Chapter 176 – Part 1

Translation: Tsuki
Editor: Weasalopes

I logged in around 4:30 in the morning.

It was too early for breakfast.


Then as I’d planned, today I would challenge Gozu General and Mezu General.

I’d like to get another Prison Guard’s Black Rope, at this point I just want to see how far I can go.

I’m sure they’ll go all out.


Who should I choose for the lineup?

For scout, I need to bring Jean.

For the vanguard, it would be Jericho, Goki and Loewe.

The rear guard would be Heather.

I should take measures to prepare for class changes.


What should I do after I defeated Gozu General and Mezu General, I wonder?

Maybe re-challenge the Twelve Heavenly Generals?

Or Deva King?

Which one better, I wonder?

In any case, it was nice to have a worthy opponent to fight.


After I’ve finished the preparation, I come out of the Relay Portal.

Little ahead would be the spawn point of Gozu General and Mezu General.


Let me refrain from using 【Disassembly】.

Well, then…

How far can I go as planned, I wonder?


Gozu General, Lv1.

Monster Phantom  Enemy Target Passive

Battle position: Ground Light Attribute Earth Attribute


Mezu General Lv1.

Monster Phantom  Enemy Target Passive.

Battle Position: Ground, Darkness attribute, Fire attribute.


There it was…

Just as planned the class already changed.

Gozu, High Gozu, Gozu General, It was Gozu’s third stage.


First, I need to use reinforcement skill as much as I could, I guess?

Physical reinforcement, and mental reinforcement skills.

Power Water.

Gravity Mail.

Heather would be a full-time rearguard this time so only mental reinforcement.


Next would be resistance magic.

Since I will be aiming at Mezu General, so I need dark resistance and fire resistance.

The other summoned monsters would need light resistance and earth resistance.

My battle style would be the same as yesterday.

The left hand would be Tonfa of Torture.

Tokkosho on my right hand.

Also, I could use Practiced Spirit depending on the situation.

Alright, all good.


Well then, I should get on it now…


Certainly, that is a powerful enemy.

There’s no mistake in that.

But for me, my standard for a strong enemy had already risen.


That’s right, it was when I met that Dragon Puppy…

Compared to that, this enemy is nothing…


Though I won’t call it a small fish enemy, it was also not a formidable enemy.

I feel using magic skill here would be a bit of a waste.

But I guess that cannot be helped.


For Mezu General, the chance of sealing its movement is big.

From there I’d forcefully cornered Mezu General and drive my hammer into its eyes.

As expected, that alone won’t bring Mezu General down, huh? How tough is that thing body?

It would be great if it goes down with just that…


I didn’t manage to seal Gozu General’s movement.

The damage I received had been reduced due to its earth attribute.

I’m glad I didn’t forget to use earth resistance.

Despite having quite a distance, I’ve received a lot of damage.

But well, it was still in the range of recovery using potions.

So there was no problem.


And I didn’t use Practiced Spirit at all.

This is great…

Even after fighting against Gozu General and Mezu General, I still have room to spare.

If this is how it is, maybe I can still advance more?


I wonder if Power Water was even necessary?

But before that…

Gozu General and Mezu General spawn point should exist nearby…

My magic reinforcement spells still active…

I think I can try another go without having to take some rest.


Gozu General Lv 2.

Monster Phantom  Enemy Target  Passive.

Battle position: Ground  Light Attribute  Earth Attribute.


Mezu General Lv 2.

Monster Phantom  Enemy Target  Passive.

Battle Position: Ground  Darkness Attribute  Fire Attribute.


There it is…

I’ve been looking for you, you know?

It seems the players that had been hunting from the tunnel side had yet to surpass me.


My magic reinforcement duration, still half left…

I wonder, what is the difference if those monsters are 1 Lv higher?


I manage to win the battle but I made a single mistake.

My Tonfa of Torture had received Mezu General’s staff attack head-on.

And the attack had managed to destroy my Tonfa of Torture.

It broke apart into pieces.

It was very regrettable.

Though if I didn’t defend using the Tonfa of Torture, it would be the end, but still…


《Summon Monster 『Heather』 Level Up!》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat》


I lost my Tonfa of Torture but, at least with this, I feel a bit better I guess?

Though I still a bit depressed, thanks to this, I feel healed a little bit…



My mental strength status value seems to have risen.

Also, let me add 1 point to agility…


Heather  Fairy Lv6 → Lv7 (↑1)

DEX  6

AGI  22(↑1)

INT  22

STR  3

VIT  3

SPI  24(↑1)



Flight, Levitation, Magic Resistance , MP recovery [small], Wind Attribute, Earth Attribute.


As usual, both physical strength and vitality value could not be increased.

Naturally, various specialization from the growth could be seen.

I guess Heather has reached a class change huh?

As of now, those who had already managed to reach class change were Bunraku, Ninetails, and now Heather…

How enviable…


As a precaution, I equipped another Tonfa of Torture in my left hand.

I still have some Hell’s Latch.

When I returned via the relay portal, I needed to make sure to prepare another spare.

Fortunately, the thing is near my current position.

The time is still too early for breakfast but, I guess I have no other choice.


A tent was constructed as a relay portal, but the number was smaller than before.

Maybe the effect of the previous competition tournament is still lingering?

Did it take that much time to move?

Anyway, I have a hunch that tomorrow the number would increase like usual.


I think the timing is good to explore another map that I’ve never stepped into.

So far, I’ve gained good experience points from the monster in this cave.

But if I were to hunt here all the time, Zangetsu and Helix won’t have the chance to take an active role.

I guess let us move the hunting ground when Margrid arrived.

Yep, let us do that.


I’d recalled Heather and Summoned Bunraku.

During the spare moment when I was cooking, I decided to also do some woodworking.

I cut the Hell’s Latch into a square stick.

Then I processed it into a cylindrical shape.

Like that, I finished making one part of the Tonfa.


I still could make another one with the leftover material but, I decided to make a staff of torture with it. –


After having breakfast, I began to assemble the tonfa.

For the time being, I decided not to use it.


Now then…

I then recalled Bunraku and summoned Ninetails.

I feel bad toward Bunraku but I want to advance the combat personnel first and get them the class change.

I then immediately went toward Gozu General and Mezu General spawn point.


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