Chapter 152 – Part 1

Translation: Charlotte
Editor: Weasalopes

「Easy win!」


「How was it, Keith?」


「It went very well.」


「It was just a simple push though!」


「Yeah, I feel like the other party lost in a pretty disappointing way.」



As Irina said, the other party’s reaction was clearly strange.

After all, it probably would have been a situation they would have to deal with pretty often if they fought monsters often.

In fact, just looking at the relative levels, the other party was superior.


Just thinking about how I could beat each player in a team would be useless.

But then again, there was no consensus on how to fight against Summon Monsters too.

I had no idea why.



「Adele, I’m going to save the battle log.」


「Ah, yeah, it’ll be good to reflect on the fight.」


「Did you two level up?」


「Yup. U-chan and me levelled up!」


「Me too. Calico as well.」


「Had to a to spend some time thinking about how to allot my stat points earlier!」


「I was thinking about what my next Summon Monster should be too…」



A level-up because of the match?

Looked like their【Summon Magic】skill levelled up too.

Maybe they got more experience points out of the fight because the other party was technically superior.


The two of them talked about what their next Summon Monster should be.

It was soon my turn.

A staff member called out to me.



Before I stepped out onto the arena, another staff member fully healed my HP and MP.

I had six opponents at the other corner.

Judging from their equipment, they were probably going to focus on defence?

There were two archers in the back, so they could be using the Rapid Projection strategy…

I was really interested in the players in the front.

They were obviously heavily armed.

The one in the centre had a one-handed sword.

The one on the right had a hatchet.

The one on the left had a club.

They looked pretty stiff.



? ? ?  Lv.12

Fighter On Standby



? ? ?  Lv.12

Fighter On Standby



? ? ?  Lv.12

Fighter On Standby



? ? ?  Lv.12

Treasure Hunter On Standby



? ? ?  Lv.12

Sorcerer On Standby



? ? ?  Lv.12

Sorcerer On Standby



They were all at a high level, too.



What a beautiful line of numbers!



10 seconds before the beginning of the match.

I already had a plan in mind.

Just fight as usual.

As usual.

That would be fine.

I gave some instructions to my Summon Monsters.

Just go all out.

I left the decision-making to them.


Charging is OK.

Support is OK.

Defence is OK..


Everything was OK for me.



My equipment was the same as usual.

With the Staff of Torture in my right hand, I took a deep breath.

3 seconds before the start.


A simultaneous…





The moment the match started…

I started running.



「Practiced Spirit!」「Meditate! 」「Bless! 」


I shot out a few martial art skills while I dashed forward.

I prepared to cast a spell.

All while carefully watching my opponents.


Volff immediately rushed through the centre.


How fast are you?!


「Gravity Bullet!」


There was a reason behind me selecting a【Space-time Magic】attack spell first.

Only a few of them actually got hit.

But that was my intention.

Knowing the spell information is actually different to actually getting hit by it.

At least I thought so.


The spell hit the players in the front.

It wasn’t enough to cause them to collapse, but it was enough.

Wolf slipped through the gap and attacked the players in the back.


『Twin Shot Burst!』


A barrage of arrows from the Treasure Hunter flew at me.

Trying to snipe me, huh.

Arrows flew one after the other.

Half of them hit their target, but I didn’t mind.

It hurt a little, though.

Let’s double that pain and return it.


My next move?

It was already decided.


「Spell Vibrate!」


Just in time?

I was able to cancel the spells the rear guard players were casting.

It didn’t work as well on the front-line players, who kept casting their spells.

It was good enough.

I could destroy them from the back .


I kind of felt bad for the guy that took my attack spell the hardest earlier.

As soon as he regained his balance, Senki jumped on him.

After beating down on him, Senki easily picked him up by his arm and started swinging him around.

The hatchet-wielding fighter didn’t meet a better fate.

He tried to attack Senki, but Rig was there to absorb the blow.

