Chapter 164 – Part 2

Translation: Eisen
Editor: Weasalopes

So in the end, restricting their movements really was the way to go.



We all go back to our corners and bow to each other.

Our side didn’t take that much damage.



《Advanced to the fourth round! The match for the fourth round will be today at 12:10 PM, at the Battleground B.》

《You have earned 2 Bonus Points for breaking through the first three rounds. You currently have a total of 32 Bonus Points.》



My HP and MP are fully restored, and my equipment is repaired.

Though there’s almost no need for that.


I take a peek at the matchgrounds next to this one.

It looks like a very heated battle.



「I can’t watch this match from here either, can I?」



「I’m afraid that’s not possible.」



I knew it.

I just wanted to watch it live like this, that’s all.



There’s almost no time before the fourth match.

I can’t watch the battle logs for the third-round matches.

Still, I think I have a pretty good outline of how things went.


What has made us win through these matches so far?


What are we?





I can’t say for sure from the battle logs alone, but isn’t it hard for a team like mine to be considered to be offensive-oriented?

To be honest, I’m scared that everything could be undone by a single mighty comeback.



「The match for the fourth round is about to start. This way, please.」



The staff member takes me to the matchgrounds.

What kind of team will I be facing?


Looks like they’re already here.



??? Lv.13

Fighter Standby



??? Lv.13

Fighter Standby



??? Lv.14

Fighter Standby



??? Lv.13

Treasure Hunter Standby



??? Lv.13

Sorcerer Standby



??? Lv.13

Sorcerer Standby



That’s the kind of team I’m dealing with.

The Fighters at the vanguard are using a two-handed axe, a two-handed spear, and a two-handed sword.

The two staff-wielding Sorcerers are at the rear guard.

The Treasure Hunter has a bow and arrows, but according the battle logs for the third round, it seems that he uses dual daggers as well.


Let’s take a look at the viewers’ gallery.

Juna seems to have noticed me watching her.

She seems to be shaking her hands and cheering.

Master seems to be arguing with the Guild’s chief for some reason.


Let’s take a look at the auditorium.

It’s easy to know where Adele and Irina are.

That’s because their Falcon and Owl really stand out.

Margrid, Yosaku, Crimson and the others seem to be there as well.


Then I face my opponents.

Is it a team that specializes in offensive power?

It’s like Yosaku’s team, but these guys look terrifying.

That’s because their fighting styles have great synergy.

I feel like a bug when compared to them.

Guess we have no choice but to do this.


This time, I’ll have Rig cling to me.

The other team might be prepared for this.

What should we do?

Is it dangerous to keep playing the same cards over and over?

But I still have an ace under my sleeve.

That’s right.

I still have that spell.


Three seconds to start.


We face each other.

Then, salute.




We begin at the same time.

Everyone starts to move.



「Practiced Spirit!」「Meditate!」「Bless!」



Then I break into a run.

By shortening the distance between us, I’m trying to make it so I can attack them all at the same time.

If it comes to this…

Whether I win or lose, the match will be decided quickly.




Volff howls as he dashes forward.

It’s his Threaten skill.

But only one of the vanguard Fighters seems to have stopped in their tracks.

It’s the one with the two-handed spear.

At that moment, an arrow is fired at Volff.

It seems that the same spear-wielding Fighter is now facing Volff.


All right.

Two-handed Axe and Two-handed Sword are still advancing.

They’re wearing heavy equipment, so their movements are slow.

As their vanguard continues to come forward, their rear guard also advances.

Looks like they want to drive me to a corner.



「Thunder Shower!」



I cast a Thunder Magic AoE spell as soon as the rear guard is close enough.

Even getting one of them is fine.

If I’m able to paralyze even one of them, I’ll have the upper hand.


Two-handed Axe and Two-handed Sword are paralyzed.

Now’s my chance to attack.

But none of them are my targets.



I run past the Fighters and approach the rear guard.

