Chapter 170 – Part 1

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

It’s a sword.

Out of all my Monster Summons, Only Goki has the ability to use them.

The hilt is too short for it to be held with two hands.

In other words, this is a one-handed sword?

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a matte, dull piece of metal, plain in every sense of the word.

I held it in my hand and gave it a few swings and then an info window appeared.


Selection Screen:

Space-time magic Lv10

Light Magic Lv9

Dark Magic Lv10

Fire Magic Lv10

Wind Magic Lv10

Earth Magic Lv10

Water Magic Lv10

Dust Magic Lv8

Lava Magic Lv8

Burn Magic Lv8

Lightning Magic Lv8

Ice Magic Lv8

Wood Magic Lv8



Just what is this?

I tried selecting the first option from the top, Space-time Magic.

Then the blade began to glow with a grey, semi-transparent color.


The color is slightly different, but it looks exactly like the blade that the Deva King was using!

And it’s also surprisingly light.


Hmm, this looks like it’s going to be a fun little weapon to use, so now let’s see if putting the blade into storage restores it to its default form.

I clicked on Storage and the sword disappeared.

Then I clicked storage again and whipped it out.


While I was playing while carrying it around with me, I noticed something strange.

My MP bar was reduced.

It wasn’t much, but just enough for me to notice it, especially since I did not use a single spell yet.

Could it be… that this is a weapon that will continuously drain away my MP as long as the blade is coated with magic?

If so, then it’s clearly not something that could be used carelessly.


Quite a shame, really.

With each swing, the blade left a visually beautiful trail of magic behind it.

If I allow Goki to use it, will he be able to infuse the blade only with the power of his dark attribute, or perhaps he will also be able to use all of them?

I truly have no idea.

Guess we’ll just have to test that out at some point.




Huh? Wait a minute, why the hell did the number of my Bonus Points dropped?!

And I have some Weapon Skills that I’ve never seen before!

Looking over my list, the 「Sword」 category has appeared out of nowhere.

*Sigh*, Well, there’s no point in getting angry about it now that the deed is done, and it’s not like I wanted to just hog all those points till the end of time.

Sooner or later I’d have to spend them on something anyway.


Okay, since we have that new skill then I might as well take that new sword of mine for a test drive to get a feel on how to use it.

My good ol’ bois Gozu & Mezu should make for a sufficient cannon fodder.


When we arrived at the cave’s entrance, Kobolds were the first ones to attack us, so I tested the sword on them.

The blade is once again in Space-time Magic mode.

The blade once again turns grey.

Using the occasion, I cast 【Identify】 on it.


【Sword】 Tokkosho  Quality B  Rarity 5

AP + 19   Destructive Power 1 +   Weight 1   Durability ?

Magic Sword infused with the Space-time Attribute

A weapon used by the Heavenly Generals. Draws out its user’s latent power. Material used in the making process unknown.

A powerful weapon, but it is not possible to restore its durability.



The AP value is quite high, but on the other hand, that piss-poor Destructive Power…

Oh well, at my current level that won’t be a problem at all.


Anyway, the Kobolds are just too damn weak!

I can’t judge the weapon properly because they’re dying so fast!

All it takes to take them down is but a single hit!


In the middle of the Kobold slaughter I switched the type of magic coating the blade to Lightning Magic to see what changes would it make. The sword is now yellowish-white with sparks running all over it.

This effect is flashy and looks pretty neat.

And what does 【Identify】 have to tell me about its current state?


【Sword】 Tokkosho  Quality B  Rarity 5

AP + 17   Destructive Power 1 +   Weight 1   Durability ?

Magic Sword infused with the Lightning Attribute

A weapon used by the Heavenly Generals. Draws out its user’s latent power. Material used in the making process unknown.

A powerful weapon, but it is not possible to restore its durability.


Hmm, the AP got lower for some reason. I wonder why?


After that I just completed my battle against the Kobolds and moved on without looking back.

Just you wait, Gozu & Mezu.

I’m going to test my new plaything against you.

I wonder if it can be viewed as killing an innocent bystander, just like the samurai did in the past to test the sharpness of their katanas?

Either way, this is sure to be fun.


Gozu Lv6

Youkai, Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground   Fire Attribute


Mezu Lv6

Youkai, Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute


There they are!

No behave like good mobs and let me slaughter you!

So how should I do this: with a support spell or without?

And don’t forget about turning 【Disassembly】 off.

Forgetting about it would be quite dangerous.

I decide to test the sword with Lightning mode since it was still active.

My thoughts?

That’s the stuff!


So far I only tested it against Mezu (go figure), but the damage done by this weapon was outstanding!

Certainly, my Tonfas of Torture had higher destructive power which in turn equals higher base damage, but this one had another advantage to it.

Mezu is currently paralyzed.

It happened when I cut his hand just now.

I don’t know how big are the chances of occurrence for this effect, but just knowing that it can happen is good enough for me.

Other than that, nothing worthy of mentioning happened.

We just defeated Gozu and Mezu and went towards their next spawn point.

I ended up not using any support spells, but my MP bar has been slightly reduced.

That much is no cause for concern just yet.

I can still afford to use Tokkosho for a while longer.

Next time I have to try how other attributes are going to perform.


The next pair of enemies is going to be sliced up into tiny bits by Tokkosho infused with Light Magic.

And now the obligatory status check.


【Sword】 Tokkosho  Quality B  Rarity 5

AP + 18   Destructive Power 1 +   Weight 1   Durability ?

