Chapter 149 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

《Your friend has sent you a message.》


A message came when I finished my meal.

It was from Margrid.


《I’m eating breakfast in the Forest Maze. I’m about to leave, so I’ll be at Legias in about an hour.》



I would get to meet her early.

I guess I could go to Legias and wait for her.

I sent her a quick reply, telling her I was going to be in Legias.

I needed a break too sometimes.



I recalled Bunraku and summoned Zangetsu.

It would only take me 30 minutes to reach Legias.


「Thanks, I’ll leave the rest to you.」


I greeted Master’s Magi Owl and left.

It was just two gemstones.

But even though it was just two gemstones.

I had no doubt they would make a big difference.



There were a lot of familiar faces when I arrived in Legias.


Adele and Irina too.

Wait, how many parties were crowding into Legias?

It was at least seven or eight parties…



「I’m here~!」


Reina, too.

I knew it was her from just her voice.


I exchanged greetings with some other players, and sat down near a stall.

There were quite a few new Production Player’s Guild players.

They were assembling at the village gate, but when I arrived they had already gone their separate ways.

Yosaku’s party was heading out for a hunt.

Actually, a lot of other players were also going out for some hunting after logging in.

Adele and Irina were still logged out in one of the inns.



I quickly got up and headed towards the usual stall.

I had to find Margrid and take my gemstones, after all.



「Let’s sit down for a bit.」




I sat down in a chair in the back of the stall, along with many familiar faces.

Fiona wasn’t among them.

Saki wasn’t there either.

The only people there were Margrid, Reina, Rick, Yuka, Fudo, and Helga.


「Is Fiona not here right now?」


「Yes. She really doesn’t slack when it comes to developing the village.」


「We’re going to watch the tournament live!」


Rick sat down next to me.

He was a merchant after all, and his job involved selling items from the west, and buying items to sell in the west.

He wouldn’t let any opportunity to go to waste.


「I think I could really use some more potions and mana potions. We can make them in the Wind Spirit Village, but it’s never enough to meet the demand…」


「I see…」


The admins could have massive effects on the game’s economy.

I knew that a lot of players were preparing potions and mana potions in preparation for the tournament.

And since for most, the best way of getting them was to buy them, it was a natural result.

And with the potions required for explorers and the Guide Team, it looked like the demand had gotten too high to handle again.



Oh, that’s right.

I totally forgot.


「Anyway, there’s something I want to show you.」


I pulled that item I got in the mountains out of my《Item Box》.



【Material】Snow Beast Bone Raw Material Grade C+ Rarity 4 Weight 1

A Wendigo bone. Light and durable for its large size.


【Material】Snow Beast Skin Raw Material Grade C+ Rarity 4 Weight 4

Wendigo skin. It is thick and hard, making it difficult to process.


Three bones and two skins.

I was wondering what I could use them for.



「Skin… and bones?」


「Would it be possible to make any kind of equipment out of this?」


「Well before that… Are these items event-related?」


「Ah, yeah, I guess so.」


Rick put on a wry smile.

The others also showed some interest.


「Bones! Isn’t this a similar pattern to the Hammer of Echoes?」


Reina screamed on Rick’s behalf.

Everyone’s gazes moved to a certain person.


Ah, yeah, blacksmith.


「I have some free time today I suppose. You guys telling me to get to work on it?」


「Yup! You can borrow the village equipment.」


「Wait, isn’t this item still Keith’s?」


All the eyes moved to me.

You guys…

I didn’t mind getting some last-minute equipment for the tournament.

It might be good for Goki.


「Could you work on two of them please? I’ll sell the other.」


「What do you think, Fudo?」


「Depends on when I can get hold of the equipment. If the workshop is free I can probably get it done within today.」


「What are you looking for?」


「A hatchet first I suppose. A hammer with the other would be nice.」


「Is that alright, Fudo?」


「Alright, I’m going to go the forge. It’ll take a while to refine this stuff after all.」


「Rick, I’m going to help too. I’m actually quite interested.」




Fudo and Helga took the three Wendigo Bones and left the place.

Pretty tough for them, considering they had probably only just arrived in Legias.


Leaving the bones for later…

What about the skins?


