Chapter 150

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

It was 1 pm when I got back to Master’s house.

But Master wasn’t there.

No problem.

I proceeded with my work.


I recalled Zangetsu and summoned Bunraku again.

I started with mana potions.



There was a limit to creating mana potions using【Quick Recreate】.

And that limit was the amount of raw materials I had.

I was about to run out of Magic Mushrooms.

I still had enough Paingrass though.

I made as much as my supply of Magic Mushrooms would let me, and then burnt the Magic Mushroom residue.

I left the Paingrass for another time.


Now what?

I decided to start working on making bottles.






They were pretty slow to get back.

It was about 5 pm.

I totally forgot about the time and made a lot more bottles than necessary.


Oh well.

I stopped making bottles.

I guess I could work on making normal potions next.

My MP bar was still at a little over 60%.

I used mana potions to recover my MP bar while I was working.

I had enough room.





《【Water Magic】Level Up!》

《You have acquired the【Water Magic】spell【Enchanted Aqua】!》

《You have acquired the【Water Magic】spell【Flash Flood】!》



Looked like【Quick Recreate】was using【Water Magic】for me.

【Physical Enchant: Aqua】was one of the spells I recorded using【Remember Workflow】.

Well, I was grateful for the extra spells.


It was almost time for dinner.

It couldn’t be helped.

I got Bunraku to prepare food.

After a short break, I got to work on organising my inventory.




It was already past dinner-time.

I even made enough for Master and Juna.

Oh well.

I left the rest of the food to Metalskin.


I recalled Helix and summoned Jean.

I let Jean play with Obsidian outside.



Speaking of which… I could play, I mean, train in the yard outside too.

But I decided to just wait for Master in the workshop.


I continued making potion bottles.

But that time I did not consider my MP bar.

After all, I was about to go to bed.

I made as many bottles as I could using【Quick Recreate】.



《【Glassmaking】Level Up!》



Wasn’t that a little too early?

How many glass bottles had I already made?

Although I made most of them by spamming alchemy skills.



I kept going until I had 300 bottles, and then started making potions.

Since I could make enough liquid for 10 bottles in one go, I was done in no time.



《【Pharmacy】Level Up!》




That may have been a bad thing…

I was aiming for Grade C, so I was worried that the level-up would cause my potion Grades to go up.

I kept going without worrying too much about it…


I kept thinking about something else though.

I had been working nonstop, using【Quick Recreate】and mana potions to refill my MP bar.

And in no time,【Glassmaking】and【Pharmacy】levelled up… Next would probably be…



《【Alchemy】Level Up!》




It was inevitable.

It was late at night, but a creepy, dry laugh escaped out of my mouth.


But that wasn’t all.



《Summon Monster『Bunraku』Level Up!》

《Please put one point into a desired stat.》



Bunraku was just filling potion bottles, but still levelled up anyway.

It was a very humble way of getting experience points.

I felt like my work was just a waste of Bunraku’s dexterity though.



The stat that went up with the level-up was DEX.

I put another point into SPI.



Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv5→Lv6(↑1)

DEX 27(↑1)

AGI 10

INT 19

STR 12

VIT 12

SPI 10(↑1)



Bow Cooking Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Slight]



Bunraku only had four skills, but they were still very good skills.

I was looking forward to the Class Change.



Jean and Obsidian noticed Master’s return.

Both of them were riding on Juna’s horse.

It was already 11 pm.

I had just finished making a Recovery Pill.



「Oh no, Keith, did you wait for us till this late?」


The smell.

It was the smell of alcohol.

Juna looked the same as always, but her feet were a little more wobbly.


「Ooh, you’re still awake.」


It was even more obvious with master.

His face was beet red.


I’m sure you guys had a lot of fun…


「A drinking contest with a dwarf~」


「I didn’t push it to the limits, you know?」




「C’mon guys, let’s start unpacking…」


「Oh, yes.」


「Could you clear the desk please, thanks.」




After clearing all the tools off the table in the workshop, Juna started taking out empty bottles from an《Item Box》.

What an amount…

Both potion and mana potion bottles, one after the other.

It was difficult to tell them apart sometimes.

Bunraku and Metalskin helped out with the sorting.

There were probably more than 400 each.

What’s going on?


「Please store these in the shelf.」




I got to work on storing all the bottles.

There was definitely a request for potions, but this many?


「Do you have some kind of request?」


「There was no upper limit on the number of potions. The Adventurer’s Guild is getting desperate to match the demand.」


「Are you going to do the deliveries?」


「Well, as much as I can while the tournament is ongoing.」


Juna was already asleep on a bench.

Peace and tranquility.

Those words came to mind.

Well, if she was happy, that was good.


「Take her to her room… And be careful.」


Metalskin picked up Juna.

She looked like some kind of princess.


「Muu~ I want Keith~」


I didn’t say anything.

Please carry on, Metalskin.

Wait, she was awake!


Metalskin kept carrying Juna while she muttered something to herself.

Good job.