It would still have been alright for him if that was all.

But in the next moment, he was fried by an electric current.



My Summon Monsters had already taken care of all the front-line players.

Guess I could go and take care of the rear guard then.


Who was I aiming for?

The Treasure Hunter.

Volff was taking care of the other two sorcerers.

I wanted to say my thanks for the arrows earlier.


An arrow was fired at me from close range.

But panic caused the arrow to fly in a strange direction.

The arrow missed.

I didn’t even have to dodge it.

The Treasure Hunter reached out for a sword at his

I used my staff to push away the sword.

Then quickly spun the staff to hit him in the head.

I kept pushing on his shoulders and then swept his legs from under him.


I stepped on his right hand when he fell, causing him to let go of the sword.


「Branch Bind!」


The branches of a tree wrapped around the Treasure Hunter.

I actually wanted to do a joint lock…

But it was a team fight.

There were others I had to take care of.

I didn’t have the time to play around.

I left him for later.


I used my staff to hit the Sorcerer approaching me from behind me, and looked around to see a fighter running at me.

He was waving a club in the air.

I ducked and dodged.

He was a fighter…

But the fight was already decided.


I saw Jericho behind him.

Hey! Turn around!


A few seconds later, the Fighter was taken care of..

A downward fist on the top of his head.

It looked like his neck fell into his torso.

Just my imagination, right?

I hope Jericho didn’t actually just kill someone.


The sword-wielding Fighter was actually doing not bad.

Using his shield, he managed to keep Senki and Rig at bay.

But with Jericho joining in, it was over.

Jericho simply grabbed both of his shoulders as Senki sank fist after fist into his belly.


We were just bullying him at that point…


What about the other Sorcerer?

Volff took care of them.

The other Sorcerer I hit was already finished, taken out by Goki.

I guess the hatchet Fighter was taken out by Senki?


In other words, it was only the Treasure Hunter left.


Volff and Goki weren’t really doing anything.

The branches were just there as a makeshift piece of armour.


Let me play a part too!



But my wish didn’t come true.

Oh well.

The last player left gave up.

A buzzer sounded and an info screen appeared.



《Match Set! Please stop fighting!》




I gave a bow and left the arena.

My opponents all got up and returned the bow.


My Summon Monsters didn’t bow.


Ah, Volff was bouncing his head up and down.

You don’t have to do that!



《【Summon Magic】Level Up!》

《【Space-time Magic】Level Up!》

《【Physical Reinforcement】Level Up!》

《【Mental Reinforcement】Level Up!》

《【Speedcasting】Level Up!》

《Racial Level Up! Please add 1 point to two desired stats.》




A lot of level-ups came at once.

I checked my stats screen while a staff member healed me.

Let’s start with my own stats…



Base Stats

DEX 18(↑1)

AGI 18(↑1)

INT 24

STR 17

VIT 17

SPI 24




I guess I could go for STR and VIT next.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful to have all multiples of six?


And then I could put points into INT and SPI.

I could start working towards getting multiples of nine.


But then again…

I could try to get multiples of seven, too…

Maybe go for the big multiples of 10?

I might get a class change before that…?



《You have received 2 Bonus Points. You currently have a total of 27 Bonus Points.》


《You have advanced to the second round of the qualifiers! The second round is scheduled for 11:00 am tomorrow, at the temporary arena C.》



I left tomorrow’s schedule for later.

My Bonus Points were really starting to accumulate.

But I didn’t want to use them to increase my stats.

It would mess with the pattern I could make by putting in two points at a time.


And also…

I was faced with the same issue Adele and Irina were facing.

What should my next Summon Monster be?



「Congratulations on winning your first match.」


「It lasted less than two minutes!」




No No No No No.

Your match lasted for less than three minutes too.


And moreover…

I felt like the staff members were glaring at us.

We quickly left the waiting room.

We moved to the spectator seats.


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