Chapter 146 – Part 1

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

《New system information available. Do you want to check it? 》

《You have 3 friend messages.》


Quite a lot of information was waiting for me when I logged in.

Let’s see the system info first.


《Announcement of the 2nd martial arts tournament: We will hold a martial arts tournament at the Adventurer’s Guild Training Center!》


Oh, cool, they’re doing that again!

Skimming through the contents of the note, it looks like this time parties will be fighting each other.

Does that mean Summoning is going to be allowed as well?

If that is indeed the case then the battles should be a lot flashier this time around.

Let’s see, what else do we have here… the event will last for 3 days total? Neat.


It seems that the members for each party must be decided in advance before registering, and it will all be on a first come, first served basis.

Hmm, I’ll have to think about it carefully and eventually register myself later.

Now for the messages.

Lambda-kun, Adele and Irina?


《Once I come back from the west, I plan on doing some PK Hunting around Legias. 》



As the number of players slowly increases, it stands to reason that the number of PK jobs will increase as well. The same goes for PKK jobs. It’s a market that’s always going to be in high demand.


《You heard about the fighting tournament, right? I look forward to it. 》


Hey, that last sentence sounded like I was being roped into something against my will. Just what is he expecting?


Next is Adele.


《Mii-chan changed his class and became a forest tiger! I have attached his data below. 》



She finally did it!


《By the way, you going to the fighting competition, Keith? I signed up with Irina-chan! 》



Hey guys!

Just cut it out already!

But it’s true that a party of only 2 people might be too small…

The avant-garde should be assembled with each other’s Summon Monsters.


All right, now let’s have a look-see at the attached data, shall we?

The first one was a selfie of Adele and Mii-chan. Really, that was the data she was talking about?

But I have to say, Mii-chan looks much more ferocious now.

Adele is as cute as always, of course.

Next was an image of Adele on Mii-chan’s back.

He’s grown quite big now, huh?

Or maybe he’s just looking like that when compared to Adele?

No, he’s definitely gotten more massive.


Ah-ha! Those are the attachments I was looking for.


Mi-chan Tiger Lv8
AGI 22
STR 25
VIT 22
SPI 10

Bite Intimidate Detect Danger Night Vision


Class Change Candidates:

Forest Tiger



Two choices, huh?

I wonder what will happen after the Class Change?


Mii-chan Tiger Lv8 → Forest Tiger Lv1 (New!)

DEX  9

AGI 23 (↑ 1)


STR 28 (↑ 3)

VIT 24 (↑ 2)

SPR 10



Bite Provoke Detect Danger Night Eye


「Forest Tiger」 Summon Monster Battle Position: Ground

Top species of tiger. Attack means is biting. The hair pattern is clearer than the tiger.

Physique is one size larger than Tiger. A beast that excels in attack power and can be used day and night.

Originally a night tiger, his abilities keep improving.



This seems to be fairly standard?

Tiger specializing in attacks is comparable to Wolf type, but seems to be more prominent.

With that in mind, let’s see what the Storm Tiger has to offer.


Mii-chan Tiger Lv8 → Sturmtiger Lv1 (New!)


AGI 25 (↑ 3)


STR 25

VIT 22

SPR 10



Bite  Provoke  Danger Detection Night Eye, Wind Attribute (New!)


「Sturmtiger」 Summon Monster Battle Position: Ground

Top species of tiger. Attack means are special abilities such as biting and Wind Attribute.

It is also said to be a superior species of tiger that has adapted to the life on the plains.

It is relatively fast.


This choice is nice as well.

Adele chose the Forest Tiger in the end, right?

He’s going to made a fine vanguard for her team.


So what is Irina’s message?

Well, I can probably guess what’s it going to be.


《Toggle has just changed classes to Venom Python! Please refer to the attached data for details. 》


So it was about it after all. The difference in the writing style was all too apparent.


《I have applied for participation in the martial arts tournament together with Adele. I look forward to seeing you there. 》


Yes, it will definitely be different from individual battles. I am quite interested in it now.


《We are also planning to show off each other’s Summon Monsters with the other summoners according to the tournament schedule. 》



It doesn’t look interesting at all to me.


《There may be some monsters that Keith hasn’t summoned yet. Please join us. 》


Yup. So she wants me to join them as well.


《I’m looking forward to you fight against many different types of parties. See you.》


Again, why are you assuming that I am just going to participate?

I will be just fine simply watching the tournament from the sidelines.


Well whatever I guess.

Let’s have a look at Toggle’s data.



