Chapter 142 – Part 1

Translation: Kazuya
Editor: Weasalopes

I have fought a Beast Tamer before.
The level is now higher, it should be somewhat stronger.
But I think it will not be a big threat.


I block the wolf attack with my staff.
Senki is rampaging behind me.
The sight of it holding the dog’s neck with both hands and swinging it was just like a monster.
It’s a summon monster, so it should still be counted as a monster I think.

The dogs are focusing on attacking us.
On the other hand, Helix and Obsidian are attacking the Beast Tamer.
The opponents HP were decreasing.
Is the tide of the battle favoring us?

The initial phase was, but the bites dealt by the wolf seem to have an AGI delay debuff.
About half of the effect can be resisted, but it would still stack up with each hit.
Even without a direct hit, the debuff will still be active with just a scratch.

And the dogs.
When the Beast Tamer hit a damage dog with the whip.
The dog will recover HP.
And the recovery rate is also good.

And it’s troublesome for me.

And it’s using spells against Helix and Obsidian.
Making them unable to approach it.
If this continues the tide of the battle will turn, and we will not be able to counter.
We have to take care of the Beast Tamer first.
But the dogs surrounding me and Senki continue attacking us nonstop.
So annoying!

Ninetails emitted light in all directions.
For a moment, all the dogs stopped moving.

「Volcanic Blast!」

I cast an AOE lava spell damaging my surrounding.
I ignored the dogs and approach the Beast Tamer.
And Senki follows.
After a while, all the dogs were chasing us.


I build a wall.
The dogs run into it one after the other making the on the verge of death.
I finally split up the Beast Tamer and the dogs.
Why did I not do this earlier!

I kill the dogs with my staff one after another.
I leave the Beast Tamer to the summon monsters.
I can’t let the dogs get close to it.

I can see a flock of dogs on the other side when the firewall disappeared.
But they did not attack.
Are they wary about the wall spell?

「Gravel Blast!」

I cast an AOE earth spell.
And the dogs?
They were not moving.
I hold my body down.
And attack them all at once.

Ninetails that is on my shoulder emitted light again.
I run towards the few on the front that was on the verge of death.
I kick them while going forward.
Some were not hit.
But I have to reduce their number as fast as possible.

The damage piled up, and the flock of dogs was destroyed.
What about the Beast Tamer?
It is being attack by Helix and Obsidian, while Senki is capturing it.

Ninetails have not been damaged, but its MP was almost completely depleted.
It has been a hard fight.

The dogs disappear one after another.
But nothing dropped.

The Beast Tamer also disappears.
But something dropped.
It’s like a piece of paper.

【Seal】Three-way Sealing Talisman Grade B Rarity 7 Weight 0+
Three-part seal amulet.

It’s not just a piece of paper.
And what is this rarity?

Just after using 【Appraise】, the talisman broke down.
Ah, what’s happening?

Helix, Obsidian and Ninetails suddenly became extremely tense.
Something is coming again.
There is no mistake this time.

It’s Wendigo.
There are more than 10 no matter how I look.
There’s also Abominable Snowman.
Not 1, but 3 I think?

The Wendigos all look the same, but each of the Abominable Snowman looks different.
Some are slim, and some have the same figure as Wendigo.
Putting that aside.

The surrounding hostility is as if melting the surrounding air.

This is bad.
Will I die here?

Why are the monsters not attacking?
And they also look like they are scared.

『Leave quickly.』

The words echo in my head directly/
But the words are not directed at me.
It seems s to be directed at the monsters.

『Leave. Don’t give chase. Go back to the ice pit!』

A woman was standing beside me.
She should be the one that was under the ice.

The woman slowly pointed in a certain direction.
What about the monsters?
They became passive one after another.
Only one Abominable Snowman remained.
It’s still showing hostility towards me.

『Leave. You fool! 』

Something is falling from the sky
It’s a big arm.
Unbelievably big.
It’s overwhelming.

The fist grabbed onto the Abominable Snowman.
The 3m Abominable Snowman was grab easily, as if a human grabbing a rat.
Am I hallucinating?

The Abominable Snowman that was caught by the arm can’t do anything.
It seems to be carried in the direction that is pointed by the women.
I cannot see the shoulder.
It seems to be covered by the clouds.
What does the whole figure look like?
I can’t even imagine.

The woman looks at me.
Oh no.
I have been shown that.
I can’t go against her.

『There should be no conflict on this land. Okay.』

I can’t do anything but nod.
What about using 【Identify】?

Grid ???
??? ??? ???

Nothing can be known?

『As long as you don’t bring conflict, I’ll allow you to stay in this land.』

「Eh? Ah, yes.」

『Umu. Enjoy your journey.』

The women disappear after saying that.
What happen?

《Event 『Liberation Of The Goddess』cleared!》
《Takayama Crater relay portal cleared! 》
《You have gained 4 Bonus Points. You currently have a total of 30 Bonus Points.》

I see.
That was an event just now?
I didn’t even notice.

Ninetails is low on MP.
I recall it.
And summon Volff.
Just in case.

I slide on the ice heading towards the lakeside.
It’s easy to move around by skating.
Volff seems confused at first, but adapted quickly.
It looks like it’s having fun.
Even more than Senki, I think?

This kind of field, seems compatible with summon monster with high maneuverability.
Better if it is not bothered by the cold.
Reptiles like Creep, should have a bad compatibility.
Since it’s a cold-blooded animal.

I arrived at the lake side while thinking of such things.
At the same time the landscape changed.

