Chapter 175 – Part 2

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

Oh yeah, maybe I should change the formation of my Monster Summons?

I wanted to keep her around for the class Change, but for now it would be better to return Bunraku for now.

Obsidian should also go back because I probably won’t need his search ability for now.

Goki and Ninetails will also go back.

The only one left from the old squad is Creep.


Now for the front guard I will summon Tigris and Rewe and I chose Heather and Zuiun for the back.

If all goes well then maybe I’ll be able to improve my level.


The thing is, I wanted to deal with Deva King outside of the hall, but there is already a line of people and a gallery forming there.

There are not that many of them, but compared to here the hall is  empty, with no party taking the challenge and I prefer that to having people constantly watch me.

The players outside have finished their match already and presumably their MP pool should be exhausted, so most of them should return to the Relay Portal to either log out or have lunch.

As for the Galleries, they are switching locations to where the other party of players was located.


All right, now, without having to worry about someone spectating my battle I can finally proceed with this thing!

But before I do that, I believe a little bit of strategizing is necessary.

The enemies I need to be especially wary of are the ones with Wind and Water Attributes.

So if I’ll be using Tokkosho, which form should I employ to give myself even the slightest advantage in battle?

Hmm… okay, let’s use the form based on the Water Attribute.

It should give me a nice advantage against the enemies of the Wind Attribute.

Yeah, looking at it from the broader perspective, it seems to be the most optimal choice.

Now I just have to set the 【Disassemble】 skill to ON, and I should be ready to go.


The biggest downside to this event is that the levels of both Deva King and its lackeys seem to be randomly fluctuating with each separate encounter.

Up until now I have fought them around 10 times.

Each time the levels were different, sometimes being as low as Lv2 or even Lv1, so it really must be randomized.

But even on Lv2 they were pretty strong, comparable to the Heavenly Generals.

Even when I was not using Tokkosho with a Water Attribute, which is in and out of itself more technical, the battles were fairly difficult.

But I always had a feeling that they never really showed me what they are really capable of.


Out of the 10 times I’ve cleared that event, I won 10 out of 10 times.

As for the spoils, I managed to obtain 4 pieces of Holy Salt and 2 bottles of Power Water.

And Tokkosho?

Aside from my initial copy, no spares whatsoever, even with 【Disassemble】 set to OFF.

That makes me think that maybe no additional copies can be obtained.


In the meantime, the number of Galleries increased slightly, but they didn’t show any particular interest in joining the fight so I just continued my own battle at my own pace.


As I thought, it is random after all.

This is my 12th match with that set of enemies.

Right now the main target, Deva King was Lv2 and its supports were also Lv2.

Either there really is no regularity to it or I’m just too stupid to see it.

When the current battle finished, I managed to obtain 5 more Holy Salts and 2 more Power Waters.


Tokkosho, where art thou?!

Deva King-san, why won’t you drop it for me?!


Well, at least one my monsters has Leveled Up, so I guess it wasn’t all that fruitless of a run this time.


《Monster Summons 『Rewe』 Level Up!》

《Please allocate 1 Bonus Point to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》


This is fine. No, really, totally fine. I am not salty about Tokkosho not dropping for me, not at all.


Okay, on to the level Up screen.

Uhm, since Rewe’s STR has already increased, let’s balance it out with DEX.


Rewe Lion Lv3 → Lv4 (↑ 1)

DEX 10 (↑ 1)

AGI 14

INT 11

STR 19 (↑ 1)

VIT 21

SPI 13



Bite Intimidation Detect Danger Night Eye


Now that the number of galleries is increasing even more, I think it is the  best time to make a short break.


As expected, my MP bar was seriously drained right now.

Looks like the best I can do right now is the 3 consecutive battles with one Physical Enhancement.

The usage of spells has also taken its toll on me.

I want to keep playing after the break, so I’d better replenish my MP reserves with Mana Potions.


Well then.

When the rest of the players will make themselves scarce I will resume the battles.


9 bouts later the levels of the enemies kept on changing with no sense of continuity to it whatsoever.

And my loot from all that fighting? 3 pieces of Holy Salt and 1 bottle of Power Water.

Looks to me like the drop rate suddenly got a lot worse.

Maybe because I was fighting them too much?


《【Sword 】 skill Level Up!》

《【Weapon Skill】 obtained!》

《Skill Link acquired!》


Oh, now that is a pleasant surprise.

For a skill, 【Sword 】 sure is leveling at an abnormally fast rate.

It is at Lv4 already!

I guess it’s like that because I’ve been fighting nothing but strong opponents since yesterday.

I was also able to better understand how to use Tokkosho and obtain a firmer grasp on the characteristics of how different Attributes change the way it’s working.

Although it’s the simplest of them all, Wood Magic-imbued Tokkosho is my favorite.

It is a simple yet effective way to fight against Water Attribute opponents.

It has this peculiar effect where it has a low chance of casting Slow on whoever its blade slashes, and if you look closely, the weapon itself is formed of tangled branches and their leaves.

If I had to compare it to a spell, then I would say that it has the same effect as the Wood Magic’s Branch Bind support spell.

It even has a similar visual effect to it.


After 17 more battles.

The Deva King’s lowest level was 1 while the others 2.

Items obtained: 17 Holy Salts and 3 Power Waters.

Where is it?

Where is my 2nd copy of Tokkosho?! Why is it still not here?! Why hasn’t it appeared before me?!


Instead, all I got was a Level Up of another skill.


《【Wood Magic】 skill Level up!》




I haven’t used any Wood Magic spells today.

But maybe it has something to do with me using Tokkosho in the Wood Magic mode?

After all, each time I swung it, my MP bar got depleted by a miniscule amount, so maybe it was actually using my own spells to power itself up?

That would explain why it took so long for Wood Magic to Level Up. After all, the amount of EXP gained by using Tokkosho as a proxy was not as big as the amount gained from using the spells normally, but the frequency of their usage was much greater.

But all of that is just my own hypothesis since I have no way of confirming if any of that was true, even when I had so much Mask Data.

Verifying it will be quite difficult, or at least that’s what I think.

But enough about that.

On to the next one, next one!


145 matches later.

Deva King’s lowest level: 1, supports lowest level: 2.

Got 6 Holy Salts and 1 Power Water out of it.

Is the item drop rate getting worse again?

I honestly thought it couldn’t drop any lower than it already did.


To be honest, I would have gone mad from this repetitiveness long ago if it wasn’t for finding the new ways for me to use the Tokkosho, even if it was mostly by the way of sheer coincidence.

Like how its blade can actually be extended.

Or use to strangle my enemies.


That was actually  a great find.

That way I could inflict even bigger damage when I strangled the enemy with Tokkosho’s handle and then released the blade when the poor sucker least suspected it.

But since I just found out about it, maybe I should spend more time experimenting with it and different types of magic?

I think I will try Ice Magic first.


Oh, and before I forget, another info popped up somewhere along the line.

It was the info about Creep gaining another level, which was understandable since I’ve kept him in the active party ever since yesterday.



《Monster Summons 『Creep』 Level Up!》

《Please allocate 1 Bonus Point to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》


All in all I would have to say that all those battles were a moderate success.

I managed to get some ideas on how to utilize Monster Summons both in the front and the rear guard more effectively, some of my skills Leveled Up and I came up with new ways of using Tokkosho.

My only and biggest regret would be that I didn’t manage to obtain even one additional copy of it.

But I guess that’s just the way it apparently has to be.

Not that it will stop me from being salty about it.


  1. He’s salty? I’m salty.

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    Are you a summoner or just a pervert, oi!

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