Chapter 173 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

《Now show thy power!》


Yeah yeah, I didn’t ask for all those repeated dialogue options.

Okay, let’s attack it while it’s still talking.


Kubira Lv2

Heavenly General  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Fire Attribute


Muscle Boar Lv5

Demon  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Earth Attribute


Kubira, huh?

I’m sure that’s the proper reading of that name.

Although in Shinto he is sometimes referred to as Kompira.

In a stark contrast to Basara, its expression was the one warped with anger.

Just like the previous enemy, it was equipped with a sword.

But the minion acting as its support was a giant boar this time.

We’re going to do this just like we did last time.

Monster Summons will take care of the boar while I’ll handle the main boss.


The spells I’ve strengthened us with are still in effect, but it would be good if we could wrap this battle up quickly in order to utilize them to their fullest extent.

All right, no sense in dilly-dallying any longer.


When I approached him, he swung his sword towards me without any prior warning.

I managed to jump backwards to avoid having it cut off entirely, but that one scratch did a surprisingly large amount of damage?

It was nothing that I couldn’t heal, but just the thought that a few centimeters more could’ve spelled my doom was enough to send chills down my spine.

I have to stop being so naïve, thinking that no one can do anything to me.

It would seem that my Monster Summons are also having a hard time against the Muscle Boar. I don’t know how he managed to do it, but Obsidian has eaten quite a lot of damage himself.

Luckily Ninetails was there to support him, so they were somehow getting by, but all in all their performance against it was not all that great.

Until they managed to inflict it with poison that is!

From then all they had to do was to stall it until its HP bar gradually went from almost 100% to 0.

They bested that enemy, but if I were to be honest, it felt kinda like a cheat.


《Show thy power even more!》


Okay, all right, you don’t have to shout at me like that, I get it!

After the Boar was dispatched, killing Kubira proved to be not as difficult as I’d initially thought.

My Monster Summons served as distractions that kept him away from me, allowing me to beat him down with my Tonfas and judo moves, bringing an end to the fight about 10 minutes after it began.

Also, before I forget: WTF?!

No items again!

Is this some kind of hidden feature that I am not aware of!?

This abysmal item drop rate is making me so sad!


《Show thy power!》


When the next battle started I made sure to let the enemy finish talking before engaging him while I also checked if the spells were still active.


Bikara Lv2

Heavenly General  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Earth Attribute


Hipping Rat Lv4

Demon  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Resist Wind  Resist Earth<


Vikala, huh?

No, in the Japanese pronunciation it should be Bikara.

Contrary to the usual Buddha statues, this one was completely red with trident for a weapon.

From the magic circle at its feet, 3 Hipping Rats emerged.

Okay, 4 enemies in total, but I don’t think Rats are going to be that big of a problem for us.

Same for his weapon. Even if it has a long reach, all I have to do is to disarm him using my overpowered judo techniques.


Without waiting I rushed towards the enemy and while dodging the trident thrusts I made my way behind his back where I caught him in the Sleeper hold, after I broke the arm that held the trident with an armlock of course.


Then a certain thought occurred to me.

So far none of these guys have really put up a fight against me.

Why is that? Could it have some deeper meaning, or am I just overthinking it?

Oh well.


Finishing the Rats off took a while longer due to how mobile they actually were.

Well, they might’ve been fast but what’s it to them if they are dead now?

After the first one has fallen, the last two soon followed him, mauled to death by Obsidian.

I am surprised and disturbed at how violent he’s getting recently.

When he crushed the last one, the mess he left splattered all over Ninetails.

Oh, you poor thing. I’ll be sure to clean your fur for you later, all right?


《Show thy power even more!》


At first I listened to the enemy, but realizing he had nothing new to say I stopped caring.




Suddenly, Ninetails squeals.

Wow, that was something new. That is actually the first time I heard him make any kind of sound.

Thinking about it now, most of my Monster Summons tend to be pretty silent, whether it was before or after the Class Change. Good examples of that would be Bunraku, Creep and Obsidian.


Time to slowly make our way forward.

Try not to make any loud sounds, all right?


I have arrived at the next hall.

The same info as before got repeated once more.

I don’t want to hear it anymore, so instead I focus my gaze on the statue in the room.


Shatora Lv3

Heavenly General  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Light Attribute


Fighting Bull Lv3

Demon  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground


My spells are still active.

I want to do as much as I can before their effects disappear.

I can’t allow myself to just sit idly by and wait.


Shatora, huh?

It had an angry face and a blue skin.

Just looking at it evoked a strong sense of discomfort in me.

He came equipped with a sword, just like all the others before him.


This, however, looks to be a tachi.

The blade itself looks to be meticulously crafted and an inscription is even written on it, but now I don’t have the time to be looking at it closely and it’ll just disappear once I defeat the Boss.

This seems like such a waste of a beautiful piece of weaponry, but there’s nothing I can do about it now.


