Chapter 152 – Part 2

Translation: Charlotte
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I waited for about 10 minutes, but I managed to get a seat to watch the matches.

Of course, I switched up my team of Summon Monsters.

I had Helix and Obsidian on a shoulder each.

Creep was wrapped around my neck.


Heather was being loved by Irina.

And Ninetails sat in Adele’s lap.


You two…

Don’t you have your own Summon Monsters.


Adele and Irina did the same thing I did.

We had to be considerate to the other spectators.

Adele summoned her fox Kii-chan and her Owl Fu-chan, along with her hawk Ta-chan.

Irina had her hawk Sky Eye, her owl Byakuya, along with her fairy Muret.


They could’ve actually summoned one more Summon Monster each, but they didn’t want to distract the other spectators.

But honestly…

Six birds were already pretty distracting.

The stares of those around me kind of hurt.



I ate a quick lunch and continued watching the games.

It was a very fun way to spend some time.

The tactics may have looked the same, but each player had different strengths and equipment.


Even with a level difference between the opposing teams, the team with the lower level could still have a good chance of winning.

Really interesting!

A team of 3 summoners and 3 summon monsters appeared.

Too interesting!!!


But that wasn’t all.

I saw spirits too.

That was interesting too.


For example, the Salamander.

It had high offensive abilities and it was very annoying to deal with since it also had a very high resistance to physical damage.

Of course, the strength of the spirits mostly depended on the skill of the caster.

The spirits sometimes disappeared in only two minutes.

It seemed like spirits disappear if the caster is defeated.


I saw some more matches making use of spirits.

They were very useful.

But it would take a very skilled player to take full advantage of each spirit…

But if used well, they could be a great weapon.


「Spirits are pretty cool too.」


「Shilf and Undine are so cute!」


「I know right, Adele!」


Well, I kind of expected that from the two of them.



There was another team of two summoners and four Summon Monsters, which was also a nice sight to see.

They attacked with a tiger and a wolf, and used two wood golems as tanks.

But one of the summoners got careless and was taken out by a roaming Treasure Hunter.



When the summoner was taken out, their Summon Monsters were instantly taken out too.

I kind of expected that.

But seeing it in action was pretty scary.


It was the one weakness of a summoner team.

The summoner would be prone to getting focused down.



「How would you fight that, Keith?」


「I guess if you’re in the back, it’s less likely to happen…」


「I guess so…」


I knew what Adele and Irina were trying to say.

With my style of fighting, I was in even more danger.

I was aware.

I was fully aware of that fact.


But I just had to deal with issues when they came up.

The key was probably to disorganise my enemy before I join the fight.

That was what I did in the first fight.

That way, I could even beat a team of high-level players.

It was a sound strategy.


But I also had one concern.

Jericho’s mobility.

I wanted to do something about that somehow.

But was there really anything I could do?

I wanted to do some tests later.



The time was still 3 pm.

The games scheduled for the D and E training grounds ended ahead of schedule.

That was fast…

I moved to a better seat, where I could see both the B and the D training grounds.

Naturally, I concentrated on the B training ground.


A team with fishermen in the front.

Just that information made it a match worth seeing.



A one-sided slaughter.

It was just one team trampling over the other.

The throwing nets were amazing!

The fisherman team calmly took out the other team in no time.


Of the three fishermen in the front, the one in the middle was at a strangely low level, but they still fought calmly.

Maybe because of【Throw Object】, they were quite skilled at throwing their nets, even managing to hit rear guard players.

The opposing team wasn’t able to properly cast spells and martial art skills.

They weren’t strong, just very skillful.

How do I beat that…?


I didn’t even have to think about it.

I just had to take initiative and take them out before they could do anything.



The last match for the day was on the A training ground.

I couldn’t get a clear view of the match, but it looked like the match ended to time-out.

Applause rang through the venue after the match.

Most of the first round matches for the day were probably already over.


It was nice that I could watch multiple matches in one venue.



「Let’s get going.」


「Let’s go!」


Oh, right.

There was still that Summon Monster showcasing party.


「Is the place close to here?」


「By horse it’s pretty close.」


「I wonder how many people will show up~」




I recalled Creep and summoned Zangetsu.

Adele and Irina also summoned their horses.

Ma-chan and Rote Kaiser.

They could finally summon four Summon Monsters at once.

Nicely done.

At that point, they probably had to use Unions all the time just to fight together with others.


Adele took the lead.

Then Irina.

I was at the back.

There weren’t many roads to the port town, so the roads were dense with people.

We stepped out onto the field next to the road.


Our birds took care of any monsters that we encountered.

We kept going without collecting their items drops.


As we got closer to our destination, we started seeing more summoners.

When Adele stopped and waved in greeting, a lot of other players turned around and waved back.

