Chapter 143 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

You serious? So the delivery date is over, right?

What are you doing then?!


[I don’t want to meet Lugran right now. And his sister, while we’re at it.]


[Master, so the client really is…]




Hoo boi.
Is it possible that I will be dealing with that Gelta-sama?
Great, just my luck.


[Your presence shouldn’t offset her all that much. Don’t worry about it.]


[Is it really going to be okay?]




[See, that “maybe” is the problem here!]


Is he really a dumb child or something?
I swear, he’s not listening to no matter what I say to him.

This is quickly shaping up to be one giant bother.
Measures for Gelta have to be devised.
This time, we should use the standard guild length.
Let’s measure it on a wall first.


[So? I assume you want my help in making those Mana Potions?]


[Yes. But let me tell you, it’s a lot more difficult than creating normal potions. And as I said before, we cannot allow ourselves to waste any ingredients and time.]


[So get to work instead of giving me a lecture!]


[Khh, you don’t have to tell me that!]


I was just joking, but Master got really worried.


[Well, no matter. Let’s just get to work already, all right? Then sooner we’ll be done with, the better.]


[Yes, I understand.]


The time for talking was now over.
However, I’m still worried about what Master said.
Why does he not want to see the client so badly?
That tidbit got me very interested.

I get the mana potion in the Item Box and start immediately.
It is a little after 10 AM, right?
If we head out for Remut now, we should arrive there around noon.
Actually, that made me relax a little.
We have more than enough time to make it, so we can take this easy, but within reason.

Next thing I knew, there was Magiowl on my right shoulder.
It sat there briefly and the moved on to the table in front of me.
It wasn’t all that big, but if it keeps hanging around my workplace then arranging everything will be that much more difficult.

Raising the right arm and making a place, Magiowl moved there.


[Yeah, yeah, I know you ’re the keeper here and Master’s summon monster…. Come here! Who’s a good boy? Yeah, you’re a good boy!]


Playing around with it for a little, I took a piece of Sirloin out of my 《Item Box》.
I cut a piece of it and threw it to the owl.
Needless to say, he devoured it joyfully.


[Now, go to Master and keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t run away from his share of the work, all right?]


I don’t think it really understood what I meant, because he didn’t budge an inch.
This Magiowl is really peculiar, but then again, Master is pretty much the same, so they were a match made in heaven.


[I can hear you, you know?]


Master’s voice came out of the Magiowl’s beak.

Yes, I know.
Wait, does that mean you were listening the whole time?!


[This way.]



Did I just hear Master’s real voice?
Master then came out of the entrance.
It seemed like he was checking on Zangetsu, Helix and Obsidian.


[Hey, can you summon wolves already?]


[Well… yeah.]


[Then show me.]


I want to sigh at this obvious distraction from work, but unfortunately, I have no choice.
I call Rig back and summon Volff, so that Master could glare at him for some time.


[Nice job.]


[With what? Summoning him was a matter as simple as with the rest.]


[That humility of yours is adorable, but also annoying, you know?]


Teasing me like that, Master got closer to me.
Face! your face is too close, Master!


[Even so, you’re doing great as my pupil. Maybe it’s time for me to start calling you my Leading Disciple.]




[That way we will both be equals in our craft and you won’t have to act all embarrassed around me. Not a bad deal, eh?]


What do you even expect me to say here? I have no choice but to accept, do I?


《Obtained the 【Old Summoner’s Best Pupil】 title! 》


[I’ll be counting on you even more from now on, all right. Mr. Best Pupil?]


A smile that was more befitting of a mischievous boy than a man.
He had me again.
I guess that part of our dynamic won’t be changing anytime soon.

After bowing to Master, I went towards Zangetsu.
For some time after leaving the house, the Magiowl was circling around me.
That sirloin I gave to it might have been more powerful than I initially thought.
Look buddy, I know you liked it but I only have so much!

When I got out on the road again, I quickly move up alongside it, strengthening Volff and Zangetsu in the meantime.
Looks like my journey to the city won’t be a fast one like I wanted.
I’ll have to deal with the pesky distraction first!

Who do these guys only appear at such bad times?
No, there’s no use complaining about it now. I just have to do it.


Stray Horse Lv.4
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle position: Ground


It’s been a while since I fought an enemy like that!
Let’s do it!

I thought was going to be disappointed, but this time it was different.
It turned out that I won’t be able to kill that enemy while riding on horseback.
It has been a long time since I had to fight such a difficult enemy.
Although we managed to defeat it in the end, that was the first fight in a long while that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I even managed to get some drops out of him, some meat and his skin.
The biggest change is that this time the ingredients are more pleasing than the skin.

I get to the plains.
It’s been a long time since I saw that many monsters and players in one place.
And it really rubbed me the wrong way, because I was being focused by monsters even though there were so many people around me.
I was attacked by a Stephawk, Horned Rabbits and Wild Dogs.
If you’re just going to get one-shotted then don’t come near me at all!
I would like you to attack players who earn experience in the area.
Honestly, you’re bothersome to deal with!
It’s also a hassle to get all the drops from you!
Please understand and leave me the hell alone!
Zangetsu and Volff run alongside me on the road as we are going at full speed to avoid the pursuit of monsters.
I couldn’t afford to worry about the player’s eyes.

