Chapter 170 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

Leaving the cooking to Bunraku as usual, I had some time to organize the stuff in my 《Item Box》.

I have some wood in here, mostly scraps to make arrows, they are too thin to turn them into a Staff.

There is a Silver Necklace, but no jewels.

It’s nothing that either Volff or Tigris could use, which is a shame.

I’ll have to find some accessories for them sooner or later.


Should I call Bunraku back after he finishes cooking and tidying up?

Or maybe I should send Creep back?

I think Jericho can stay in the front guard as he is now.

But Jean needs to take a more passive approach in future battles until her MP recovers sufficiently.

Taking all of that into consideration, what kind of party formation should I use?

But before that…

Let’s decide on what my 18th Monster Summons should be since my 「Summoning Magic」 has gained a new level and all.


I take the Staff of Torture back from Mumyo and put it away for now.

So, what should I summon this time?

The list of available monsters is as follows:


Giant Tortoise

Giant Bee

Big Spider

Big Crab

Sea Snake



Okay, no one is around me right now.

Great Turtle might be a good option.

But my instincts are drawn towards a mermaid.


But there is no water here.

Will I even be able to summon her?

I have no idea.

I don’t intend to ask someone by using telepathy.



I have to try it.


Time to summon ourselves a waifu.




Oops, don’t.

Correction, correction.

Time to summon ourselves a Mermaid.


It’s important to stay true to one’s desires.

You cannot have children without sexual desire!.

I think I will go to the sea one day.

No, there are ponds and lakes inland.

Yes, I need it, I need myself a Mermaid now!


Is this enough self-justification?

Very well.

I’m satisfied with my thoughts.

Therefore I summon her proudly!


「Summon Monster!」


《No water detected in the immediate vicinity. The chosen monster will be summoned in an altered state!Proceed with the summon?》



There it is, a dreaded warning info.

But it’s too late for me to back down now!

I will send her back right after I summon her not to cause unnecessary harm to her.

But I have to see her face at least once!

It’s now or never! The most important choice of my life!

There can only be one answer, and that answer is not 《Yes》.

It’s 《Hell Yeah!》.

Now I just have to enter the name and…

Come forth, my waifu!


Nias Mermaid Lv1 (New!)

DEX 15 (-3)

AGI 14 (-7)

INT 17 (-3)

STR 4 (-2)

VIT 6 (-3)

SPI 15 (-3)



Two-handed  Aquatic  Transform  Night Eye  Siren Song  Water Attribute


She’s silent and beautiful beyond my wildest expectations, the perfect incarnation of everything one might want from a waifu.

I want to feast my eyes on her as long as I can, but first I need to put some clothes on her. She’s wearing (not so) surprisingly little clothing, and it would be bad if somebody saw me and mistook me for a pervert.

But even with the shirt I put on her, the volume of her chest is outstanding!

I can see her voluptuous curves clearly even through the shirt I just gave her!

Ah, those bountiful hills! Ahh, that deep valley between them!!

Man, I just love naked shirts!

It’s even better than the naked apron!

Looking at her now that the summoning circle was gone, she was no different from a typical human woman, only slightly taller than me.

Her appearance reminds me of something… Ah yes, that one famous painting, The Birth of Venus.

Only she’s looking much better than the Goddess from that picture!

And the best part? Despite having such a bombastic body, she had an embarrassed expression on her face!

Erotic beauty and shyness, the ultimate combo!


What are you doing, me?

Don’t just stand here, call her back so that the penalty doesn’t stick!

For now I took a screenshot of Nias’ Status Screen so I could review it later, and then I called her back.

All right, this should be it for now, but I have to remember to order some actual clothes for her as soon as I return to the Wind Spirit Village.


After the meal, it was tied to reorganize my current party.

I called Jean back and summoned Tigris, Zuiun and Loewe instead.

Zuiun is going to the front guard to support Jericho, and the pair of beasts accompany him to keep the balance.

On top of that, Zuiun can also be utilized in the rear guard and go to the front if the rest is going to suffer from MP shortages.

But he is still going to need help since his level is still relatively low.

Moreover, he’s completely reliant on special abilities, so my strengthening spells wouldn’t do much to help him.



I think I’ll keep this party roster for a while.



We have arrived at the last spawning point for Gozu & Mezu.

I chose the road that led towards the Tower of Condemnation.

The Floating Bombs which we encountered along the way are bothersome, but as long as there are just a few of them then we have no trouble dealing with them, mostly because I am able to take them down with one hit of my Aqua Slash.

When I was using it just now, I noticed that its effective range has expanded.

It was probably due to increasing the level of my 【Spell Effect Amplification】 skill.

It’s good to know that things can be a little easier from now on, even if only by a little.

But that doesn’t mean that we have no problems with the current situation.


The peats dropped by the Floating Bombs are quite heavy.

Even with 【Disassembly】 turned off, it still drops quite often.

