Chapter 171 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

Both of the Dark Clowns tried to run away from me, so I attacked one of them with spells and the other with my Tonfa which I have equipped on the spot.

It turned out that this Dark Clown was the most ill-suited enemy for me to fight.


At times both of the bodies disappear at once, and it is impossible to predict where exactly they are going to appear, aside from the fact that they often try to warp behind me to attack me with special abilities that are similar to attack spells.

They are not using any incantations to cast them.

Instead, they are sneering at me mockingly.

Damn it!

I know they are trying to provoke me, but they are starting to get on my nerves!


Just you wait. I will make you choke on that laughter!

Okay, we’re changing our battle policy up a little.

I use the Force Bullet spell to try to locate the enemies.

Out of all my spells this one has the shortest cast time and the lowest MP cost, so it’s ideal to drag them out of their illusory hiding.

And then I use Sense Magic.

It was a roundabout way of doing things, but hopefully it’ll bear some good results.

Now I can clearly see the fluctuations of magic power.

Whenever they were about to use their abilities, there was always a sudden spike of the amount of magic in the air.


Even so.

With every ability launched at me, the amount of the Dark Clown’s MP was decreasing even further.

But they still had more than half of it available.

We could just turn this fight into a war of attrition and simply drain them of everything they have, but I was impatient to unleash some of my special abilities on them, just like Jean while I avoided their darkness-based attacks and countered any abnormal statuses they might have inflicted upon me with Psycho Pod.


So far I had no chance to land a solid hit on them either with Tokkosho or my Tonfas.

The damage that’s slowly piling up comes from Force Bullet alone.

Both of the Dark Clown’s HP bars still remain at around 80%.

This battle is getting needlessly long.


Right now we are pretty much at a stalemate.

But then reinforcements have come to my aid.

Jean, and also Zuiun.


Now I think we’ll be able to do some serious plays now that I’m no longer alone with them.

I take out the Prison Guard’s Black Rope from the 《Item Box》and attach it to the belt on my waist.

I’ll probably have only one chance to try this.

I don’t know if it’s going to work, but it’s at least worth a try.


I’ll attack two of them simultaneously with Force Bullet, and Zuiun flies towards them like a mass of flame.

We both manage to hit them!

But at the moment of impact they disappeared instantly.


Where have they gone to?

Jean uses her echolocation to detect one of the Dark Clowns.

He’s right behind me!




At the same time, Jean charges in alongside me.

Now the Dark Clown cannot jump away or create any more of his illusions.

So he has no way of avoiding Jean’s assault.

I’m not going to go easy on them either.

I pull the rope around their necks and tighten it.

Now, let’s see you avoiding that one!


Using another one of my spells, the flames burst from the base of the rope and fly through it towards my enemies.

With their movements restrained, they have no means of escaping it.

And we score a direct hit!


They tried hurling more magic at me, but since I have them on a leash I just rolled around to easily avoid it.

Meanwhile, the rope around their necks continued to channel the flame.

And the HP of the burning Dark Clowns continues to diminish until it disappears completely.


What about the other Majins?

Apparently the only one remaining was the Acrobatic Star.

Currently he’s facing off against Tigris and Loewe.

It’s going to be over soon.


《【Dual Wield】skill Level Up!》

《Monster Summons『Loewe』Level Up!》

《Please allocate 1 Bonus Point to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》


What? It was such a hard fight, but there is no reward for it whatsoever?

Ah well, I feel like I should just get used to it at this point.

Anyway, Loewe’s VIT has increased, so that Bonus Point is going to go towards increasing his DEX.


Loewe Lion Lv2 → Lv3 (↑ 1)

DEX 9 (↑ 1)

AGI 14

INT 11

STR 18

VIT 21 (↑ 1)

SPI 13



Bite  Intimidation  Detect Danger  Night Eye


But you know what?

I’m still salty that none of those Majins dropped anything. Huge letdown.

Not to mention the fact that they managed to dish out some serious damage.

Pretty much none of my party members emerged from this battle unscratched.

My MP bar dropped by quite a lot and everyone else was roughly in the same boat as I.

The good news is that we should have enough of it for another battle with the Deva King.


But, as our luck would have it, it was not the end of surprises for today.

Suddenly the earth began to shake with violent tremors.

An earthquake?

If it really is, then I don’t think it’s a natural one.


That was quite strange, to say the least.

I should have sensed that something like that was incoming.

Maybe I should make my way towards the Relay Portal to see if the other players have some information on it?


