Chapter 175 – Part 3

Translation: DarkHeartedAlchemist
Editor: Weasalopes

Well, Creep’s AGI has increased along with the Level Up.

So this time I will raise Creep’s SPI stat.


Creep Viper Lv5 → Lv6 (↑ 1)

DEX 12

AGI 17 (↑ 1)

INT 12

STR 12

VIT 17

SPI 12 (↑ 1)



Bite Smell Detection Heat Detection  Choke  Poison


Yup, looking good, as God intended.


I guess I could technically go on, but maybe it’s high time to stop? Besides…


《You have 1 unread message.》


A message from one of my friends has arrived.

Looking at the timestamp, it must’ve been delivered to me when I was in the middle of the battle, so I probably didn’t even notice it.

Let’s see who’s the sender…. Margrid-san?

Now there’s a name that I totally wasn’t expecting!


Although there were still quite a few Galleries present I ignored their gazes and made my way towards the Relay Portal.

The time is short before 6:00 PM.

A little early, but let’s make ourselves something to eat.

Now that the gauntlet of battles was finally over I could call Creep back and re-summon Bunraku.

I also checked Margrid-san’s message while the food was being prepared.


『The item you requested has been completed. Tomorrow I’ll be moving with Rick from Remut to the village of Legias.』



And? What else?


『The day after tomorrow we will pay a visit to the Wind Spirit’s Village. The end result should be quite fun to see. Can’t wait to see your reaction to it.』



I feel like she’s teasing me like that on purpose.

And I absolutely can’t wait to see it!

I wonder just how big of a surprise that is going to be?


Legias is far away from here, so even if I wanted to get there I wouldn’t make it in time, so I send her a reply that I’ll be picking the item up at the Wind Spirit’s Village.

Yes, that course of action is going to be the most optimal here.


So while I wait for Margrid to move and change locations, let’s use that time to do some hunting.

Until the meal finishes cooking I mine in search for stones and jewels.


I only need to find two more, actually.

First is the Opal.

And Amber is the second one.


Oh, there it is!

Come to think of it, this has to be the first time I’m seeing Opal in here, huh?



【Material】 Opal  Quality B  Rarity 4 Weight 0+

Silicic Mineral. Also known as Protein Stone.

Said to be a natural container for moisture.


Welp, that’s a rather mediocre description, is it not?


Now that that was done, I guess I will eat something first and then challenge the Deva King again.

This time the front guard will consist of Tigris and Loewe.

Bunraku, heather and Zuiun will be in the rear guard.


Now then.

I wonder if this time I will have more luck in getting another Tokkosho to spawn?

Will gacha continue to be the frigid and cruel mistress or will Lady Luck perhaps smile at me this time around?


The hall was quiet and empty.

Looks like no one was attempting the challenge right now.

Just to be on the safe side I checked outside the hall and saw a party of players engaging Deva King over there, with a number of Galleries steadily increasing.


If that’s the case then let them go on with their business while we will fight our own battle uninterrupted by anyone.

All right, we’re challenging the Deva King and its crew again.

As for how many times we will do it, I guess it will depend on our luck.

Or rather on the drop rate of another Tokkosho.


13 matches later.

Deva King’s lowest level was 1, supports level was 2.

After all those matches I obtained 4 Strange Salt (Holy) and 1 Power Water.


As for the Tokkosho… hah, you thought I was going to start bitching and complaining that the drop rate is a lie and all that other salty stuff, huh? Well too bad, because this time I finally, after such a long time I managed to obtain the damn thing!

Now quickly, throw this baby into the 《Item Box》before it turns out that it was just a joke aimed at making fun of my expectations or something!


Yes. Yes! YEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!

It finally came to papa!

OMG I’m so glad I decided to farm those bastards for so long!

Now I finally have Tokkosho’s spare copy, so my goal for today has been achieved, right when I was thinking about finally throwing in the towel!


But now’s not the time to be thinking about such things.

If I want to fight them some more, now is the best time to do it while the rest is still occupied with that other party outside the hall.


So that’s that.

We’re doing this one more time.

But this time, I will make small adjustments to the supporting spells I’m going to be using.

I will stop using Physical Enchant: Fire and try using the Power Water for now.

I know from experience that it can be pretty damn OP when used in excessive amounts.

And since I have so much of it, there is no reason for me not to use it.

I think I have too much of them anyway, so using a few dozens of them will at the very least clear some of my inventory space.


19 matches later.

Deva King’s lowest level was 1 while the supports lowest level was 3.

From all of the enemies encountered, I obtained 7 Strange Salt (Holy) and 3 Power Waters.

And also one additional Tokkosho!

What is this?!

I didn’t expect to get a third one so fast after the second one!

Looks like this damn 【Disassembly】 skill is finally starting to do its job correctly.

That was what came to my mind.



Deva Emperor – A-Gyo Lv4

Heavenly General Target Subjugation Active

Combat Position: Ground Wind Attribute Fire resistance


Deva Emperor – Un-Gyo Lv4

Heavenly General  Target Subjugation Active

Battle Position: Ground  Water Attribute Earth Attribute


This is going to be the last one, but also the most difficult one to deal with.