I need to reach those Sorcerers!

I can hear some spellcasting.

Will I make it in time?






The spellcasting from the rear guard is canceled.

My Staff of Torture is blown away from my hand.

What happened?


It was an attack made by the Treasure Hunter.

What does he have in his hand?

It’s a whip.


The sorcerers start casting their spells again.

I take out my tonfas from behind my back.

Then I rush forward.

Treasure Hunters are annoying, but I want to take care of these Sorcerers as soon as possible.


The whip cracks as it hits me from the side.

But I have Rig on me.

This is nothing.

I go straight ahead and attack the Sorcerers.


I clear away the staff held by the first Sorcerer and punch him straight in the face.

Then I follow with another blow to the side of his head.

He faints soon after that.


I try to attack the other Sorcerer, but something gets entangled around my hand.

It’s that whip.

He pulls my hand away, but I go towards the Treasure Hunter without resisting his pull.

That Treasure Hunter!

He has that whip in one hand.

And a short sword in the other.

It’s a rather weird choice of weapons for dual wielding.



「Thunder Arrow!」



I attack the Treasure Hunter with that spell and get closer to him.

His reaction seems to come a little late.

Not yet.

Have you gone numb?


Looks like I’m going to make it.

I deliver a series of blows to the immobilized Treasure Hunter, and bring him down.




『Enemy Burn!』



My entire body suddenly bursts into flames.

It’s too hot!

Even with Rig on me, it’s too hot!


I roll over and rush towards the remaining Sorcerer.

He’s somewhat taken aback when he sees me rush towards him, but still takes up his staff against me.

No problem, though.

Running past him, I get behind his back. Then I wrap my arm around his head and twist.


We should have the advantage now, right?

Let’s take a look at the battlefield.


Senki is struggling against Two-handed Sword.

What’s with that Fighter? He’s really strong!

His MP seems to have decreased quite a lot.

Senki’s HP seems to have gone down considerably, too.

But Senki has his innate regeneration.


Jericho is fighting Two-handed Axe.

His HP has also gone down by quite a lot!

The Two-handed Axe Fighter seems to be quite weakened as well.

Jericho’s MP seems to have gotten low as well, probably due to lots of use of Liquefaction.

And he’s still this worn out?

That Two-handed Axe guy is impressive.


Goki and Volff are fighting Two-handed Spear.

They seem to be capitalizing on the fact that its two versus one.

Two-handed Spear seems to be about to fall.

Goki and Volff are unscathed.



「Freezing Bullet!」



I hit the two-handed spear Fighter with my spell, and he falls out of combat.

Should I go finish off that other Sorcerer by choking him with my tonfas like I was trying to earlier?

Rig clings to him and seems to be making him go numb.

He seems to be trying to get into the Sorcerer’s mouth, but I want to do this faster.

I let go of my tonfas for a moment, wrap my arms around his head, and twist.

His HP drops to zero in an instant.


With this, there’s only two of them left.

As soon as this became a two versus one scenario, our superiority was solidified.

I would feel if I were to steal my monsters’ kills…

Should I stick with support magic for now?


I fire off a Thunder Arrow and a Freezing Bullet.

The Fighters are a bit persistent, but I’m not worrying too much.

And it doesn’t take long before this is over.



《The match is over! Combatants, please step aside!》



《【Thunder Magic】Level Up!》

《【Ice Magic】Level Up!》

《Summon Monster『Volff』Level Up!》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》



I haven’t even bowed to my opponents yet!

That’s the first that comes to mind as I look upon the virtual window.

Come on, go away!


Volff’s VIT has increased automatically upon leveling up.

I’ll choose DEX as his second stat increase.



Volff Grey Wolf Lv4→Lv5(↑1)

DEX 13(↑1)

AGI 30

STR 13

INT 16

VIT 22(↑1)

SPI 13



Bite Dash Threaten Divine Hearing Sense Danger Pursue Night Vision Conceal



All right.

