Chapter 174 – Part 1

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

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I aimed for the next statue while the spell was effective.

The spaces between the halls were all constructed the same and they all even looked the same.

At the very least I won’t have to run so much between each of the halls.


It would be nice if the next enemy didn’t have any weapons on him.

But unfortunately he was wielding an axe.

And the statue itself was white.

So blindingly white that my eyes were hurting just from looking at it.


Magora Lv3

Heavenly General

Battle Position: Ground  Water Attribute


Curly Rabbit Lv6

Demon Target Subjugation Active

Battle position: Ground


Makora, or?

It seems to be read as Magora.


As for their rabbit companion?

I think rabbits can be cute.

But its eyes are thin and have this barbarically brutal gleam in them.

And they shine slightly with this dull light.

There is only one, but it should be seen as capable as the other companions.


But you know what?

This changes nothing.

Rabbits are the prey of Monster Summons.

So I’ll leave it to them and take on Magora myself.


It’s using an axe as its weapon.

Therefore it doesn’t swing it too much, but when it does, man are those swings packing one hell of a wallop.

Because of that there are only a few gaps in its defenses.

That is troublesome.


Maybe I’ll have the chance for a breakthrough if I exploit the fact that it is holding that axe with its right hand.

It looks to be a one-handed one, but occasionally it grabs it with both its hands.

Let’s try baiting him into doing that.


That way I will create an opening at the side of its belly for myself.


The blade extending from Tokkosho’s hilt is the black, obsidian one imbued with the Earth Attribute.

With each swing, it always sparkles for a brief moment.


It is an indicator that the special effect of this version of Tokkosho has been activated.

And the more it triggers, the stronger my attacks will become.



But this Magora is quite reluctant to give up.

After all, he never dropped the axe he was holding.

Even when I attacked it steadily until it died in the end.

The damage I have accumulated myself was somewhere around 40% of my total HP.

That was serious.


How about the Rabbit?

The neck was bitten into by Creep as he wrapped himself around its torso.

This is great.

And it looks like Goki won’t have to assist him even if I wanted him to do so.

It seemed to have been poisoned, but I didn’t take much time to finish it off.

I didn’t know how strong it was.

I guess both Goki and Creep had sustained some damage, but it was to be expected with enemies like that.


Complete the HP bar recovery with spells and potions.

I still have plenty of room on my MP bar, but I should remain careful just in case I may be forced to spend unexpectedly.


I arrive at the next hall.

But do not approach the statue immediately.

The reason was the bow and arrow that the statue was holding.


A bow and arrow?

I’ll have to fight one-on-one with an archer?

I’m not confident if I’ll be able to do that.

It also wears something that looks like a dagger on its waist.

And the statue’s face is bright red.

It’s like a Red Oni.


What should I do?

Rather, it may be better to gather the Monster Summons and attack it all together.

Probably its companion will come out then

I better do that.


I hope you all guys can join me if you get rid of that support quickly.

In any case, the opponent with the bow and arrow is unlikely to engage us directly.

Yes, let’s do it.


When I finished strengthening us with spells, another challenger had arrived.

Who is it going to be this time?


Haira Lv3

Heavenly General Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground   Wood Attribute


Dragon Puppy Lv1

Demon Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground   ? ? ?



A Dragon?


My thoughts have stopped for a moment, that’s how amazed I was at the sight before me.


Now is not the time to be standing still you dumbass!

What is this dragon’s appearance?


Instead of a Dragon, I’d much rather called it an oversized Raptor.

But wait, no, if you look closely, there are small bat-like wings on its back.

Its legs are thick, similar to a normal bipedal Raptor.

And its arms are also thick.

The claws are even thicker than its arms.

And those eyes. . . . . . ho boi those eyes. They spell trouble from a mile away.

Everything about this creature points to it being extremely dangerous.


[Practiced Spirit!]


I decided on the martial arts and spells I’m going to use.

And then I coated Tokkosho’s blade with Practiced Spirit.

With its Paralyze effect, it should prove useful against an enemy like that, right?


Puppy means that it should still be in its baby stage, right?

I guess I have no choice but to find that out for myself.

But there are things that even my [Identify] was unable to confirm about that enemy.

That makes me extremely worried.

But I can be wrong, right?

Yes, I should judge that with my own eyes.

Even if it will be, I do not have to worry.

Just do what you always do: go at it with all your might!


I’m closing the distance between us.

I am somewhat scared of course, but fighting it up close with my sword should be my best chance of achieving victory here.


And then our eyes met.

They were covered with a burning flame of hatred.

It opens its gaping mouth and leans its head back.

A Breath attack?


[Dimension Mirror!]


I have no idea how strong that breath will be, so better safe than sorry!

It is a wave of fire that strikes my mirror shield and bounces back towards the enemy.

But Dragon Puppy didn’t receive much damage.

Does he have Fire Resistance or Fire Attribute?

It may be so.


I was able to approach it again without getting hit.

But then I realized that it might have not been such a swell idea after all.

I slashed it with Tokkosho a few times, but it did very little damage!

Of course, it did not paralyze it at all.

Rather, the damage done by my tonfa was way more reliable.

Although the damage is small, I cannot allow myself to stop inflicting it!

Will I even have the time to continue the attack while dealing with the breath attack at the same time?


I’m not confident in it at all, but I have to do it either way!


It seems that the breath attack cannot be repeated many times in a row.

I managed to avoid the next breath attack by slipping under its feet.

It was dangerous.

Just thinking of what would happen if it happened to hit me directly one more time scares me.

But instead, I was slashed with a claw from one of its legs.

The damage I’ve eaten now was plainly painful.


[Lower DEF!]


In any case, I need to accumulate damage by attacking.

Keep going at it with your sword and tonfa.

Damage has soaked in nicely, but it still looks insignificant.

Can I do something about it with one of my spells?

I’m not confident, but I have to do it.


[Pulsed Laser Burst!]


I shoot my spell at it from close range.

How was it?

I thought I did good, but just then another attack came towards me.

What is it now?!


It whacked me with its tail, sending me flying.


Dragon Puppy is coming towards me calmly from a distance.

I knew what it was going to do next.

Another breath attack will come.


And came it did.

I dived to the side before it could fully catch me, but my shoulders still got hit.

But the pain stops right away.

Spells that were being selected and executed have also been canceled.


Am I just going to give up and accept defeat?

No, of course not!

I select and execute the next spell.

And then I proceed to shoot both Tokkosho and the tonfa at the Raptor’s feet.

I have to stop it from moving no matter what!

I won’t be able to do anything if I won’t do that first!


Also, I need to do something about that tail.

I avoided its next attack by jumping in the air.

The tail passes at my feet with great momentum.

Even though the enemy has shown me its back, I couldn’t use that opportunity to attack.


After safely landing on the ground I launched an assault on the monster’s right leg.

Did its movement slow down somewhat?

No, it’s just that my eyes are slowly getting used to its speed.



This guy is really strong.


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