Chapter 174 – Part 3

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

We have arrived at the next hall.

The upcoming statue also looks like a red demon.

Is that a spear in its hands?

I can’t be absolutely sure, but that is how its weapon looks to me.


Since I was moving slower than before, all the effects of my spells have worn off already.

So I strengthened everyone with them again.

When I approached it, the event messages began to play.

But I don’t care about useless flavor texts.

[Identify] comes first.

Now, what kind of enemy is it this time?


Indara Lv.3

Heavenly General Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Lightning Attribute


Cursed Viper Lv.3

Demon Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Dark Attribute



Just like I suspected, the next enemy was a snake.


And Indara, huh?

It can be associated with Taishakuten, but the proper reading is Indara.

I’m not sure about the meaning of this.

Anyway, it appears to be the master of thunder.



As usual, I am going to be taking the main boss on.

The snake will be left to my Monster Summons.

What if it will be stronger than the Dragon Puppy earlier?

Well, I guess that’s something that we’re going to see as we continue the fight.


I chose to go against Indara with Tokkosho on the right hand and Tonfa on the left.

I wonder how they’ll do against its spear?

The spear is a weapon specializing in piercing and thrusting.

Also, it is ideal when one wants to keep the enemies at a safe distance while employing continuous attacks.


Speaking of distance, both of my weapons are meant for battles in close range

Not only that, all of my weapons are the same.

And even if tonfas give me the speed advantage, they are much more heavy than the spears.

So there is always a possibility that the enemy might end up deflecting pretty much all of my attacks.

I haven’t even considered such a possibility up until now.


Indara might actually give me more of a hard time then I have initially assumed.


But even if that ends up being the case, my strategy stays the same as before.

Just go ham into its abdomen and aim for the joints.


If I make it lose its posture by kicking it with the momentum I gathered, I will probably do tons of damage.

I then shoot the blade of ice that extends from the Tokkosho, and proceed to pummel him with my tonfas.

The distance between us is completely closed.

But even if it is a one-sided beatdown, I still had to work myself pretty hard.

Just what is wrong with those guys and how insanely tanky they are getting?!


In the end I had to resort to strangling him with the help from Tokkosho.

It persistently tried to shake me off by swinging its arms around widely, but I did my best to stay on top of it until its HP bar disappeared completely.

Oh yeah, bitch, that’s how you do it!


Cursed Viper seems to have already been dealt with.

It was struggling a little, but in the end its head was cut in two with Goki’s hatchet, making a surprisingly satisfying sound.

That weapon really is a monster when it comes to critical hits.

So the fact that something like that is being wielded by a demon is a kind of poetic justice, if I do say so myself.


《[Kick] Level Up! 》

《[Joint Technique] Level Up! 》

《[Throwing technique] Level Up! 》


《Show thy power even more!》


Can’t this info be omitted somehow?

I didn’t ask for it anyway, so why do I have to put up with it?


And of course there were no items.

I should really start to embrace my shitty luck when it comes to drop rates instead of fighting it, but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to do it.


*Sigh* just hurry to the next hall.

I’ve defeated Indara relatively fast, and I want to clear up the next one while the current spells are effective.


The horse should be the next enemy.

What kind of companion will come out to aid it?

I’m greatly interested in that.


It’s a statue, but it’s a strange one again.

It has a Horagai[1. A horn (musical instrument) made from a Triton’s Trumpet (Charonia tritonis, a variety of conch) shell] for a weapon.

Skin color is blue.

So what are the identities of the boss and its companion?


Santeira Lv.3

Heavenly General Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Fire Attribute


Sifca Lv.2

Demon Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Light Attribute


The companion is like a horse demon.

Ash colored, right?

The coat appears to be almost white in the light though it is a beautiful gray.


And Santeira.

It seems to be read as Sanchira… all right, now I’m just doing that purely out of habit.

Its weapon, a Horagai, was strange.

It might be potentially problematic to deal with.


Santeira blows the Horagai.

The sound of the air in the hall seemed to have an intimidating effect.

The movements of my Monster Summons and even myself feel somewhat sluggish now.

The horse uses that opportunity to attack us.

We might be indoors, but it turned out it was maneuvering the narrow spaces with surprising agility.

Even without the main boss around, this guy might actually be a serious threat.


During that, Bunraku attacks the boss from afar.

Looks like she was the only one who was not affected by that slowing effect .


Go Bunraku, do something with that pesky Horagai first!


She managed to hit it with a number of her arrows.

And when she did that, the slowing sound emitted by the Horagai was stopped.

The horse was now charging straight towards me, but with that speed debuff gone, my Monster Summons were able to jump in front of me and stop it dead in its tracks, pushing it to the ground where they have laid an intense beatdown on it, myself and my Tokkosho included.


Santeira is the only one left now.

Let’s go and kill it,  everyone.

From there, everything was settled with good old-fashioned violence.

We just overpowered the enemy with a barrage of attacks until it was completely beaten to a pulp.

And then we just moved on.


《Show it! 》


Pressing skip on the info for the win!

And of course there were no items for me. Fucking figures.

If I really am fighting the Heavenly general and the Zodiacs here, then there should be only 2 left.


The time is now 8:40 am

I wanted to have a break and eat lunch, but it was terrible!

It is so early!

Too early to be eating anything!


Well that has its advantages too.

Apparently I will be able to fight all the twelve Generals before lunch.



Should I really try to push my luck and go for that eleventh battle?

Make your decision, and fast, me.


Also, a series of statues has been going through the same info all the time, but there may be something at the end.

So maybe I should stop spamming the skip button like  retard and actually listen to what the last, the twelfth one has to say from beginning to the end?


All right, that settles it.

We’re fighting the eleventh statue right now.


The next hall also has a statue standing in the middle of it.

If my predictions are correct, the support for this one is going to be a sheep.


I just stood at the entrance for a while, observing the statue carefully.

It looks like a demon again.

And it also has an angry expression and red skin.


Aside from that, it looks like a monk wearing the long-sleeved robes.

Long-sleeved robes?

I don’t know why, but something was telling me that I should not approach this battle the same way as I did all the others before that one.

To be honest, that got me a little bit scared.

Every time you do something successfully, it clouds your judgement, making you think that you are invincible and that nothing can harm you.

I cannot have that here.

I absolutely need to approach this battle carefully.


When I approached the statue after finishing my preparations, the message played was the same as the one with all the other statues.

But I couldn’t give two shits about that.

My mind was focused entirely around the other thing that began to appear when the statue started to move.


Manilla Lv.3

Heavenly General  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Dust Attribute


Red Sheep Lv.6

Demon  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Fire Attribute


Manilla, eh?

Manila, it seems to be called.

What city is that?


And Red Sheep.

Just like its name suggests, it is bright red.


It would appear that we have a nice combo in here: The enemy that looks like a Red Oni and its support that matches it in color.



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