Chapter 176 – Part 2

Translation: Tsuki
Editor: Weasalopes

Inside the hall, there was no party challenging the Deva King, but outside the room, there was a party.

Furthermore, it was a union of 2 summoners with 6 summoned monsters.

I want to watch their battle but I need to prioritize hunting right now.
There are two Gozu Generals and Mizu’s spawn points on the direction toward the main cave.

But those monsters didn’t appear there.

It seems someone else had already hunted them.

However, there are other spawn points that I know.

Let’s check it out.


Gozu General Lv 3

Phantom Enemy Target Passive.

Battle Position: Ground Light Attribute Earth Attribute.

Mezu General Lv 3.

Phantom Enemy Target Passive.

Battle position: Ground Darkness Attribute Fire Attribute.


As I’ve expected.

It was a hard battle, but the opponent’s strength was still within my expectation.

There was no big problem.

The damage I’d received was recovered by using recovery potions.

But, this is what makes me happy the most.
《Summon Monster 『Goki』 Level Up!》

《Please add 1 point to a desired stat》


Its mental strength had increased as well.

Then I decided to add the point to physical strength value.


Goki Demon Lv3 → Lv4  (↑1)

DEX 20

AGI 16

INT 16

STR 19 (↑1)

VIT 19

SPI 16 (↑1)



Bow, Hatchet, Sword, Buckler, Block, Evade, Hide, Dark Attribute.


It was a hard struggle to level up this one since yesterday after all…

That was why it was appropriate for this one to have such growth.


Just like Jericho, this one had a strong war potential, I feel a sense of security with this…

Now, let us take turns and level up…

I immediately recalled Goki and summoned Tigris.

I think it was better to use a heavy vanguard against an opponent such as Gozu General.

Also, it would be much better if I provide some support magic before the battle.


Gozu General Lv 6.

Phantom Enemy Target Passive.

Battle position: Ground Light attribute Earth Attribute.


Mezu General Lv.6

Phantom Enemy Target Passive.

Battle position: Ground Darkness Attribute Fire Attribute.


I’ve managed to defeat 2 pairs but, I could feel it had become quite harder, you know?

From here, I need to provide some heavy support.

I also need to give the vanguard 【Power Water】.

Including to myself.


I will use Practiced Spirit depending on the battle situation, but I would still probably won’t use it this time either.

I also could feel a good vibe from the Tokkosho.
But that didn’t mean there was no problem at all.


In order to shoot Tokkosho into Mezu General’s eyes, I need to focus one of my arms.

At that moment, my arms lock becomes stronger.

I could feel the power coming up.


The same also applies to the Lv.6 Mezu General.

I could also enchant the physical fire with 【Power Water】, and I also could use 【Gravity Mail】.

Other than that, I have Practiced Spirit in my hand.
But I feel I could still manage it without using that.

Then I thought about the method in which I had used against the Dragon Puppy.

I think using Prison Guard’s Black Rope here would be good as well?


I want to test how far I could fight against this Lv 6 Mezu General.

The problem was that one of my hands needs to be free to manipulate the rope.

Which means, I guess I need to stop using the Tokkosho.



I could use it against Mezu General as well.

But, there was a risk.

Though that was a matter of course.


And since Mezu General had a fire attribute, my Prison Guard’s Black Rope won’t inflict much damage.

But, the purpose of using that was to seal Mezu General’s movement.

Furthermore, after I bind the Mezu General, there was no problem if I just handle the rope using my left hand in which I still hold a tonfa or using my foot.

Thus, I could use my free right hand to pull out Tokkosho from my waist belt and thrust it into the Mezu General’s eyes.

And if even with that I could not bring it down, then I will aim for the throat.

Like that, I manage to bring down Mezu General.

I feel this method would work for a while.

But then, what about Gozu General?

There was no problem.

I’d restricted the Gozu General movement by using Jericho’s liquefaction.

Tigris, Loewe, and Jean then performed the execution.

Such bloodshed.
Then what about Ninetails who had been biting on Gozu General’s ankle that cannot move?

Unfortunately, despite Ninetails’ effort, there was no damage suffered by Gozu General.

Well, I guess that was proof that the damage had been reduced to zero huh?

The Gozu General attribute was Light.

Ninetails’ special ability was incompatible against it.

For now, I just need to heal the summoned monsters.


As I’ve returned to the main cave, this time, I head toward the east side where the twelve divine generals may appear but…

In this area as well, there were 2 spawn points of Gozu General and Mozu.


What appeared was Lv 7 Gozu General and Mezu General.

Strong, or rather, the difficulty has risen exponentially, you know?


Though if I used Practiced Spirit, it wouldn’t be like that.

Anyway, my summoned monsters alone could not handle this well…


Even with Jericho power, we could not restrain the enemy movement.

The damage we received also began to pill up considerably.

I know that Ninetails should be able to recover the damage but…

In other words, if I didn’t have anyone with recovery ability, we would’ve been met with death and returned back.



Should I try it again next time?

Or should I try to fight it with a different member?


I’m somewhat feeling worried but, let us take some break for now.

The item drop is another Prison Guard’s Black Rope huh?

Were there no other items for me to pick?

That was what I wish…


Gozu General Lv 8

Phantom  Enemy Target Passive.

Battle position: Ground L ight attribute  Earth attribute.


Mezu General Lv 8

Phantom  Enemy Target Passive.

Battle position: Ground  Darkness Attribute  Fire attribute.


A little more I would’ve arrived before the hall where the twelve divine generals might appear.

Now then…

I will set the 【Disassembly】.

Because I’d moved quickly, the magic effect duration still had plenty of time left.

I also need to pay attention to Gozu General.

And in some cases, I would also need to use some recovery spell.


That was dangerous.

It was me who was in danger.

I was trying to use the rope on Mezu General’s throat.

But then, I was stuck in its mouth.

What was wrong with that rampaging horse?

It was admirable that that thing could rampage spectacularly without the use of magic.

Fortunately, I could use the Tokkosho’s icy blade to attack the Mezu General’s throat.

Otherwise, I would’ve been dead.


And I had managed to defeat Gozu General as well.

But because of that Tigris and Loewe HP fall under 30%!

Either way, it seems monsters in this area were suitable for us, I guess?
《【Wind Magic】Level Up!》

《【Ropework】 Level Up!》

《Technical Skill Link Acquired! It is possible to add 【Rope Artes】 to weapon skills.》


Rope Artes?

Damn the administrator, How can you have the nerve to create this kind of rare skill now?!

It was too late you know?


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