hit me.

Something is coming.

The eyes of the Monster Summons were fixed onto the middle of the cliff.

Sasquatch Lv.1
Monster Enemy Target Enraged
Details: Ground Attribute Ice Attribute Dark

It has already come this close.

「Practiced Spirit!」

At the same time something flew from the Sasquatch.

It’s a stone.
It went past my head.
This alone almost makes me lose consciousness.
This is bad.

My consciousness.

Don’t go.

I can somewhat see the figure of the monster.
Helix and Obsidian fly around trying to stop the monster’s leg, but it’s not working.
It’s coming down while taking damage.
No, it’s falling.

The buffs cast while fighting Wendigo were still active.
But still I cast it a few more times.

Select a spell and cast.
I equipped my Staff of Torture.
I have to intercept it.
Senki and Rig are also ready.

Come on.

「Physical Enchant: Fire!」

I raise Senki’s STR.
There’s still a bit of effect left from the water buff.
It would be great if we can beat it at an early stage.

A lump of light is emitted from Ninetails.
At a timing just before the monster and Senki intercepts.
The first strike was from Senki.

Senki’s fist burst onto the monster’s stomach.
It’s an attack able to make one unconscious.
And another attack was made to the stomach.
One will aim at the face usually.
But the Sasquatch is tall.
It will not be effective even if you can reach the face, so the stomach is the correct answer.

However, the Sasquatch catches onto Senki’s arm.
And throw it.
Towards the cliff wall.
Was Rig able to cover it in time?
No, Rig was not on Senki.
It seems it had already moved to the neck of the Sasquatch.
The Sasquatch stretches its hand to pull off Rig.

But I would be impossible to catch Rig by hand.
Is what I thought.

Rig looks strange.
The green marker is overlapped with a marker indicating abnormal status.

AGI delay?
Is it frozen?

The damage to Rig is minor.
But it will be bad if this continued.
The freezing seems to be delayed because of Resist Ice, but it will still freeze over time.
I have to be fast.

「Physical Enchant: Fire!」

I approach the Sasquatch’s feet.
The difference in physique is obvious.
It is taller than Wendigo.
On the other hand, it was not as muscular as Wendigo.
But it still has more power than me.

How should I deal with opponents like this?
Stop its feet.

I strike its instep with the Staff of Torture.


Was it because of the pain?
Was it because it is threatened?
I do not know.

But the loud voice stopped my movement for a moment.
Oh no.
What is coming?
A punch?
A kick?
It was neither.

The face of the monster approaches me from above.
Hey, don’t bite!

I was good because I have the staff.
Reflexively I thrust toward its throat using the other end of the staff.
I made it in time because it’s a staff.
It seems I have performed a counter.
Immediately I rotate the staff.
And hit the side of its head.
Turn again.
And hit the other side.
And Senki came.

A punch from Senki is launched onto its face.
I also hook the back of its knee with my staff.
It was an exquisite timing.

We succeeded in making the monster fall over.
I can’t let this opportunity go to waste.

But suddenly in front of my eyes was complete darkness.
What is this?
No, I can still see the marker.
What is the small marker that overlaps my marker?

To receive it at such an important time.
I started casting a spell.
But it’s not like the spell is cast immediately.

I do not know where an attack will come from.
I have to endure that fear.

「Dispel Magic!」

I cast it on myself.
It will be troublesome if this did not work.


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