There were quite a lot of summoners…



《【Horsemanship】Level Up!》

《Summon Monster『Zangetsu』Level Up!》

《Please put one point into a desired stat.》




Zangetsu levelled up.

It was a very good thing.


The stat that went up with the level-up was INT.

What a strange stat…

I put another point into SPI.



Zangetsu White Horse Lv2→Lv3(↑1)


AGI 25

INT 8(↑1)

STR 25

VIT 25

SPI 8(↑1)



Trample Dash Endurance Run Wild Gallop Stampede Kick Rider Recovery [Slight] Magic Resistance [Slight]




I felt like I hadn’t seen Zangetsu level up in a while.

I had to do more battles on horseback.



The venue was a small field next to a river.

There were already several summoner-like players and more than 10 Summon Monsters.

Aren’t you guys early…


We weren’t at an Area Portal but I didn’t think any Summon Monsters would attack.

There were many hawks and owls circling in the sky.

There were also Summon Monsters on the ground.


Attacking would be a dumb idea.


With so many Summon Monsters, it would be possible to withstand any monster attack.




「Oh, Adele, Hi!」


「Haruna! Hi!」


Adele exchanged greetings with another female summoner.

It looked like they had similar interests.

She had a wolf and a tiger at her feet.


「What about cooking?」


「It’s proceeding nicely. I’ve already done the preparations, we just have to fry it up.」


「Thank you so much!」


Even so…

I felt like I was collecting a lot of stares.


Not just me, but my Summon Monsters too


「Nice to meet you! You can call me Haruna!」


「Hello. It’s Keith.」


「Sorry if it’s a little too crowded! I’m thinking about 60 summoners are going to gather tonight.」



It was a pretty impressive number.


「Although half of them are probably from Gelta…」


「Yeah, there are a lot more people than I expected…」


Haruna and Irina explained the situation a bit.

Since I became a summoner before summoners were properly recognised by the Adventurer’s Guild, I ended up getting Master as my teacher.

But now, all new summoners are being sent to Gelta instead.

Apparently, Gelta is a lot more well-respected as a teacher.

Counting summoners, alchemists, and pharmacists, she probably has about 100 bright pupils.


She had a tendency to push difficult adventures, but…

I’m sure she was a nice person to study under.



Well, that was fine.

There were a lot of summoners walking around, hoping to see some new Summon Monsters.

Zangetsu, Heather, and Muret were especially popular.


「Looks like there’s a lot of people who want to try touching, is that alright?」


「As long as they’re not too violent, I’m alright.」



The night was just beginning.

It was time for us to let loose our love for Summon Monsters.

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv17(↑1)

Job Grand Summoner Lv2

Bonus Points Remaining: 29


Skill Sets:

Staff Lv13 Punch Lv10 Kick Lv10 Joint Lock Lv10 Throw Lv10 Evade Lv10 Block Lv10 Summon Magic Lv17(↑1) Spacetime Magic Lv9(↑1)

Light Magic Lv9 Wind Magic Lv10 Earth Magic Lv9 Water Magic Lv9 Fire Magic

Lv9  Dark Magic Lv9 Ice Magic Lv7 Lightning Magic Lv7 Tree Magic Lv7 Dust Magic Lv7 Lava Magic Lv7 Steam Magic Lv7

Alchemy Lv8 Pharmacy Lv7 Glassmaking Lv6 Woodworking Lv6

Synergy Lv12 Appraise Lv12 Identify Lv12 Discern Lv4 Cold Resistance Lv6 Grab Lv9 Horsemanship Lv10(↑1) Precise Manipulation Lv12 Jump Lv5 Acrobatics Lv2 Heat Resistance Lv7 Climb Lv6 Dual Wield Lv9 Disassembly Lv7

Physical Reinforcement Lv8(↑1) Mental Reinforcement Lv9(↑1) Speedcasting Lv11(↑1) Spell Effect Amplification Lv7 Spell Range Amplification Lv7



Staff of Torture x1 Tonfas of Torture x2 Capture Rod of Torture x1 Enraged Pickaxe+

x2 Silver Necklace+  Snow Leopard Push Dagger x1 Sturmtiger Push Dagger x2 Snow

Leopard Bagh Nakh x1 Plains Lion Bagh Nakh x1 Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set Bracelet of Torture x2 Anklet of Torture+ x2 Rabid Horse Belt+ Rucksack Item Box x2



Survival Knife Woodworking Set



Old Summoner’s Pupil

Guardian of the Forest

Knower of the Middle Path

Spell Glossary

Martial Arts Fighter


Base Stats:

DEX 18(↑1)

AGI 18(↑1)

INT 24

STR 17

VIT 17

SPI 24


Zangetsu White Horse Lv2→Lv3(↑1)


AGI 25

INT 8(↑1)

STR 25

VIT 25

SPI 8(↑1)



Adele, Irina, and the other Summoners

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