Just like that, I have arrived in Remut.
As expected, there are many people.
Even more than the last time I was here.

There are many carriages carrying stones, probably a result of the expansion of the town.
There is a stable near the town’s gate, but it is full.

As expected, the location for cooking will also be a problem.
Thankfully I managed to secure myself a corner behind one of the stalls in the market and eat my meal there.
A welcomed change from the last time I visited here is a section where you can sit and eat in peace.
The players are constantly coming and going.
It seems that there are some students who have a special party here.
I saw many of them coming inside and outside the Adventurer’s guild building.

Do I also need to go to the guild?
Do I just need to show my face to the guild leader?

After the relocation, the adventurer’s guild building should be as good as new.
I wait a while for a free space in the stables and leave Zangetsu there
The player’s atmosphere remains the same.

However, the guild’s staff members are acting strange.
Are they all nervous?
Oh well.

I wait at one of the windows until a middle-aged employee who is familiar with me appears.


[It’s been a long time.]


[Keith, it’s been a while.]


[Yes, actually I came to deliver something on behalf of my Master.]


[So, you have the goods?]


Whoa there!
It sounded as if we’re making a dangerous drug deal here.
And it looks even more like it when we passed through a separate room. To talk about it.
I was worried about the gaze of the surrounding players, but I just decided to ignore them for now.
Two other staff members accompanied us.
What is this treatment?


[Did you just arrive in town? And where is Aurnier-san?]


[Yeah, not that long ago, actually. And Master is not here. Today it’s just me.]


[Why? The delivery Was originally scheduled for yesterday. I knew that doing business with that person means nothing but trouble.]


[I’m sorry.]


[You’d better be. You should have seen guild leader’s face when he left Gelta-sama’s office after he reported about it.]


As expected. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in that guy’s shoes.
I take out mana potions one after another and place them on the desk.
That reminds me.
Where is the guild leader?


[By the way, where is the guild leader?]


[Dealing with a troublesome customer.]


Troublesome customer, huh?
The employee smiles in a disturbing way.
Looks like nothing I’d want to get involved.

[So, there is a request to make the next mana potion, but the delivery is not to be made here.]


[Don’t tell me…]


[Yes, it is to be delivered to Gelta-sama’s place.]


[You want me to do it?]


[No. There are only one person in the guild, who’s qualified to do so.]


[The leader?]


[That’s right.]


That’s actually kinds strange, but maybe I shouldn’t inquire about it any further.


[Want me to wait for him here?]


[I’d be extremely grateful if you could go to him right now, actually.]


[Should be in the parade grounds. We will guide you there.]


So it looks like I’ll have to follow those two to make my delivery.
I would have liked it better if I could wrap this business up and be done with it, but it looks like it will still take some more time.
And also, for some reason I had a bad feeling that didn’t want to leave me no matter how much I tried to brush it off.

Protagonist Keith
Race Human Male Racial Lv16
Job Grand Summoner Lv2
Bonus Points Remaining 30

Staff Lv13 Punch Lv10 Kick Lv10 Joint Lock Lv10 Throw Lv10 Evade Lv10 Block Lv10 Summon Magic Lv16 Spacetime Magic Lv8 Light Magic Lv Lv9 Wind Magic Lv9 Earth Magic Lv9 Water Magic Lv9 Fire Magic Lv9 Dark Magic Lv9 Ice Magic Lv7 Lightning Magic Lv7 Tree Magic Lv7  Dust Magic Lv7 Lava Magic Lv7 Steam Magic Lv7 Alchemy Lv6 Pharmacy Lv5 Glassmaking Lv3 Woodworking Lv6 Synergy Lv11 Appraise Lv11 Identify Lv11 Discern Lv3 Cold Resistance Lv5 Grab Lv9 Horsemanship Lv9 Precise Manipulation Lv11 Jump Lv5 Acrobatics Lv1 Heat Resistant Lv6 Climb 5 Dual Wield Lv9 Disassembly Lv7 Physical Reinforcement Lv7 Mental Reinforcement Lv8  Speedcasting Lv10 Magic Effect Expansion Lv7 Magic Range Expansion Lv7

Equipment  Staff of Torture x 2 Tonfa of Torture x 2 Capture Rod of Torture x1 Enraged Pickaxe x2 Silver Necklace+ x1 Snow Leopard’s Claw Shredder x 1 Grasslands Lion’s Claw Shredder x1 Battle Bull’s Leather Armor + other Bracelet of Torture x 1 Rampaging Horse Belt+ Backpack x1 Item Box x2

Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools

Old Summoner’s Pupil
Guardian of the Forest
Man of the Middle Path
Spell Archive
Hand to Hand Combat Instructor
Old Summoner’s Best Pupil (New!)


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