「I’m going to talk to Saki about this…」


「Is it really that difficult-looking?」


「I know there are a lot of other Leather Workers in Legias, but I don’t want to risk failure with skin this rare.」


「Hmm… Alright.」


「Even if Saki were here, I don’t think you could make something with this in time for the tournament.」


No good, huh.

Oh well.


The Wendigo Skins were for another time.

No new armour for Goki then.



「Here are the gemstones I promised you.」


Margrid took out two gemstones.



【Material】Tsavorite+ Grade C+ Rarity 3 Weight 0+

A green garnet stone. Slightly more valuable than a red garnet stone.

Highly transparent ones are popular for their effect on magic casting and tend to be expensive.

It is shaped and polished into an oval polygon, and fitted into a silver pedestal.


A water chestnut pattern is engraved on the pedestal.



Both were Grade C+

I set them in my Anklets of Torture.



【Equipment: Anklet】Anklets of Torture Grade C+ Rarity 3

AP+6 Weight 0+ Durability 150

Enchanted No Attribute

The anklets of a demon. It is made out of some kind of metal. It seems to be either copper or silver.

It is said that the legs of the wearer will have the power to strength to condemn the dead.


Tsavorite gemstones are inserted, boosting the item’s effects.



「How is it?」


「Very nice….」


「That’s nice. You’re participating in the tournament right?」




「Looking for better equipment right before the tournament? That’s something any sane person would do.」



She had me there.

I couldn’t say anything back.

I was completely had.



「Are there any Production Job Players participating?」


「Some of them are from temporary parties, but there are quite a few parties participating.」


「I see…」


「We have a team full of the best of the best players of the western front, you know!」


「Ah, yeah, that too.」


Yosaku was probably, no, definitely in that team.

Yosaku, supported by five other similarly strong players… It wasn’t a laughing matter.

Well, I had a team to work with too.


「The forums are already full of speculations for who the champion will be. These team fights are going to be a lot of fun!」


「We’re just watching, after all! We just need to sit back and enjoy the show!」


How nice.

Well, that was fine too.

Even though I would really like for that to be an option for me too.

I might end up regretting not participating if I didn’t apply though.


I settled all the payments with Rick and left the place.

I might not get my Wendigo Bone weapons in time for the tournament, but that couldn’t be helped.

Well, a new hatchet for Goki wouldn’t change up my plans that much anyway.

Mumyo’s new hammer would have nothing to do with the tournament.

I told myself that and tried my best to wait patiently.

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv16

Job Grand Summoner Lv2

Bonus Points Remaining: 25


Skill Sets:

Staff Lv13 Punch Lv10 Kick Lv10 Joint Lock Lv10 Throw Lv10 Evade Lv10 Block Lv10 Summon Magic Lv16 Spacetime Magic Lv8

Light Magic Lv9 Wind Magic Lv10(↑1) Earth Magic Lv9 Water Magic Lv9 Fire Magic

Lv9  Dark Magic Lv9 Ice Magic Lv7 Lightning Magic Lv7 Tree Magic Lv7 Dust Magic Lv7 Lava Magic Lv7 Steam Magic Lv7

Alchemy Lv7 Pharmacy Lv6 Glassmaking Lv4(↑1) Woodworking Lv6

Synergy Lv12 Appraise Lv12 Identify Lv12 Discern Lv4 Cold Resistance Lv6 Grab Lv9 Horsemanship Lv9 Precise Manipulation Lv12 Jump Lv5 Acrobatics Lv2 Heat Resistance Lv7(↑1) Climb Lv6 Dual Wield Lv9 Disassembly Lv7

Physical Reinforcement Lv7 Mental Reinforcement Lv8 Speedcasting Lv10 Spell Effect Amplification Lv7 Spell Range Amplification Lv7



Staff of Torture x1 Tonfas of Torture x2 Fork of Torture x1 Enraged Pickaxe+ x2 Silver

Necklace+  Snow Leopard Push Dagger x1 Sturmtiger Push Dagger x2 Snow

Leopard Bagh Nakh x1 Plains Lion Bagh Nakh x1 Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set Bracelet of Torture x2 Anklet of Torture+ x2(New!) Rabid Horse Belt+ Rucksack Item Box x2



Survival Knife Woodworking Set



Old Summoner’s Best Pupil

Guardian of the Forest

Knower of the Middle Path

Spell Glossary

Martial Arts Fighter


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