Chapter 175 – Part 1

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

Where is this place?

I’ve gone in circles, do you think?


The place was like a Buddhist temple.

A seated figure in front.

Standing statues on either side of it.

If you look closely, there seem to be standing statues around the room.


Looking behind me, I saw a statue of Santeira.

It has a Horagai, so there’s no doubt.


《Buddha is everywhere, and nowhere》


A voice rang from one of the side passages.

There was a dignified-looking old man there.

He’s somewhat chubby.

His hair, mustache and beard were all stunningly white.

He reminds me of an ancient scribe.


《Not only the image of Buddha, Nikkō Bosatsu (Sunlight Bodhisattva) and Gakkō Bosatsu (Moonlight Bodhisattva) also. The Twelve Heavenly Generals likewise.》


Who might that be?

I think it’s related to the event.

Kind commentary Grandfather?


King of Mt. Tai  ? ? ?

? ? ?       ? ? ?

? ? ?       ? ? ?


I’m sorry, my mistake.

You are much greater than that, I understand.


《I am the same. This avatar is my manifestation in this place. 》


Saying this, he looked at the main shrine.

The image of Buddha.

The King of Mt. Tai reaches for the urn in the left hand of the Bhaiṣajyaguru.

He took the lid off and reached for the contents.


He bowed to the Bhaiṣajyaguru, then scattered the contents upon me.



《May the path to liberation be everywhere you go. 》


So saying, the King of Mt. Tai disappeared.

Is this the end of the event?


《You have acquired the title 【Guardian of Lapis Lazuli Light】!》


I see,

This must mean that the event is indeed over.


Where’s the exit, oh great Buddha?


I got my answer pretty fast.

When I touched the Santeira statue that was holding the Horagai, the following message appeared:


《Do you want to transfer to the Hall of the Santeira Guardian?》




Well, I still have no firm grasp on what is going on here, so for now I will pick 《No》.


First, I will examine each of the Twelve Heavenly Generals’ statues.

They seem to be of a non-fighting specification.


What are the statues on the left and right of the Bhaiṣajyaguru?


It is a statue with the right hand raised and the left hand lowered.

Unlike the Twelve Heavenly Generals, it has a gentle expression.

It didn’t seem to have a weapon.

I placed my hands together, bowed, and touched it.


《May the sun in the sky have mercy on you.》


And that was it.

Nothing else happened.


What about the one on the other side?

This one has the left hand raised and the right hand lowered.

Again, I placed my hands together, bowed, and touched it.


《May the moon in the sky have mercy on you.》


That’s all we have here, too.

I wonder what it is?

It’s good.

If they became the next rank of the Buddha, they would be Bodhisattva statues.

These are probably the Nikkō Bosatsu (Sunlight Bodhisattva) and Gakkō Bosatsu (Moonlight Bodhisattva) that the King of Mt. Tai had mentioned.


The main one was the Bhaiṣajyaguru (Healing Buddha).

As before, I placed my hands together, bowed, and touched it.

Nothing happened, just like with the other two.

Maybe the urn?

Maybe not.

I don’t want to incur Buddha’s anger.


Well, then.

The Trial of the Twelve Heavenly Generals seems to be a mini event to get the title.

Let’s summarize.


Who was my most powerful opponent?

It was Dragon Puppy by a long shot.

Moreover, he should be the weakest at level 1.

The Trial of the Twelve Heavenly Generals is a misnomer, isn’t it?


Also, it’s not clear what I’ve gained with the title, even though it’s a title.

My martial arts?

They haven’t improved.

My spells?

They haven’t improved.


How mysterious.


Well, I didn’t get any items, but there was a lot of leveling up, so that’s okay.

And yet, what a thing to do.

The time is 9:30 a.m., right?

It’s a busy time.


I touch Santeira and transfer back.

It’s too early to have lunch.

Shall we hunt against Gozus and Mezus?


My destination was a hall with a statue in the center.

Or at least it should have been.

But it wasn’t..

Instead, it was battling against a party of players.


Meikira Lv1

Heavenly General  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Wind Attribute


Rampaging Battle Cock Lv3

Demon  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Wind Attribute



Aren’t their levels much lower than against me?


We appeared at a corner of the hall.

The battle-occupied players didn’t notice us.

I wanted to try fighting Meikira again, but it’s already engaged?

It can’t be helped.

Waiting is out of character, so let’s go.


I will go find another spawn point for Gozu and Mezu.


【Disassembly】skill activated.


Let’s go.


All the way to the main cave, we only encounter the Grow Liches.

That’s no surprise.

The other party had defeated all the Gozu and Mezu.


Let’s look for other Gozu and Mezu spawn points.

There are two more on the road from the main cave to the relay portal, but they’ve likely already been farmed.

Let’s go somewhere else.


Gozu Lv8

Phantom  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Light Attribute


Mezu Lv8

Phantom  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Dark Attribute


So, they are my current objective.

I can’t help it.

They are comparable to the Dragon Puppy.

And the Twelve Heavenly Generals.


Our power is equal.

It seems there is more to these.

Their attack might be greater than the Twelve Heavenly Generals.

Their defence is less than Higher Gozu and Higher Mezu.

It’s troublesome that Higher Gozu is faster and more skillful, but Gozu is a power fighter.

The rewards are inadequate.


Gozu and Mezu are defeated with comparative ease.

Too bad.


There are two places on the southern road to the Tower of Judgement where you can expect Gozu and Mezu.

Getting there is a hassle.

I make my way there hoping that they haven’t been hunted down yet.


Fortunately, all three places were unhunted.

But even if I go around all 3 places, they won’t upgrade to General Gozu and General Mezu.


Higher Gozu Lv11

Phantom  Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: Ground  Light Attribute


Higher Mezu Lv11

Phantom  Target Subjugation Passive

Battle Position: Ground  Dark Attribute


I will limit myself to this area for today.


Naturally, it’s a no-brainer that we can’t let our guard down.

Physical Enchantment will be necessary for all members of the vanguard.


So, it’s Higher Gozu that is the only power fighter.

It was unexpected, Senki and Jericho teaming up did less damage than Goki.

Creep will support them.


Is it about time?

Let’s head to the relay portal.

You can use Instant Portal anyplace, but there’s no need.


I want to fight with Deva King..

My aim, to receive another Tokkosho.


I want some spares.

I hope it’s not crowded.


In front of the hall, Deva King was already in combat.

There are quite a few galleries as well.

What about inside the hall?


A pair of Lion Dogs were in battle.

There are also galleries here, but not so many.

Lunch comes first.,

Let’s go to the Relay Portal.


Naturally, I let Bunraku prepare the meal.

At the same time I craft more wooden arrows.

Bunraku’s arrows are collected, but some require repairs while others are unusable.

I’ll replenish them.

Goki hasn’t used enough to need replenishment.


《Experience increase【Woodworking】Level Up!》



I made too much.

More than will fit into the quivers of Bunraku and Goki combined.

MY skill level went up so that’s OK.

The arrowheads and feathers have decreased.

Do I need to stock up soon?

Not a problem for the time being.


Bunraku cooked the last of the sirloin.

She used Strange Salt (Holy) to do it, of course.

There have been non-stop battles since early morning.

There is more than half of my MP bar left but I want to recover as much as possible.


Even if I challenge Deva King, I have no knowledge what level he is going to be.

How bothersome.


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