But that’s not the end of it!



《Summon Monster『Senki』Level Up!》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》




I’m busy here!

I return to my corner and salute my opponents.

I go through the virtual window as I do that, too.



Senki’s VIT has increased automatically upon leveling up.

I’ll choose STR as his second stat increase.



Senki Lesser Ogre Lv2→Lv3(↑1)

DEX 11

AGI 20

INT  6

STR 29(↑1)

VIT 29(↑1)

SPI  6



Punch Kick Throw Object Block Evade Climb Throw Self Regeneration [Slight]



Is it over?

Are we done here?



《Advanced to the fifth and final round! The final match will be today at 12:30 AM, at the Battleground A.》

《You have gained 2 bonus points for breaking through the first four rounds. You currently have a total of 34 Bonus Points.》




It’s over.

My HP and MP are replenished, and my equipment is repaired.

It looks like the battle on the other matchgrounds is still underway.


「I can’t, can I?」


「Of course not.」


It’s such a shame! It looks like it’s definitely semi-final material.

I’d love to watch these battles live!


I end up going back to the waiting room feeling somewhat disappointed.

Protagonist Keith

Race Human Male Racial Lv 17

Job Grand Summoner Lv 3

Bonus Points Remaining 34


Skill Sets

Staff Lv 13 Punch Lv 11 Kick Lv 11 Joint Lock Lv 11 Throw Lv 11

Evade Lv 11 Block Lv  11 Summon Magic Lv 17 Spacetime Magic Lv 10

Light Magic Lv 9 Wind Magic Lv 10 Earth Magic Lv 9 Water Magic Lv 10

Fire Magic Lv 10 Dark Magic Lv 9 Ice Magic Lv8(↑1)Lightning Magic Lv8(↑1)

Tree Magic Lv 8 Dust Magic Lv8(↑1)Lava Magic Lv8  Steam Magic Lv8(↑1)

Alchemy Lv 8 Pharmacy Lv 7 Glassmaking Lv 6 Woodworking Lv 6

Synergy Lv 12 Appraise Lv 12 Identify Lv13(↑1) Discern Lv 4 Cold Resistance Lv 6

Grab Lv 10 Horsemanship Lv 10 Precise Manipulation Lv 12 Ropework Lv 2

Jump Lv 6 Acrobatics Lv 3 Heat Resistant Lv 7 Climb Lv 6 Balance Lv 2

Dual Wield Lv 10 Disassembly Lv 7

Physical Reinforcement Lv 8 Mental Reinforcement Lv 9 Speedcasting Lv 11

Spell Effect Amplification Lv 8 Spell Range Expansion Lv 8


Equipment Staff of Torture × 1 Tonfas of Torture × 2

Capture Rod of Torture × 1 Enraged Pickaxe + × 2 Silver Necklace +

Snow Leopard Push Dagger × 1 Gale Tiger Push Dagger × 2 Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh × 1

Plains Lion Bagh Nakh × 1 Fighting Bull Leather Armor + Set

Anklet of Torture+ × 2 Bracelet of Torture × 2 Prison Guard’s Black Rope ×1

Rampage Belt + Rucksack Item Box × 2



Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools


Old Summoner’s Best Pupil

Protector of the Forest

Knower of the Middle Path

Spell Glossary

Martial Arts Fighter


Monster Summons:

Volff Grey Wolf Lv4→Lv5(↑1)

DEX 13(↑1)

AGI 30

STR 13

INT 16

VIT 22(↑1)

SPI 13


Bite Dash Threaten Divine Hearing Sense Danger Pursue Night Vision Conceal


Senki Lesser Ogre Lv2→Lv3(↑1)

DEX 11

AGI 20

INT  6

STR 29(↑1)

VIT 29(↑1)

SPI  6


Punch Kick Throw Object Block Evade Climb Throw Self Regeneration [Slight]


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