The frozen pond surface is melting.
At a fast speed.
It’s like magic.
Well, it is magic to be exact.

I check a few things at the lake side.
It looks like it’s a portal here.
The option for logging out is also here.

So how far does this area stretch?
Apparently, the whole crater seems to be within the area of the portal.
It’s really wide.

There was a cave at the direction that the woman pointed to.
As expected it is not included in the area of the portal.
And Volff is also staying vigilance of it, I stop moving towards it.
It should be quite dangerous inside I think?
I might have challenge if I have half of my MP left.
I’ll not challenge it now.
I don’t think I can do it.
Especially in a mental sense.

The time is 4pm.
It’s quite exhausting to continue hunting here.
Also, when I used call monster, no monster appears.
Neither Wendigo nor Abominable Snowman.

I use return home outside the range of the relay portal.
I’ll give up hunting here.

I returned to the Earth Spirit Shrine.
The number of players around was normal.
What should I do?
I will hunt slightly away from the area portal.
Let’s change the formation first.

Volff, Helix and Obsidian remain, I recall Senki and Rig.
And summon Tigris and Creep.
If our opponents are Snow Apes or Black Bear, we can fight continuously even without buffing.

After using call monster, I noticed a few things.
At first, Snow Leopard and Blitz approach, but they suddenly disappeared.
Did they go back to the mountains?
The influence of the terrain is great.
Snow Leopard and Blitz are not difficult to hunt when in the plains.
But in the mountain?
The difficulty is increasing many times.
It will be great if I have earnt a little more.

I should enjoy the game positively.
I should move my body a little. As well as earning experience for Tigris and Creep.
I have battled using the staff for quite some time.
I’ll change to the tonfa.

While fighting, I noticed a strange feeling.
My body is light.
The movement of my opponent Snow Ape was fast as always.
That’s why I thought, it will be a good chance to test some skills.

I strike of the Snow Ape’s head with the tonfa.
At the moment, I jumped over the Snow Ape.
If feels as if using the Snow Ape as a support.

At the same time when I land, I kick the back of the monkey’s knee.
It lost sight of me and fell over easily.

Does this mean the skill 【Acrobatics】 worked?
It’s just a flashy action, it is effective but if I can’t find a chance to use, it’s useless.
If feels kind of good after performing the attack.

I try again without the tonfa.
This feels better.
It feels just like doing real acrobatics.
It’s something I have never done before.
Well this is a game though.

It is also quite effective when the opponent is a bear.
You just put your hands on its head and jump, and when you are behind launch a kick.
It’s pretty easy to do.
Oh, I seem to also have the 【Jump】 skill if I remember correctly?

I hunt monkeys and bears while using call monster.
Without using any buff with this formation, dusk approached.
And my stock of potion also decreases.

That’s not a problem I guess?
A large amount of Healgrass can be collected in this N1W1 map.
And also, Paingrass while at it.
I have collected quite a lot in between hunts, I’ll can replenish the potion later.

《【Synergy】Level Up!》
《【Acrobatics】Level Up!》

The level up message came after killing 3 Black Bear.
I also got its skin while at it.
If I continue hunting here, how much will I earn?
Honestly, there feels like something is missing when fighting here.

Oh, maybe it’s just me.
It is a great place for the lower level summon monsters.

The time is now pass 6PM.
Let’s go back to the Earth Spirit Shrine for dinner.

It was crowded around the shrine area portal.
Well, it can’t be helped.
There is also an area around the shrine area portal.
There are also players that are taking a break outside.
Let’s go there.

I recall Volff, Helix and Obsidian.
And summon Jean, Bunraku and Zuiun.
Which also include Tigris and Creep.
And the main target is earning experience for Zuiun.
Assume that our opponent is Kobold.
With Jean around, one can expect the threat the threat of Kobold Assassin to fall dramatically.
And I also intend to let Bunraku fight.

While Bunraku is cooking, I’ll do what I need to do.
Potion Creation.

Somehow empty bottle has accumulated.
There are only 5 bottles of potion left.
I can say, I have gone through quite a few tough battles this few days.
There won’t be any left if I have no summon monsters that knows auto recovery.

In other words, I would have to create more if that would have happened.
Originally, I would like to make higher grade ones.
There’s no mistake about it.
But it is now quite rare to have to spam potions.
So, quantity over quality.
I should use the alchemy Quick Recreate.

I was able to fill all the potion bottles before Bunraku finish cooking.
At the same time, 5 Recovery Pills were made.
There was neither Grade B- nor Grade C-.
Only Grade C and Grade C+.
Well something like this is also fine.

I have filled my stomach with the food, let’s continue hunting after tidying up.
I am looking forward to see what Zuiun can do.

The first victims were a flock of Kobold.
And Kobold Assassin was also included.

Let me say this first.
Zuiun is very useful.
Although it is weakened in places that have sunlight.

The only thing to be cautious of is the presence of the Kobold Shaman’s attack spells and spirits.
There is no problem if the spirits are salamanders.
It can float in the flame and attached to the salamander easily.
When I thought its MP is decreasing, a darkness band comes out of Zuiun and sticks onto the salamander.
And its MP will gradually increase.
It’s is sucking the Salamander’s MP.
It continues attacking the Salamander while sucking its MP.
An infinite loop.

As it is, the Kobold Shaman will attack it with attack spells.
But the Kobold Shaman is killed by Tigris.
And when that happens, there is no way for the Kobold’s to attack Zuiun.
The battle becomes one sided.


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