On my way there, monsters came out as they always did.

I haven’t felt anything abnormal, or as if  something has changed.

There were also no changes in the behaviors of the Kobolds, Floating Bombs and Orcs.


And so, after reaching my destination.

All the other players also behaved normally.

There was no sense of unrest among them whatsoever.

As always, the hall was filled with Galleries and parties who wished to challenge the Deva King.

Should they all be so calm? What, did the earthquake cause the entire cave to collapse?

No, inspecting the hall more closely, no one was actually fighting against the Boss and his aides. And there were no galleries either.

It was just an ordinary crowd of people.


A player whom I could ask about it has just come out of the portal.

It was Fay, a glassworker.


「Oh? Well color me surprised, you’re already here?」



Maybe he’ll know about what caused that earthquake?


「An earthquake? I haven’t felt anything like that at all.」




「I haven’t heard anything outside of the cave at all.」


「Could it be that it was a localized problem then?」


「Probably. And if it really was as strong as you say it was then we can only be thankful for that.」


Then Fay’s party members came through the Portal as well, so we had to end our conversation there.


I’m curious whether the time of the earthquake had anything to do with me defeating the Majins? Or is that going a little bit too far?



Anyway, the time right now should be around 5:30 PM, right?


It might be a little early, but let’s make dinner.


Coming back to the surface, I emerged on the cave’s east side.


The Relay Portal is located on the west side.


Looks like I’ve explored all there was to explore here.


I have also cleared all of Gozu and Mezu’s spawn points.


I’m a little worried about more Majins appearing, but aside from them, there should be no more strong enemies around to disturb me.


I call Jericho back and summon Bunraku.


While the meal is being prepared let’s send the class change data to Adele and Irina.


And since I have nothing else left to do, let’s try mining for some Ancient Stones.


With the clear sky above me, it wasn’t even as tedious of a work as usual, and I found the excavation points after just a short while.


As for the drops themselves…


The first three contained nothing remarkable, but from the fourth one I managed to mine some Tsavorite.


Could have been better, but this is also quite nice in its own right.


I stopped working on the excavation once the meal preparations were completed.


Now, as for what I should do after I finish eating it…




Maybe I should try hunting some Majins?


That might be worth a try.

Protagonist  Keith

Race  Human Lv18

Job Grand Summoner (Summoning Magician) Lv4

Bonus Points Remaining 31



Sword Lv2  Staff Lv14  Punch Lv11  Kick Lv11  Joint Lock Lv11  Throw Lv11  Evade Lv11  Block Lv11  Summon Magic Lv18  Spacetime Magic Lv10  Light Magic Lv10  Wind Magic Lv10  Earth Magic Lv10  Water Magic Lv10  Fire Magic Lv10  Dark Magic Lv10  Ice Magic Lv8  Lightning Magic Lv8  Tree Magic Lv8  Dust Magic Lv8  Lava Magic Lv8  Steam Magic Lv8  Alchemy Lv8  Pharmacy Lv7  Glassmaking Lv6  Woodworking Lv6  Synergy Lv13  Appraise Lv13  Identify Lv13  Discern Lv4  Cold Resistance Lv6  Grab Lv10  Horsemanship Lv10  Precise Manipulation Lv12  Ropework Lv2  Jump Lv6  Acrobatics Lv4  Heat Resistance Lv8  Climb Lv6  Balance Lv3  Dual Wield Lv11 (↑1)  Physical Reinforcement Lv9  Mental Reinforcement Lv10  Speedcasting Lv12  Spell Effect Amplification Lv9  Spell Range Expansion Lv9



Dismantle Lv9 



Tokkosho×1  Nunchaku×1  Tonfas of Torture×2  Capture Rod of Torture×1  Enraged Pickaxe+×2  Silver Necklace+   Snow Leopard Push Dagger×1  Gale Tiger Push Dagger×2  Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh×1  Plains Lion Bagh Nakh×1  Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set  Bracelet of Torture+×2  Anklet of Torture+×2  Prison Guard’s Black Rope×1  Rabid Horse Belt+  Rucksack  Item Box×2



Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools



Old Summoner’s Younger Brother

Protector of the Forest

Knower of the Middle Path

Spell Glossary

Martial Arts Fighter


Monster Summons:

Loewe Lion Lv2 → Lv3 (↑ 1)

DEX 9 (↑ 1)

AGI 14

INT 11

STR 18

VIT 21 (↑ 1)

SPI 13



Bite  Intimidation  Detect Danger  Night Eye


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