But if the Boss’ companion is a Fighting Bull, then I wonder if it’s going to leave some of its meat behind when we’ll kill it?

But enough about that, we need to dispose of it quickly!


With such a Lv and large, long weapon avoiding it was rather easy despite its long reach, so I used that opportunity to behind Shatora’s back and molest its arms from there.

That was also a good place for me to observe how the battle between Fighting Bull and my Monster Summons was unfolding.

Hmm, maybe I should’ve added one more Monster Summons to the front guard?


After he went through his Class Change, Goki was perfectly suited and equipped for battles such as this one. Although he was definitely stronger than the Fighting Bull over here, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that bringing him here would only needlessly burden him.

Then maybe I should switch Ninetails or Bunraku for someone else in the rear guard?

Let’s watch and observe them a little bit more.


Creep was a nice assist here.

He keeps sliding between the strikes which are coming his way as he bites into the Fighting Bull’s ankles, continuously inflicting him with poison.

Newly summoned Goki is also able to land some good hits on him.

Being forced to divide his attention between Goki and Creep the Fighting Bull is no longer able to fight effectively and soon succumbs to the combined might of the accumulated poison and deadly sword blows.

Obsidian tackles him from behind, hitting the last nail to its coffin straight on the head.

They all handled this rather effectively, but I wonder how they would have fared if there were two Fighting Bulls instead of one?


Either way, good job.


After I finished observing my Monster Summons, it was time to bring Shotora down, and admittedly, that wasn’t that difficult of a task.

Just like I predicted, the beautiful sword disappeared as soon as the main Boss kicked the bucket.

Truly a needless waste of a good piece of equipment.


I was expecting to hear the familiar message which I was honestly quite tired of by now, but much to my pleasant surprise, there came some useful info for a change.


《Monster Summons [Ninetails] Level Up! 》

《Please add 1 to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》


Just a little more and Ninetails will be able to have a Class Change.



Let’s look at his status screen now.


The INT value has already risen, so let’s put that other one into SPI to balance it out.


Ninetails  Red Fox Lv6 → Lv7 (↑ 1)

DEX 10

AGI 20

INT 21 (↑ 1)

STR 10

VIT 10

SPI 21 (↑ 1)



Bite  Evade  Dash  Predict Danger  MP Regeneration [Slight]  Light Attribute



Fighting Bull left nothing.

Of course there is nothing left after him.


Nothing left. At all.


So what kind of enemy will be coming at me right now?

I know I remember, but I just can’t put my finger on it… ugh, I know it’s on the tip of my tongue, come on!

And what is this uneasiness that suddenly overwhelms me?


The next statue is different from all the others, bearing more similarities to Deva King rather than to anything else.

An angry look with its mouth closed.

One other thing sets it apart from all the other typical Buddha statues.

It doesn’t have any weapon in hand.


This foreboding feeling…

This is a premonition of an incoming battle!

Very well! Have at you!

I will make you my next prey for sure!


I renew all of my strengthening spells and try to recall everything I’ve learned about the enemy before me.


Shindura Lv3

Heavenly General  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Space-Time Attribute


Sturmtiger Lv3

Demon Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Wind Attribute


So this is Shindura, and by the looks of it, his companion is going to be a tiger, but their levels are not very high.

Okay, like always, I’ll leave the support to my Monster Summons and face off against the big baddie myself.


I have very high hopes.

What kind of battle will it be?

Maybe I’ll also try fighting with bare hands?

Like a fighter vs fighter match.


I’m really thankful to you, my enemy


Good hits

Good kicks.

Throws are also good.

It’s even trying to use joint locks.


Perfection of the purest kind.

And it has more power than me.

That is what makes this fight so enjoyable, especially since it is only slightly larger than me, unlike Deva King or Gozu & Mezu.


What then ensued was a round of us exchanging blows back and forth, with me slowly but surely widening the gap in our HP pools, until finally after a grueling series or rush attacks the Heavenly General finally fell to the ground, defeated.


What about the tiger?

He looks to be at his limit.

Its hind legs were bound by Creep so he couldn’t move freely.

Apparently Goki took some damage, but overall not that much.

From the distance he was sending arrow after arrow into the Sturmtiger’s belly, making it look like an oversized pincushion.


He fought really hard and finally he sank his sword into the tiger’s neck, killing him at last.


It was such a good fight!


But once again, I haven’t received any items from it.

This is beginning to seriously get on my nerves!



It’s best to go to the next hall while the effect of the spell continues.

It’s a waste.

Ah, it’s a waste.

Ninetails  Red Fox Lv6 → Lv7 (↑ 1)

DEX 10

AGI 20

INT 21 (↑ 1)

STR 10

VIT 10

SPI 21 (↑ 1)



Bite  Evade  Dash  Predict Danger  MP Regeneration [Slight]  Light Attribute



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