I’m going to have to watch out so that I won’t become over encumbered soon.


And finally we have encountered the last pair of Gozu and Mezu.

No, Higher Gozu and Higher Mezu.

From this point on, things are getting serious.


Higher Gozu Lv2

Youkai, Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: Ground   Light Attribute


Higher Mezu Lv2

Youkai, Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: Ground Dark Attribute


After all the buffs and summons, my MP bar is about 60% full.

That should be more than enough.


Tokkosho’s blade is now almost completely transparent due to the infusion with the power of Wind Magic.

Visually it looked nice but the effect itself was quite plain.

As for the actual effect itself, not only is the blade longer than normal, but it looks like it can also cut the target without connecting with it physically but it still requires you to be relatively close to your enemy.

As an added bonus, the blade itself is difficult to see, making dodging it that much harder.

That made this battle that much easier, if not a little longer.


Mezu swings its Staff at me.

Since Tokkosho is a weapon that cannot be repaired when it gets damaged, the role of blocking such blows falls to one of the Tonfas I have equipped in my other hand. However, I can only block lighter blows that way. If I tried to do the same with the heavier ones, I’d probably still got launched into the air and slammed into a wall.


Ah, it looks like my monsters have already taken care of Mezu.

I would be rude of me to make them wait, so I have to finish up here as well, especially since Tigris and Loewe are looking towards Mezu with that greedy spark in their eyes.

No guys, you stay right where you are, this guy is my prey.


They listened to my order, but still followed Mezu with their eyes.

Sorry guys, but I’m going to wrap this up real fast so just sit tight and wait just a little bit longer.


And just like that, Higher Mezu was single-handedly slaughtered by me and my barrage of unblockable wind-infused slashes.

Oh poor you.

Except not really.


《【Light Magic】 skill Leveled Up!》


《Obtained 【Light Magic】 spell Enchanting Light!》


《Obtained 【Light Magic 】 spell Pulsed Laser Burst!》


《【Mental Reinforcement】 skill Level Up!》


《【Speedcasting】 skill Level Up!》


Huh, some skills leveled up and I even managed to get myself some new spells. Neat.

I’ll have to try them out later, and judging by their names, using them is going to be so much fun!

And since Light Magic leveled up as well, I’ll have to check if the AP for Light Magic spells has improved in any way.

But doing this on lowly mobs seems like such a waste, so let’s find ourselves another pair of Gozu’s and Mezu’s and bully them some more!

Protagonist  Keith

Race  Human Lv18

Job Grand Summoner (Summoning Magician) Lv4 (↑ 1)

Bonus Points Remaining: 31



Sword Lv2 (New!) (↑ 1)  Staff Lv14  Punch Lv11  Kick Lv11  Joint Lock Lv11  Throw Lv11  Evade Lv11  Block Lv11  Summon Magic Lv18  Spacetime Magic Lv10  Light Magic Lv10 (↑1)  Wind Magic Lv10  Earth Magic Lv10  Water Magic Lv10  Fire Magic Lv10  Dark Magic Lv10  Ice Magic Lv8  Lightning Magic Lv8  Tree Magic Lv8   Dust Magic Lv8  Lava Magic Lv8  Steam Magic Lv8  Alchemy Lv8  Pharmacy Lv7  Glassmaking Lv6  Woodworking Lv6  Synergy Lv13  Appraise Lv13  Identify Lv13  Discern Lv4  Cold Resistance Lv6  Grab Lv10  Horsemanship Lv10  Precise Manipulation Lv12  Ropework Lv2  Jump Lv6  Acrobatics Lv4  Heat Resistance Lv8  Climb Lv6  Balance Lv3  Dual Wield Lv10  Physical Reinforcement Lv9 Mental Reinforcement Lv10 (↑1)  Speedcasting Lv12 (↑1)  Spell Effect Amplification Lv9  Spell Range Expansion Lv9  



Disassembly Lv9



Tokkosho×1 (New!)  Staff of Torture×2  Tonfas of Torture×2  Capture Rod of Torture×1  Enraged Pickaxe+×2  Silver Necklace+  Snow Leopard Push Dagger×1  Gale Tiger Push Dagger×2  Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh×1  Plains Lion Bagh Nakh×1  Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set  Bracelet of Torture+×2  Anklet of Torture+×2  Prison Guard’s Black Rope×1  Rabid Horse Belt+  Rucksack  Item Box×2



Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools



Old Summoner’s Younger Brother

Protector of the Forest

Knower of the Middle Path

Spell Glossary

Martial Arts Fighter


Monster Summons:

Nias Mermaid Lv1 (New!)

DEX 15 (-3)

AGI 14 (-7)

INT 17 (-3)

STR 4 (-2)

VIT 6 (-3)

SPI 15 (-3)



Two-handed  Aquatic  Transform  Night Eye  Siren Song  Water Attribute


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