Chapter 149 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

《Your friends have sent you three messages.》


When I logged in, I was on top of my bed.

The smell of hay filled the air.

I felt like going to bed again, but there was no point to doing so.

What should I do…

Master was taking care of deliveries.


I could go with him, but I figured it’d be better to do some work on my own.



Guess I could check the messages.

They were from Margrid, Adele, and Irina.



『I’ve polished two gemstones. I’m planning on leaving the Wind Spirit Village and going to Legias. Can I hand them to you then?』



Although Legias is a pretty inconvenient place to do deliveries…

Guess I could use【Telepathy】…?

No, it was still 6 am.

It was still before the meeting, so I decided to wait for a while.

I decided to just send a quick message.

Legias was relatively close by.

I could contact her again around noon.


So… What about Adele?


『We’re having a barbecue before the day of the tournament, a summoner off-line meeting kind of thing! Please do join us!』


The attached file was a guide on how to get to the meetup spot.

Wait, what were they doing, during the tournament season…?

A barbecue tournament?


And what about Irina?


『P.S. There might be some Summon Monsters that you’ve never seen before, you know?』


The attached file was a list of Summon Monsters.

There were a few on the list I didn’t understand at all.

Big Club, Mermaid, Sea Snake.

I didn’t have any aquatic Summon Monsters…

I hadn’t been doing any exploration in the east, so it made sense.

Maybe participating would be a good idea…


I decided to just quickly tell Adele and Irina that I might show up if I have the time.



Which Summon Monsters should I summon…?

I summoned Helix and Obsidian, and let them out of the window.

Then, I summoned Bunraku, Heather, and Ninetails.

I suppose I could check out the workshop.


There was a faint smell of liquor in the air.

Had somebody been drinking?

Well, I didn’t mind the smell too much.


Metalskin had already prepared breakfast.

A meal was on the table.

Juna was already sitting down, whispering something to herself.

It was kinda scary.

Master was checking the remaining bottles.


「Good Morning.」




「Ooh aren’t you up early.」


We all had breakfast together.

The entire time Juna’s monologue went uninterrupted.

She really liked talking, huh.

But the food was still decreasing properly.


What a mystery.


Was she using some kind of spell?


「I’m sure a lot more requests are going to come… Could you keep making more bottles?」




「We have enough Healgrass. If you’re making bottles, could you go ahead and make potions to fill them too? Well, I’ll leave it to you.」


「Got it.」


「I’m going to get going now.」


「Get back safe~」


I saw him to outside the house.

I didn’t expect him to use a flashy mode of transport like Roc Bird…

So I was interested to see what Master would summon.



Battle Horse Lv. 9

Summon Monster On Standby

Battle Position: Ground



A horse, huh.

Well, it was the most sensible choice.

Wait, was Master going to go with Juna?



Sleipnir Lv. ???

Summon Monster On Standby

Battle Position: Ground



No, wait.

There was another horse.

It was Juna’s horse, but I couldn’t see its level.

It was probably too high-rank for me to see.


But… What?

Would they be able to run side-by-side?

Juna’s horse was bigger than Master’s horse.

It looked like a tough farm horse.

Its hairs were red in some places, and black in others.

Even so, it was very obedient to Juna.

Juna dexterously got on top of it.


「Let’s go!」


「Aren’t you excited…」


Master had a defeated look on his face.


I could sense an invisible collar and leash around Master’s neck.


「Have a safe trip! Leave everything to me!」


「That’s my line…」



Let’s take care of some work.



That work was the creation of empty bottles.

Of course, I was aiming for Grade C, but since it was just the bottles, I didn’t have to bother too much with it.

I immediately started with【Quick Recreate】.

Bunraku helped me line up the raw materials on the desk.

It cost MP.

But I didn’t mind.

There were Magic Mushrooms and Paingrass on the shelf.

I could make mana potions to replenish my MP bar.

Just thinking that put me at ease.