I wanted to feed Metalskin something, but it didn’t look like Metalskin could eat anything.



「You made a fine number here.」


Master looked at the potions and mana potions on the shelf.

I divided them into Grade C potions and all the others.


「We can deliver them as is.」




「Lugran is pushing me to hurry it up. Could I ask you to make more bottles tomorrow too?」


「Well, I’ll try.」


「Good. You can use all of these.」


Master used his cane to point to all the non-Grade C potion bottles.

I kind of expected that.

It would take a long time for me to run out of potions and mana potions.



「Ah, sorry to push this on you while you’re training for the tournament…」


「I’m alright.」


「Well, let’s continue tomorrow.」


Master looked sleepy.

He slowly descended to the basement.

I guess I could rest too.








I logged in again at 6 am.

My MP bar was full.

The qualifiers were only one day away.

It was really starting to get intense.


What should I do…

Well, I had already decided to help Master.

The mana potions I got in exchange for my help were pretty good.

I almost wanted to miss that Grade C mark on purpose.



Oh yeah, my Summon Monsters.


I summoned Bunraku, Helix, Obsidian, Ninetails, and Creep.


Let’s go.



Work had already started in the workshop.

Both Juna and Master were making mana potions.

Metalskin filled the bottles with potion liquid and stored them on the shelves.

The shelves were already about full.


「Good morning.」


「Ooh, good morning~」




Master didn’t break his serious expression.

I looked around.

Most of the empty bottles I made for mana potions yesterday were already gone.


Bunraku and me took over Metalskin’s job.

Metalskin left the workshop.

Probably to make breakfast.



「I’m already done here.」


「Me too~」



I used【Appraise】on all of them, but almost all of them were Grade C.

Only one Grade C+?


「I’m going to go do the delivery after my meal. Please keep making bottles.」




「I’m sure we won’t take as long as yesterday this time.」


「But that means I’ll have to leave the inspector alone…」


「That’s fine, that’s fine~」


But really…

Didn’t you two get drunk yesterday?

How did they even manage to ride home?

Drunk driving was probably a bad idea.





Juna and Master started putting the potions into their《Item Boxes》.

It was like magic.

No, it was a world where magic existed, so maybe not.


「Well then, let’s eat.」


Metalskin walked in, carrying multiple trays of food.

It was the food that Bunraku made yesterday, along with some extra stuff.

It’s good not to waste food.




Again, the meal was mostly dominated by Juna’s monologue.

If there was a complaints tournament, Juna would win it for sure.


The target this time was the royal family, who were behind the patrolling officers.

And of course, the higher-ups running the country.

The Adventurer’s Guild and the royal family apparently have a pretty close relationship.

The royal family gives support.

The Adventurer’s Guild sends adventurers to explore.

And those adventurers would be us players, I suppose?



The complaints continued.

Thinking about it in that light, those aiming to be adventurers probably just looked like misfits to the royal family.

People seeking their own way rather than the king’s.

Only ignored because they do their part in taking out monsters in the kingdom.

With even criminals involved, the Adventurer’s Guild has been through tough times.

The fact that the Adventurer’s Guild could even exist was a miracle from the royal family.



The kingdom used to span across a large area, but a lot of it is now uninhabitable because of monsters.

The aim of the current king is to reclaim the land and explore other lands in the ocean.

Looked like that was the setting of the game.



The Adventurer’s Guild sends people.

The royal family supplies money and materials.


The arrangement has stayed the same for nearly 50 years.

Though in moderation, the kingdom is also growing.

The royal family regularly sends out officers to check the progress that the Adventurer’s Guild is doing.


But this time, it was different.

Because that time the officers themselves were from the royal family.


「There are a lot of fools here, idolising the local lord…」




「I don’t want to follow everyone in licking his boots. But yet I’m still here…」


「Could you put in a good word for me? I’m really starting to like it here!」




「Huh… You really don’t get along with the court magician do you.」


「Aren’t you knowledgeable.」


「Of course! I know a lot about the royal family! They were cute when they were younger too…」


The local lord, huh…

Definitely an existence I had never heard about.


And the royal family…

Whether or not they should strengthen royal rule here.

Was that the question that the patrol officer had to answer?

Something set up by the admins.

No doubt about it.


「Why did you decide to hold the tournament, Master?」




Another mystery, huh.

Something set up by the admins?

I wasn’t so confident anymore.




Back to work.

Under Master’s direction, I kept making more mana potion bottles.

Of course, making liberal use of【Quick Recreate】.

He also gave me permission to use mana potions to recover my MP bar.

Of course, only as long as they weren’t Grade C.


Master proceeded with making potions.

Metalskin and Bunraku took responsibility of filling the potion bottles.

We spent about an hour making an amazing number of potions, which all smoothly disappeared into Master’s《Item Box》.

At a scary rate, too.



「Well then, I’m going to head to Remut.」


「I’m going to make more bottles in the meantime!」


And all too soon, Master went out for deliveries.


The quiet workshop suddenly felt lonely.