Magic Sword infused with the Light Attribute

A weapon used by the Heavenly Generals. Draws out its user’s latent power. Material used in the making process unknown.

A powerful weapon, but it is not possible to restore its durability.


The Value of AP has changed again.

This is really starting to bug me.

What is the cause of this?

Wait, could it actually be…

…that the AP value is dependent on the Lv of the magic sword is getting infused with?


The basic AP is +9.

And then the Lv of the magic skill is added as bonus AP?

If it’s really like that then I wonder if that’s going to be enough to defeat Mezu here.

Visually speaking, the blade of light was just as cool as the Lightning one, if only slightly inferior.

That is to say, it’s amazing.

I can’t wait to flex this baby up in front of a wider audience.

And it seems like this mode also has some additional effects to it.

The marker above Mezu’s head signaled that he was afflicted with a status effect.

He was confused.


You think the same will happen if I switch the settings again?

Alright then, NEXT!

This time we will try Dark Magic, but first… let’s have ourselves some lunch.


Right now it should be… around 11:00 AM.

S1W2 has two places with Area Portals, one that leads to the Tower of Condemnation and the other one that would take me to where Gozu and Mezu appear. It would be a good idea to go there, but if it’s going to be the last one then it’s going to be hellishly inefficient.

Just have to keep that in mind for the future.


Gozu Lv7

Youkai, Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground   Fire Attribute


Mezu Lv7

Youkai, Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute


The result of that encounter was as expected.

It took us some time, but we managed to win, nonetheless.

I also confirmed that other magic modes resulted in different status effects.

The only downside was that every time the status effect occurred it drained another portion of my MP.

Could you maybe consider… like, not doing that? No?

Well, At the very least I now have a method of inflicting status effects without using spells, so that should be plenty enough.


Moving on, there were only 3 more spawn points left for us to clear.

It would be really nice if we could cover them all before someone else does that.


Higher Gozu Lv1

Youkai, Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: Ground   Light Attribute


Higher Mezu Lv1

Youkai, Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: Ground Dark Attribute


At the next spawn point, I switched Tokkosho’s magic to the Fire one.

Enemies have also changed to their tougher versions, which has me a little worried.

Maybe I should cast some of my defensive spells now, just to be on the safe side.

Yeah, let’s do that.

Now that I’m dealing with Gozu and Mezu’s Higher versions, their difficulty should be somewhat increased.

Maybe they will even drop some items for me to collect.

But before I’ll be able to worry about that, I have to defeat them first.


As usual, my enemy is Higher Mezu, and my monsters bully Gozu.

This time I haven’t given them any particular instructions.

Maybe that’s why something amusing happened during the course of the battle.

There was a change in Mumyo’s behavior.



Of course, I was fighting Higher Mezu at that time, so I could only guess what the exact reason was.


Before long, Mumyo’s HP was reduced to 50%.

He then unequipped his current weapons and joined the rear guard with a Staff.

That was a good evaluation of the situation from him, but there was one problem with it.

He was now Wielding the Staff of Torture, but it doesn’t really do much for the strength of his attack spells.

The penalty is simply too big.

He shot a mass of fire towards the enemies, but it doesn’t really do much damage to them.

This mistake is entirely on me.

In order to strengthen the power of spells, you need a separate cane or necklace.

This is my mistake.


But now is not the time to worry about that. We have to defeat those Youkai first.

I went against Higher Mezu with attack spells.

Using enemy Burn so many times might have been a little too much though.

Yeah, right, as if I’m going to say something like that.

Once he was biting the dust I hurried to Jericho’s side as he was fighting with Higher Gozu.

He was unusually beaten up, even for a golem.

Could Mumyo’s sudden action made such a big impact on the performance of others?

Looking at the rest of my party, Creep had soaked in quite a bit of damage himself and Jean’s MP was reduced to half.

One change has put them in so much danger?


《Job Level Up!》


《【Sword】 skill Level Up!》


Finally! It’s been quite a while since I last gained a level for my profession, so it was about time to finally get it.

I think now would be a good moment for me to settle down and have some rest.

Since I missed my chance to use the Area Portal, I have to use Instant Portal instead.

I have to cool my head a little.


  1. Shouldn’t burn magic be steam magic instead?
    Also would it be wood magic or tree magic as per the older chapters?

  2. Thanks for the treat.

  3. Thanks fro the chapter, so he finally got a sword. A new slasher has been born!!!!!

  4. FU%#in wrong with you?! the sword really? the most cliche weapon in fantasy after all that eccentric play you choose that?! i give up!

  5. So did he get a penalty from using metal equipment cause that Tokkosho? Maybe that eq was not a metal one.

    • To the best of my recollection Summoners aren’t a class with restrictions against using standard weaponry, it’s just that the class has no initial combat bonuses in that regard, and most Summoners avoid hand-to-hand combat in the first place; if that was their thing, they’d have chosen a close combat focused class.

      So while it’s true that Keith Is Weird, any Summoner could use pretty much any type of weaponry starting at base skill level, most just don’t ever choose to do so.

      This VRMMO doesn’t seem to have the type of handicapping of classes in various areas that Dungeons & Dragons was based upon.
      None of this you can’t use x since you are a y; you may not be very good with them initially, but you can use them.
      Your class gives you advantages in various areas, but outside of those you are at a normative unskilled starting level; inside your area of focus you can proceed beyond the normal caps.

      I may be wrong, of course, but that’s my sense of it.

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