《【Heat Resistance】Level Up!》

《You have acquired the【Wind Magic】spell【Enchanted Wind】!》

《You have acquired the【Wind Magic】spell【Whirlwind】!》




With【Quick Recreate】, I was technically using the process I recorded through【Remember Workflow】.

One of the spells was【Air Current Control】.

It was a strange feeling, but it was a nice way to earn experience points.


The spell I read about in the report earlier.

I wonder if I could get to use it in the tournament.



I kept going.

I still had to make the bottles one by one.

It was a downside of【Quick Recreate】.

Even though I could save time for each bottle, it would still take a while to make 100 bottles.


It took about an hour to make 300 potion bottles.

My MP bar was down by about 20%?

But I was getting a lot more efficient.

It was nice.


I moved on to mana potion bottles.

I managed to get another 300 bottles in about an hour.

The desk was beginning to get too full.


Now it was time to start filling the bottles.

I started with normal potions.



I used five pieces of Healgrass to make enough potion liquid for 10 bottles, all of them Grade C.

I first made some water using【Liquid: Water】, and then started making potions using【Quick Recreate】.

Bunraku took the responsibility of filling the bottles.

The process went by very efficiently.

It took about 30 minutes to fill 300 potions.

But it wasn’t a perfect batch.

Four potions were Grade C+ instead of Grade C.



I moved all the potions to a shelf, and got to work on making Recovery Pill.

I made 30 in all.

My work was done in no time.

They were all Grade C too.




I got to work on mana potions.

But before that, I used a mana potion to restore my MP bar.

The MP bar was at about 50%, and then went up to about 60%.

Well, let’s do our best for just a little longer.




Making mana potions was a struggle.

I tried to use【Quick Recreate】to create them in batches of three, but it was very difficult to get Grade C.

Although I managed to make 100 bottles of Grade C before noon, I got 7 bottles of Grade C- and 7 bottles of Grade C+ too.

Even Grade C+ bottles were defective.

I moved all the potions to another shelf.


I took a Grade C- mana potion and took a break.

It was time for lunch.




《You have received two pieces of information from the GMs. Do you wish to read them?》



Some info came while Bunraku and Metalskin were cooking.




《The application period for the tournament is now over! The maximum number of participants has been reached!》


《Announcement to the tournament competitors.》




Already full, huh.

That was fast.



《The maximum number of participants has been reached! We will notify the match schedule separately to each participant.》



That was all for the first piece of news.

Seemed like all I could do was wait for further details.



《To Keith: The first qualifier tournament match will be on the first day, at 10:00, at the new training ground A.》




I read over the tournament rules one more time while I ate breakfast.

I imagined a few scenarios in my head.

But I didn’t have much experience with how other parties fought.

I only saw a few battles while I was fighting Deva Kings.

It would be different to the first tournament.

It would be possible to cover for individual weaknesses with multiple players.


A front-line fighter can focus on dealing damage, knowing that the support can keep them alive.

The support will have safety behind the front-line fighter.


But what about me?

If I had to think of a rear guard, I’d say Goki.

But that wasn’t my style.

Quick attacks.

Settling matches quickly, was my style.

It suited me and my Summon Monsters.

I would have to use both spells and martial art skills. But would they be enough?

I had to think of the distance between myself and the opponent too.

I could probably prepare one spell while closing the distance.


Thinking about strategies was pretty fun.

All my Summon Monsters had strong abilities.

But spells could be used to block those abilities too.

I hope【Spell Vibrate】wouldn’t get resisted.


What about myself?

I probably had to be careful for Weapon Artes.

I had to be on the lookout, just in case one of my opponents decided to charge at me.

I could dodge one, but it was going to be a team fight.

I wasn’t confident I could dodge more than one.

Two consecutive shots was still a little too difficult for me.

And I didn’t have any experience I could use to imagine the scenario.



《Your friend has sent you a message.》


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