Chapter 174 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

It’s so strong!

As expected, dragons really are ridiculous!


Again, I used the spell to jump and avoid another tail swing.




The long-term battle will not be to my advantage in the slightest here.

But I have no time to reorganize my items and spells or change my strategy, so should I just go all out to finish this up as soon as possible?

Do I really want to take such a risky action?


I changed the Tokkosho from Lightning Magic to Ice Magic.

Keeping it in Lightning Magic Mode if it was not going to get paralyzed would just be counterproductive and would simply drain me out of my MP for nothing.

I continue the assault on the Dragon Puppy, but the Ice Blade does not seem to be working too well either?

There is no slowdown effect at all!


If I allow that breath attack to hit me directly I will most likely take serious damage.

Its defense is also horrible to deal with.

And what is up with its abnormal resistance to status effects?!

What is going on here?!

Am I done for?

Is there nothing I can do?



There is still something I can do to turn this hopeless situation around.

I sheath the Tokkosho at my waist belt.

I had some difficulty with it, but I finally managed to take the item that I wanted out of the 《Item Box!》


Prison Guard’s Black Rope.


Will this work?

I don’t know, but I at least have to try it!


Which attack is going to be next?




Dragon Puppy makes its move.

It bends its head backwards.

Breath attack incoming.

I also spring into action.

I ran towards it and dropped into a slide at the last possible second to avoid taking any damage.

And as I was doing that I wrapped the Black Rope around Dragon Puppy’s hind legs.


Then I made a loop, passing the rope around the rest of its legs.

Unfortunately only one of its legs was completely restrained, but even despite that I managed to inflict some considerable damage upon it as it is.



Let’s try that one more time!

I went and looped the Black Rope in the same way on the other leg.

And I squeezed it with all my strength!


How is it?

It might not be on Creep’s level, but managed to restrain both legs.

Dragon Puppy turns around and tries to attack me in turn.

Its flaming breath washed over its legs.

But I managed to successfully roll away, so the damage I sustained was rather miniscule.



How does it feel to do a critical miss, asshole?


Now to seal both front legs.

Hook the Black Rope on the right arm and pull.

I hung a rope around its neck and hooked it around my left arm to fix it.

I almost got bitten on the way, but the rope was already where I wanted it to be.

Now the Dragon Puppy’s movements should be greatly restricted.

And it seems that it has also realized that.

It tried to move its neck around to shake the rope off, but it did not work.

The whole body gets caught in flames.


Hold a rope and attach to the Dragon’s neck.

What should I be aiming for?

The eyes.


I put the tip of the Tonfa into its eyes.

Hang the rope on the handle of the Tonfas of Torture and pull the rope.

Tonfa gradually cuts into the head of Dragon Puppy.


「Take that!」


Dragon Puppy’s HP bar suddenly began to decrease.


Another push will finish it!


「Pulsed laser burst!」


My attack hits it directly in the back of the head.


Dragon Puppy is rampaging.

As a result of its thrashing around while being tied with a rope, it seems that Tonfa has been pushed deeper into his head.

Dragon Puppy’s HP bar disappears in an instant.


Did we do it?

It looks like we did it. Fucking finally.


With this guy finished, the only one remaining should be Haira.

Let’s have a look-see at how the battle against it is going.


My Monster Summons were still fighting it.

But it no longer has a bow and arrow in its hands.

It is exchanging blows with Goki with its dagger.

Nine Tail heals and supports it from the back.

Creep is aiming for Haira’s feet, but it doesn’t seem to be doing all too well.

This guy is pretty quick for its size, huh?


But he has sustained so much damage that it shouldn’t take him long to finally go down.

And just when I was thinking that, he fell to the ground and disappeared after taking a clean hit to the back from Obsidian’s surprise attack.



Is it finally over?


《「Punch」 Level Up! 》

《「Evade」 Level Up! 》

《「Block」 Level Up! 》

《「Ropework」 Level Up! 》

《The Monster Summons 「Obsidian」 Level Up! 》

《Please allocate 1 Bonus Point to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》


It makes me cry that I’ve struggled so hard and not leveled up!.

No, listen, I’m serious here!

It burns me up!



I have to concentrate on Obsidian’s status screen.

DEX value has already risen, so I guess I will go with VIT for a nice synergy here.


Obsidian Mystic Eye Lv3 → Lv4 (↑ 1)

Dex 13

AGI 22 (↑ 1)

INT 21

STR 14

VIT 14 (↑ 1)

SPI 21



Peck  Silent Flight  Far Sight  Night Vision  Ambush  Sense Danger  Divine Hearing  Water Attribute



Now, let’s stop going at such a breakneck pace here.

From the next hall onward I would like to employ a much slower, safer approach.


《Show thy power even more!》


Another event message began playing, but right now I was rather tired and irritated to such a degree that I couldn’t care less about it so I just skipped the rest of it.

And just like before, there were no items I could snatch for myself this time as well.

What the hell is with the drop rate of items here?! Is this some kind of a sick punishment game?!


Oh, right.

I am in a game.


I heal the damage with a potion and move on ahead.

As slowly as possible.

I just noticed that I had gone so far, so slowing down a bit might actually benefit me more than charging ahead blindly.


The direction the magnetic compass showed was southwest.



Yes, this direction is strange.

Apparently, this branch road seems to be going in a circle.

Does that mean I will arrive at the first point if I continue to go down this path?

Is it like the Forest Maze west of the village of Legias?


And the order of the statues.


Dragon Puppy.

Curly Rabbit.


Fighting Bull.

Hipping Rat.


Do you see the pattern here?

It’s the Zodiac!


Ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog.

Twelve Zodiacs.


Raging Cock must be a rooster.

Hellhound is a dog.

Muscle Boar is a goat.



Looks like it really goes like that.


Then going by their order, the next battle should be against a snake, right?


  1. Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Muscle boar is goat


  3. pokeperson1000

    “DEX value has already risen, so I guess I will go with VIT for a nice synergy here.”
    Judging by the following status, do you mean AGI instead of DEX?

    “Ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog.
    Twelve Zodiacs.”
    That’s ten listed animals. You’re missing the rat and the pig.

    “Muscle Boar is a goat.”
    There is a pig on the zodiac, you know.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  5. 鼠 : Rat/mouse
    牛 : Ox/cow
    虎 : Tiger
    兔 : Rabbit
    龙 / 龍 : Dragon
    蛇 : Snake
    马 : Horse
    羊 : Goat
    猴 : Monkey
    鸡 : Chicken/Cock
    狗 : Dog
    猪 : Pig (pretty sure a boar is a pig)

    Chinese (but I assume it’s the same)

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