So far that was the first combination of the main Boss and his supports that had the same levels.

Not to mention they are relatively high.


But I had to do my best this one last time.

Not because I was hoping to get myself another Tokkosho.

But simply because I couldn’t shit all over the struggles I had to deal with to get this far!


Even with all my spells active, this last battle was an absolute blast!

At their current levels those Deva King’s are definitely stronger than the Heavenly Generals.

I still ended up victorious anyway, but this time I had much more difficulty in securing victory than all those previous ones combined.

But even so my Monster Summons were at a level where they could fight them without much of a handicap.

With such strong enemies, maybe they will all fulfil the conditions for the Class Change soon?


《Monster Summons 『Zuiun』 Level Up!》

《Please use 1 Bonus Point to increase the value of the statistic of your choosing.》


I wanted to increase Zuiun’s STR, but for some reason I was unable to do it.


Why is that?


Well, no sense thinking about it so much.

I’ll just increase Zuiun’s SPI now that his INT was increased well.


Zuiun Mist Lv4 → Lv5 (↑ 1)



INT 20 (↑ 1)



SPI 18 (↑ 1)



Flight  Shape Change  Physical Attack Penetration  MP absorption [slight]  Dark Attribute  Fire Attribute


He still has a long way to go for his Class Change, but we are slowly getting there.


Initially I wanted to call it quits here, but ultimately I have decided to do 6 more matches.

Deva King’s lowest level was 3 while the support’s lowest level was 1.

From all of the enemies encountered I have obtained only 3 Strange Salt (Holy).

Looks like we’ll have to end it here, since my MP bar dropped below 20% and was approaching 10% really fast.


《【Disassembly】 skill Level Up!》


All right, that seems like the best que to stop.

Maybe I should go rest at the Relay Portal?

Or should I jump straight to the Wind Spirit’s Village?

I was a little worried, so I decided to use Instant Portal instead.

Tomorrow, I would like to challenge Gozu and Mezu again.

I will probably log out near their spawn point that’s close to the Relay Portal.

Yeah, let’s do that.

It is already 10:30 PM.

So much time has passed, but for me it went by in a flash.

The quantity of the spoils was quite low but the quality more than made up for it, so I guess I have nothing to complain about.


Anyway, tomorrow I will work hard  trying to farm Gozu and Mezu as well!

Protagonist  Keith

Race  Human Lv18

Profession Grand Summoner  Lv4

Bonus Points Remaining 31



Sword Lv4 (↑1)  Staff Lv14  Punch Lv12  Kick Lv12  Joint Lock Lv12  Throw Lv12  Evade Lv12  Block Lv12  Summon Magic Lv18  Spacetime Magic Lv10  Light Magic Lv10  Wind Magic Lv10  Earth Magic Lv10  Water Magic Lv10  Fire Magic Lv10  Dark Magic Lv10  Ice Magic Lv8  Lightning Magic Lv8  Tree Magic Lv9 (↑1)  Dust Magic Lv8  Lava Magic Lv8  Steam Magic Lv8  Alchemy Lv8  Pharmacy Lv7  Glassmaking Lv6  Woodworking Lv7 (↑1)  Synergy Lv13  Appraise Lv13  Identify Lv13  Discern Lv4  Cold Resistance  Lv6 Grab Lv10  Horsemanship Lv10  Ropework Lv2  Precise Manipulation Lv11  Jump Lv6  Acrobatics Lv4  Heat Resistant Lv8  Climb Lv6  Dual Wield Lv11  Disassembly Lv9 (↑1)  Physical Reinforcement Lv12  Mental Reinforcement Lv10  Speedcasting Lv12  Spell Effect Amplification Lv9  Spell Range Expansion Lv9



Tokkosho×1  Staff of Torture×2  Tonfas of Torture×2  Capture Rod of Torture×1  Enraged Pickaxe×2  Silver Necklace+×1  Snow Leopard Push Dagger  Gale Tiger Push Dagger  Snow Leopard Bagh Nakh×1  Plains Lion Bagh Nakh×1 Fighting Bull Leather Armour+ Set Bracelet of Torture×1 Rabid Horse Belt+  Rucksack×1  Item Box×2



Survival Knife, Woodworking Tools



Old Summoner’s Best Pupil

Protector of the Forest

Knower of the Middle Path

Spell Glossary

Martial Arts Fighter

Guardian of the Lapis Lazuli Light (NEW!)


Monster Summons:

Zuiun Mist Lv4 → Lv5 (↑ 1)



INT 20 (↑ 1)



SPI 18 (↑ 1)


Flight  Shape Change  Physical Attack Penetration MP absorption [slight]  Dark Attribute  Fire Attribute


Creep Viper Lv5 → Lv6 (↑ 1)

DEX 12

AGI 17 (↑ 1)

INT 12

STR 12

VIT 17

SPI 12 (↑ 1)


Bite  Smell Detection  Heat Detection  Choke  Poison


Loewe Lion Lv3 → Lv4 (↑ 1)

DEX 10 (↑ 1)

AGI 14


STR 19 (↑ 1)

VIT 21

SPI 13


Bite  Intimidation  Detect Danger  Night Eye


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