Toggle Viper Lv8

DEX 12

AGI 19

INT 12

STR 15

VIT 17

SPR 11



Bite, Choke, Smell Detection, Heat Detection, Blocking, Poison


Class Change Candidate

Venom Python

Cursed Viper




There are two options as well.

Let’s take a look after the Class Change.


Toggle Viper Lv8 → Venom Python Lv1 (New!)

DEX 12

AGI 20 (↑ 1)

INT 12

STR 18 (↑ 3)

VIT 21 (↑ 4)

SPR 11



Bite, Choke, Smell Detection, Heat Detection, Blocking, Poison



「Venom Python」 Summon Monster Battle Position: Ground

The top species of viper. The main means of attack is biting and choking.

The body is one size larger than the regular viper. Unlike normal python, it has poison.



So the total status went up by 8 points, huh?

There are no additional skills.

This is probably the most basic of evolutions for a viper.


Toggle Viper Lv8 → Cursed Viper Lv1 (New!)

DEX 13 (↑ 1)

AGI 19

INT 14 (↑ 2)

STR 15

VIT 17

SPR 13 (↑ 2)



Bite, Choke, Smell Detection, Heat Detection, Blocking, Poison, Dark Attribute (New!)



「Cursed Viper」 Summon Monster  Battle Position: Ground

The top species of viper. The main means of attack is biting and choking.

As a special ability, the Dark Attribute has been obtained, increasing the effectiveness of the basic attacks.



So that means he can become kind of like an assassin, right? That’s a kind of a scary thought.

Ultimately Irina has chosen a Venom Python.

The picture included showed her with a snake that was clearly bigger than the usual Toggle, although it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to fully wrap himself around humans yet. Nevertheless, he’s still going to be very dangerous when utilized properly.

Also, man she looks happy with Toggle wrapped around her like that. I’m sure she’s used to it by now, but for me, that’s a little disturbing.


I’ll reply to all three of the messages with the same text.

I’ll go to the tournament once the schedule will be decided.

Also, I’ll do Lambda-kun some service and attach the details of the PK job I the message I’ll send him.


Anyway, a tournament, huh?

Part of me wants to go and participate, but the other part of me think that I have to really think it all through.


I went to the workshop next.

I feel like the number of people present here is steadily increasing.

Master, Juna-san and now the guild leader.

When did he even come here?


「Oh, Keith, you’re here.」


「What are you doing here, guild leader?」


「I came to take Juna-sama back.」


「Eeeeh, but I don’t want to! These guys are so hopeless without me! I can’t just leave them alone!」


Meanwhile, Metal Skin has been carrying the food around.


Is it just me, or is there no portion for the guild leader?


「Tch, fine, I’ll come back, but there won’t be any need for you to escort me all the way, all right?」


「Thank you. That is most pleasing to hear.」


「Are you going to see the tournament?」


「I haven’t decided yet!」


「But Juna-sama, don’t you need to go with the rest of your group?」


「It’s fine, they will do just fine without me for a bit. Besides, you’re interested in it, aren’t you? The tournament, I mean?」


「I would like to see it, sure, but I haven’t decided if I want to participate yet.」


「I would like to give it a go myself, but unfortunately, I have my position to think about now, so…」


It was clearly visible that Juna-san was not pleased with it, but I guess there was nothing she could do about it. It was the same with the guild. The Guild Leader could only bow his head apologetically to her.


「I would help you with that if it was at all possible, but the eventual repercussions…」


「I know. Not really worth the trouble.」


Juna-san was a known troublemaker. If she could participate in the tournament, it would have caused a major backlash.


「What about you, Keith-chan? Made up your mind already?」


「Uhm, it would be great if you didn’t address me with 「-chan」, if at all possible.」


Ugh, what am I supposed to say here? Even Master and guild leader are here.


「Of course he’s going to participate! After what he did last time?!」


Guild leader attacks! I-Is that how it looked to you? Because I can assure you, that is not the case!

Master placed his hand on my shoulder.


「Give it up, Keith. Nothing you say will change their mind.」


And he ordered me silently to follow his gaze.

Juna-san was there, smiling.

What is this, this oppressing atmosphere that makes it impossible to refuse her?


「So? You going or not?」


She’s got us. Both me and Master, she has us in the palm of her hand!

If I were to liken this situation to a shogi match, I would have nowhere to move my king. A total, undisputed checkmate.


「I will go.」


「Yay! This is going to make it infinitely more fun!」


No, no, no, no, no!

Why did I agree to this?!


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