Chapter 164 – Part 1

Translation: Eisen
Editor: Weasalopes

My first impression about that match:


That’s all I can say.


It’s not as if the other team had much of a chance to win.

After all, half of their front has been forced to withdraw.

It doesn’t look like they’re going to have it easy.


Just like Irina said, this team is highly focused on mobility.

There’s no doubt about that.

But their ability to focus their attacks and to recover from damage are more than anything else.

Certainly, there’s no close-quarter fighting with Yosaku and Shinonome until the very end.

Before that, whenever faced by them, they put their efforts into avoiding them.

They don’t stay to take their attacks.


Also, much of the damage was done with sweeping attacks.

The support also acts quickly to recover any injuries.

There are a few moments in which too many recovery spells overlapped with each other and made it seem that they were wasting them.


Looking at them separately, the Hunters are often in charge of the recovery spells.

And the Sorcerers, making use of their high mobility, can be seen using a bow and arrows to attack as well.

Wait, it seems that whether they are in the rear guard or the vanguard, someone is always preparing a spell.

Is that a style where the whole team supports each other, while disregarding spell efficiency and the use of staves?


The first one to fall was the Farmer, Hannes.

This happened because the two Fighters, a Hunter and a Sorcerer focused their attacks on him.

After that, it was just a matter of continuously harassing Yosaku and his team.


Let me say this once again.

It was amazing.

Simply splendid!


Didn’t Yosaku have anything to counter that?

I don’t think that it’s bad to put up four members at the vanguard in order to be able to attack from both sides.

Though, if they had used a spell to impair their movement, the battle would have been completely different.

Hannes could have used Wood Magic to that effect.

It was painful to see Hannes fall first.


Well, they could have used wall spells, right?

The point is, using anything to make them unable to fully use their mobility would have been necessary.



I’m glad I’ve seen this.


By the way, I’ve learned new spells, haven’t I?

The Spacetime spells, Regenerate and Gravity Mail, were they?


Regenerate, as the name implies, is a spell that slowly recovers HP.

If the regular recovery spells are like a Potion, is this like a Recovery Pill?

This is just like the after effect of Fire Heal, which also continues to recover HP over time.

But this new spell must have a greater effect.

It would be really bad if it didn’t.


Is Gravity Mail like wearing an armor made of gravity?

Its effect is very interesting.

Attack-wise, it increases STR and Power.

Defense-wise, it decreases the enemy’s STR and Power.

It also raises AGI, so it’s really useful!

What’s more, it seems to make monsters that would normally only be affected by magic more vulnerable to damage.

This looks like the perfect spell for support roles to use on other players.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t use it on myself.


Very impressive.

It’s important to note that when using it on other players, contact with the target is required.



I’ll kill some time by looking at the log of my last battle.

I finish watching the last match of the second round.

Whoa, with this victory we’ve become one of the eight winning teams!

But the staff member hasn’t come to call me out for my next battle yet.

I keep watching battle logs and petting Volff’s back while I wait for my turn.


「Well then, this way, please.」


The staff member calls me, and I leave the waiting room.

The other team is guided by another staff member and leaves as well.

And here I was thinking that they’d be getting escorted to the matchgrounds next to the one I’d be fighting on.


But no, they’re going to be my opponents.


Well then.

What should I do?

I have to fight the team that made short work of Yosaku’s team.

I have Volff here with me.

But he alone might not be enough to fight them.



??? Lv.14

Fighter Standby



??? Lv.13

Fighter Standby



??? Lv.14

Fighter Standby



??? Lv.13

Treasure Hunter Standby



??? Lv.14

Sorcerer Standby



??? Lv.13

Hunter Standby



《【Identify】Level Up!》



I suppose it’s good that it leveled up.

The player’s levels are also high.

None of them seem to be wearing heavy equipment.

Only one of them at the vanguard is using a sword and a shield.

The other Fighters are using dual swords and dual maces each.

Then, the rear guard.

The Treasure Hunter, Sorcerer, and Hunter are all using bows and arrows.

But according to the battle logs, the Treasure Hunter and the Hunter should have their specialized weapons hanging from their belts.

For the Treasure Hunter, that’s a short sword, and a rapier for the Hunter, was it?