Bottles, focus on bottles.

Metalskin and Bunraku carried in raw materials from the warehouse.

Work proceeded a lot more efficiently than the day before.





I took a lunch break, and then kept making more bottles.

Maybe because【Glassmaking】or【Alchemy】levelled up, the decrease in my MP bar was a lot slower.

Although the difference was only by a few bottles.



《Your friend has sent you a message.》



It was Rick.


『Fudo just finished with the two weapons. I’m sorry to disrupt any plans, but could we get them to you tomorrow in Remut?』



Looked like they were already done.

I was grateful for a new hammer for Mumyo, but I was especially happy that Goki’s new hatchet made it in time.

There weren’t any【Appraise】results attached, but that would add to the excitement.

I replied to the message, telling them I’d be there.

Tomorrow, huh.




The time was still 3 pm.

Master was already back.


「Ooh, good work.」


「Let’s get started~」


They started working on making mana potions.

With two people working at it, they could make potions at a pretty fast rate.


「You two are going at it pretty quickly, huh.」


「I want to finish this quickly and see the tournament. I’m sure you won’t complain at me for that.」


「The amount of effort doesn’t match up to the amount of fun though~」


I see…

Well, what they were doing was admirable.

But their motivations were a bit suspicious…




I kept making bottles.

Master and Juna kept making mana potions.

We kept going all the way to dinner.



《【Glassmaking】Level Up!》



At around 9 pm, 【Glassmaking】levelled up again, but I didn’t have the free time to bother with it.

My empty bottles were disappearing.

There were only about 50 left, thanks to the work I’d been doing before Master started.


I’d already lost count of how many mana potions I drank.

Neither Master nor Juna had to use any mana potions.

What level were they on…?


Work was finally over at 11 pm.


「Hmm… I suppose we can stop here.」



《You have received 2 Bonus Points for helping out with an NPC request. You currently have a total of 27 Bonus Points.》



Wait, what?

I got Bonus Points.

I was also worried about how often I was missing the Grade C mark.

Was that OK?

It did mean I could keep more of them though.

I still didn’t want to abuse the rules though.



「Let’s go to Remut after breakfast tomorrow.」




「Well, just wake up at your usual time.」


「Got it.」



It was already just tomorrow.

I wanted to do some training before the tournament, but I ended up not being able to do so.

Well, there was nothing I could do about that.


「Starting tomorrow, I’m going to start staying over at Lugran’s place.」


「I’m going to Gelta~」


「You can stay wherever you want.」



Well, I was meaning to do that anyway.


I decided to leave the workshop and log out.

It was already far too late.

The match was at 10 am.

I didn’t have to make it to the opening ceremony though, which put me at ease.



I had to take it easy on myself too sometimes.

Proceed as usual…

I had to stay calm and proceed as usual…

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv16

Job Grand Summoner Lv2

Bonus Points Remaining: 27


Skill Sets:

Staff Lv13 Punch Lv10 Kick Lv10 Joint Lock Lv10 Throw Lv10 Evade Lv10 Block Lv10 Summon Magic Lv16 Spacetime Magic Lv8

Light Magic Lv9 Wind Magic Lv10 Earth Magic Lv9 Water Magic Lv9 Fire Magic

Lv9  Dark Magic Lv9 Ice Magic Lv7 Lightning Magic Lv7 Tree Magic Lv7 Dust Magic Lv7 Lava Magic Lv7 Steam Magic Lv7

Alchemy Lv8(↑1) Pharmacy Lv7(↑1) Glassmaking Lv6(↑2) Woodworking Lv6

Synergy Lv12 Appraise Lv12 Identify Lv12 Discern Lv4 Cold Resistance Lv6 Grab Lv9 Horsemanship Lv9 Precise Manipulation Lv12 Jump Lv5 Acrobatics Lv2 Heat Resistance Lv7 Climb Lv6 Dual Wield Lv9 Disassembly Lv7

Physical Reinforcement Lv7 Mental Reinforcement Lv8 Speedcasting Lv10 Spell Effect

Amplification Lv7 Spell Range Amplification Lv7



Staff of Torture x1 Tonfas of Torture x2 Capture Rod of Torture x1 Enraged Pickaxe+

x2 Silver

Necklace+  Snow Leopard Push Dagger x1 Sturmtiger Push Dagger x2 Snow

Leopard Bagh Nakh x1 Plains Lion Bagh Nakh x1 Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set Bracelet of Torture x2 Anklet of Torture+ x2 Rabid Horse Belt+ Rucksack Item Box x2



Survival Knife Woodworking Set



Old Summoner’s Best Pupil

Guardian of the Forest

Knower of the Middle Path

Spell Glossary

Martial Arts Fighter


Bunraku Wood Puppet Lv5→Lv6(↑1)

DEX 27(↑1)

AGI 10

INT 19

STR 12

VIT 12

SPI 10(↑1)


Bow Cooking Magic Resistance [Slight] Self-Repair [Slight]


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