I’d better watch out for that too.


Rig clings to Senki’s back.

What should I expect from the opposing team?

They’ll try to make the best use of their mobility to focus on one of us.

That’s probably what they’re going to do.

And most likely I’ll be the target of their concentrated attacks.


Three seconds to start.


We face each other.

Then, we salute.






As soon as the announcer speaks.

Everyone starts to move.



「Practiced Spirit!」「Meditate!」「Bless!」



The other team seems to be casting their spells as they begin to run.


All of them are so fast!

But Volff is faster.

He rushes onto the foremost Fighter, the one using dual maces.

The fighter blocks Volff’s bite with one of his maces and, setting himself free, heads for me.

This is bad.

All of them are coming for me.


Will I make it?

Do I have time to cast a spell?

There it goes!



「Thorn Fence!」



A wall of thorns and entangled vines appears.

The Fighters run directly into it.

Was their momentum too high for them to be able to prevent that?






I immediately try to cancel their spells’ effects.

There’s no time to check how effective that was.

I select and cast the next spell.

Then I go around the wall of thorns with my Staff of Torture in hand.

Two of the opposing team’s vanguard are stuck there.

I’ll leave them to Senki and Jericho.


The Treasure Hunter is right before my eyes.

He lets loose an arrow, but I pay no mind to it.

He’s so fast!

He quickly tries to get out of my range.


I sweep at his feet with my staff.

He looked as if he was casting a spell, but it looks like I just canceled it.

He then falls to the ground, and I tie a black rope around one of his arms.

I have to reduce their numbers.

That’s my first task.


I put my staff away for the time being.

I tie the Treasure Hunter’s arm behind his back and put my arm around his neck.

Then I extend the rope and tie it around his neck as well.

I tie the rope two-fold around his body, and then flex his legs and tie both of his ankles together.

That should do it.


The Hunter shoots an arrow at me.

But Goki blocks it with his shield.

I had a plan to counter it…

But it’s no fun like this.






The matchgrounds are now surrounded in a deep mist.

I’m sorry for the audience.

I don’t hear any more steps.

I did good by taking away their vision, huh?


Still, there are signs of struggle.

I can hear the other team casting their spells.



『Physical Enchant: Wind!』



But it doesn’t stop there.

One of their magic users has Wind Magic.

They probably have a spell to clear the mist.

Something like Control Air Current.


I run towards the voice of the one casting spells.

I can see his face from the side.

I tackle him with all of my strength.

But the spell casting continues.



「Gravity Mail!」



I have a weird feeling running through my body.

So light…

Well, that’s nice.

I turn my left arm around my opponent’s neck and proceed to lock him down with my two arms.

I hold the side of his head with my right hand.

Then I twist.

Looks like his HP completely dissapeared in an instant.



『Control Air Current!』



Wind blows through the matchgrounds.

The mist is cleared out.

What about the opposing team?

Only two of them are moving now.


The Fighter wielding dual maces is unscathed.

And the Hunter is behind him?

He’s going strong too.

The other two Fighters that had gotten stuck in the wall of thorns are done for.

They must have been finished off by Senki and Jericho.



「Thermal Extension!」



I fire off an AoE spell.

At the same time, Volff prepares to attack.

I continue to press on.


But the two that remain seem to still be healthy.

So fast!

Volff gets to the dual-mace-wielding Fighter.

He pays no mind to the Hunter behind him.

I’m glad that we’re at the corner of the matchgrounds.

They can’t get through Volff or me.


Jericho and Senki are definitely coming from behind.

Well, what will you do?

The Hunter begins to cast a spell.

I also select a spell and cast it.

The Fighter bends his back and assumes a forward-bent posture.

I see.

Do you still want to go?

All right, then.


The Fighter leaps forward to attack me.

And the Hunter releases his spell.






「Dimension Mirror!」



I repel both the attack from the Fighter and the spell from the Hunter.

I head for the Fighter.

And Volff closes in on the Hunter.

There’s no escape for either of them.



《The match is over! Combatants, please step aside!》



《【Dust Magic】Level Up!》

《【Steam Magic】Level Up!》



How should I put it?

This ended unexpectedly fast?


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